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How To Play Golf: From Beginner To pro

So you want to play golf but don’t have the slightest idea where or how to start?

Don’t worry. I am here to help.

In this post, I’ve compiled a comprehensive, step by step guide that will teach you all the beginner basics of this ancient but incredibly popular sport…Including what you need to take your game from beginner to pro golfer.

Ready to make more discoveries?

Great! Let’s get started…

Step One: look for a good beginner golf course.

The first step to becoming a golfer involves taking a course (a course made for absolute beginners).

Out there you’ll find numerous golfer course all promising to teach you real golfing in the shortest time possible. My advice, however, is to focus only on courses that will actually help you learn this game the best way- even if it means digging deeper into your pockets.

You can ask for recommendations from family members, friends, or colleagues who are already in the golfing…I’m pretty sure they also started somewhere.

With that in mind, note that good introductory lessons will teach you all the basics of this popular sport- from what equipment to use, how to grip, assuming the right posture, how to swing, how to use various golf clubs, etc.

Needless to mention, make sure the course instructor is a professional.

NOTE that you don’t need to have any background golfing skills to undertake these lessons (that’s why they call it introductory lessons). Be sure to look for a course that allows you to learn at your own pace- slowly or quickly- even if it means repeating all over again until you really get it.

When taking the course:

You’ll also have the privilege of meeting and interact with like-minded people, and this will make the learning even more fun!

After you’re done with the lessons, move on to the next step…

Step Two: Start your first game

Congrats! You’ve completed your beginner golfing lessons. I can feel how excited you’re, having learned all the basics of golf. And now you want to put all these skills, energy and hype onto the golf field (sorry, not field…its golf course).


Pick a few of your friends (maybe the one you’ve been learning with) and get ready to play a few holes. As a beginner, I would suggest that you start with around nine holes- these will do for now. Many golfers make the mistake of playing more holes when starting out. This makes the game feel tough on you, and you might give up halfway!

WAIT! Do you have the equipment you learned in stage one? If you don’t have, and also don’t have some bucks for the same, you might consider hiring some from a local golf club.

While still at it, it’s important to note that most clubs have thriving sections for seniors, juniors, ladies, and men who are eagerly waiting to guide and support new golfers- like you- by taking them out of the course and making them meet and interact with already established golfers.

If you find this opportunity from a pro-shop, grab it with both hands. Thank me later J

Step Three: Join a golf club.

How was your first game? How was the experience on the course? I know it was great…And now that you’ve been playing regularly ever since, it’s time to take a new direction.

And that involves becoming a member of a golf club.

Wait! Isn’t that too fast?

No, it’s well timed and strategic move…Because it makes you meet, learn and grow with other golfers (including the experienced ones) while accelerating you on your path to becoming a pro golfer.

So, which club should you join?

Different clubs will offer you countless options depending on your budget and lifestyle. For instance, you can find a 7 day membership plan that allows you to play whenever you feel like and as many times as you wish…Or you might come across some clubs that offer you flexible options like letting you redeem every time you play.

Amazingly, most clubs today have realized the need for new players to continue learning this game, so they’ve come up with beginner membership (inclusive of professional coaching) to help you take your golf to the next level.

The membership fee for most clubs isn’t exaggerated; it’s much like your gym fee, and you have no excuse as to why you can’t afford it.

Another top secret to joining a golf club:

It lets you take part in its ready-made social plays, events, and competitions. With exposure to these, you’ll soon gain your first golf handicap and even start participating in the monthly competitions!

Step Four: Don’t rest; keep learning.

Having made it to this stage isn’t a joke. It takes effort, hours, fails, disappointments- everything!

But don’t fool yourself that you’ve already learned enough. Golfing isn’t intuitive, which means you’ve to keep learning and building your skills. This will help add more fun to your game.

Many golfers, including the experts, have always admitted that their secret to gaining more from this game comes mainly from taking further lessons to improve on what they already know.

Just like the introductory course you took at the beginning, you’ll find great advanced lessons out there. You can opt to learn it the same way you did at the beginning (learning with a group) or one-on-one with professional PGA.

From Beginner To Pro Golfer!

Golfing might feel like a hard sport when you first start out, but if you really want to learn it, don’t think of quitting. You’ve to keep going no matter how times you fail. Starting with good introductory lessons makes the process much easier for you as you’ll get to know all the basics of the sport.

After your first game, you’ll want to play more and more. Soon, you’ll find yourself practicing it regularly and even participating in competitions organized by your club.

Move with the right pace, keep growing your skills, and soon enough you’ll become a pro golfer.

Have fun!

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