How To Wash A Cat Without Water

Having a cat as a pet you probably know that they are self-cleaning. Felines hate water baths. They take care of their body hygiene. Though there are some circumstances that they get too dirty to clean themselves. Just imagine a cat getting into wet paint. Of course, you do not expect it to lick the paint. It’s dangerous for its health.

How to go about the cleaning without water is the challenge here. In this article, you are going to learn step by step three methods to resolve your problem. Especially when they are excessively dirty.

Ways to Bathe a Cat Without Water

1. Use A Dry Shampoo

First and foremost make the cat as comfortable as possible. Once the cat is settled, spray the water-less shampoo all over their fur generously. Do it from back to the front slowly as if soothing. You should not be in a hurry so that it can remain settled in the whole process.

cat dry shampoo

Head and paws are very sensitive. In these parts of the body be extra careful. Limit over-spraying on the head so as not to land the spray content on its face and whiskers. Any touch on whiskers or faces can stress the cat and ran away before the cleaning is done.

After you are done in spraying the whole body, let it to either dry off on its own or use a soft towel to dry it off. If the cat still maintains its calmness, use a comb to comb the fur gently.

2. Use Cat Wipes

Buy wipes from online stores or in local pet stores. The best type of wipes to use is the one that consists of natural ingredients and it is alcohol-free. Baby wipes can also be used as they have almost the same contents.

kitten wipes

Get the cat in a relaxing mode. Give it food and play with it a little bit to create friendship. This helps it to calm down. Rub the cat in a circular motion with one hand as if to mimic its own licking method. This will improve social interaction erasing any doubt of mistrust. Keep the rhythm as you get wipes next to you with the other hand. Switch from petting in bare hands with a wipe.

Now that you got hold of wipes, use long strokes just like doing a massage. Distribute the natural oils all over its body. Concentrate more behind the ears where it enjoys being pet. This makes it patient as the experience is enjoyable.

clean cat coat

In the same manner, pick another wipe to clean its face and ears. Hold the cat’s head well and wipe away any dirt. Have another one for its paws. Wipe both front and back paws. They are the dirtiest part of the body. They pick litter and dust every day. Continue to pet it as a way of appreciation to create a positive interaction and for it to look forward to the next wash.

3. Use Grooming Tools

To keep the cat’s coat healthy and clean buy quality grooming tools such as pin brushes, de-matters or thinning shears, gloves and ear cleaning liquid. Brush the cat often but if the cut is short-haired, brush at least once a week. Cat’s belly and chest have little or no hair, brush gently.

how to clean a white cat

The de-matter or thinning shears are for untangling mats in the cat’s fur. They work better than a pair of scissors. Best for long-haired cats. This process is very reactive, be watchful. Use glove to those cats that abhor brushing.

The ear cleaning liquid helps in the overall cat’s hygiene. Use it instead of water which is destructive into ear canals. Get a cotton ball and slightly dip in the era liquid. let it drain inside on its own. Avoid water at all costs.

Using either of the above three methods, ensure that the cat does not feel any light mist. It might sense its getting wet. Remember they don’t tolerate water. Any kind of wetness is a put off to them. Clean them vigilantly.

Finally, take note of the three body parts of a cat that the cat itself finds it difficult to access and trickier to wash. These are ears, eyes, and mouth. The ear appendage has delicate components that can easily be damaged. Eyes get agitated easily, clean them by a gauze or damp cloth. There are specific kinds of toothpaste and toothbrushes for cats to clean their mouths.

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