INLIFE K9 automatic food saver review

INLIFE K9 Automatic Food Saver Review -Performance that’s worth every penny

There are just a handful of things that taste worse than cold food. That is exactly why everyone needs a food saver. Problem is, people seem to sell themselves short and go for average, sometimes substandard food savers. Not anymore with the newest kid in the block – INLIFE K9 Automatic Food Saver. Designed to seal dry and moist salads, foods, soups, tomatoes, apple sauces, beans and other pleasantries, INLIFE K9 never fails to impress. But that’s not everything you need to know about this one of a kind appliance.

You will need it if all you want is a food saver that can help you save both time and money as you live a healthy life. Then there are of course, the Vacuum bags that come along with the appliance. You therefore get to increase the lifespan of your home cooked meals as well as groceries. Use it to prepare meals for the whole week and for the whole family. The biggest surprise is how your food will still taste fresh after you get them from the food saver.


Like any other quality kitchen appliance, your INLIFE K9 food saver will come along with all the perks you expect from a value priced appliance. The main ones include:

  • Easy to use
  • Comes complete with four working modes
  • Suitable for both foods and drinks
  • Prevents freezer burns


Comes only in a variation of black and grey colors

Feature and Specifications of the INLIFE K9

This is where the food saver will impress you. It is almost as if the makers of the appliance had the modern day working executive and the busy working mom in mind. They knew exactly what you need in a food saver, so they came up with one that boasts of the following features.

60Kpa/-75KPa automatic Vacuum Degree – in simple terms, the food saver features a vacuum degree designed to seal faster and decrease oxygen levels. The vacuum therefore keeps off mold, moisture and bacteria from your food.

4 working modes – variety is always good in anything, appliances included. With INLIFE K9, you get a VAC seal button designed for automatic Vacuum seal. You also get MAN Seal button designed for automatic seal only. Then there is the Half Vaccuum Seal. Simply press  VAC seal button before pressing the start and stop button so as to control the degree of the vacuum. Press the  Man Seal button to finish the work. The fourth function, the Air suction function, will leave you impressed to say the least. It is designed to keep your supplies last longer and stay fresher. All these perks from a simple yet advanced tube designed to make vacuum canning easy.

INLIFE K9 Specifications

  • Appliance dimensions: 15x 7.5×4”
  • Weight: 4lb
  • Material: ABS
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Voltage: 110V ac
  • Preservation material: PA+PE

Other perks of INLIFE K9 automatic food saver

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Fresh preservation – INLIFE K9 keeps everything that goes in it dry and moist. It goes an extra mile to prevent freezer burns on all frozen vegetables and fruits. It does not end there. It also keeps ingredients fresh and entirely free from pests vermin, bugs and bacteria. As it does this, it locks all the necessary nutrients in your food to give you and your loved ones a healthy, happy and nutritious life.

Easy operation – you do not come across appliances that are user friendly every day. So when you finally find INLIFE K9, you know for sure you have something special in your kitchen.  All you need to do to keep it working is to press gently both ends of the top lid so as to make it close correctly. Then press the Man Sealing or VAC mode to make the machine run. To open it, press the buttons on both sides. Keep in mind you can further control the vacuum pressure to your liking at the press of a button.

Multifunctional sealing modes – this comes in the name, shape and style of an easy to use Auto Full Vacuum seal which is 8- 18 seconds. There’s also the half vacuum seal if you prefer half vacuum levels to keep your delicacies fresh. The vacuum level is simply up to you. There is also the Seal only mode as well as the air suction mode.  All you have to do is choose a mode that suits your need.

Convenience –you know you have a good appliance for any kitchen use if it is a high powered appliance and can seal food within seconds to keep whatever goes in it fresh and tasty. You also know the appliance is something to reckon with if it can save you time and money. It gets better if the appliance can help you organize space to store your meals in style. That is what INLIFE K9 food saver is all about. In other words, it is that hard to find perfect gadget homeowners often dream of.

1 Year Warranty – This had to be there all in the name of making you buy with confidence. Buy the foods saver and enjoy its starter kit which includes food saver bag roll. There is also a vacuum tube to make your work easy. Keep in mind that with the bag roll, you can cut it to your desired length. Note that most appliances competing with INLIFE K9 feature just a handful of perks as far as the starter kit is concerned. So what you have with INLIFE food saver K9 is by far one of the best starter kits you can ever get from a modern food saver appliance.

Design – INLIFE appliances have one thing in common – breathtaking designed.  INLIFE K9 Automatic Food Saver is not an exception.  The design blends black and silver grey colors with ease, so the appliance can sit on your counter and complement nearly all the other appliances in your kitchen.  Even with the design and feature mentioned above, INLIFE K9 still consumes just 110v with a Frequency of just 50Hz, now that’ something to marvel at.

How Perform INLIFE K9 Food Saver –My experience

First off, I liked how the machine was easy to use. Put the roll bag in, shut the top lip, pull the bag then cut it to your desired length.  Move the appliance’s sharp knife on the cutter then press the button on your left and right side so as to open the top lid. From then on, you can set the appliance to whichever mode you want.  For a moment, I thought the appliance would take a few minutes to get things done. Well, I wasn’t even done with the thought. It was done in less than 20 seconds! It seals your food in style. It simply vacuum seals in stronger, time saving way compared to other models.

Another thing I liked with the INLIFE K9 is how it takes safety measures into account. You get to seal your meals with less air inside. As this happens, all the germs and bacteria or anything harmful will be left out.  Oh, and the appliance is one of the lightest ones you can ever find. It weighs just 4 lbs.

INLIFE K9 Vs Foodsaver FM2435–ECR Comparison

Foodsaver FM2435–ECR is perhaps that only food saver out there that has significantly tried to give INLIFE K9 Automatic food saver a run for its money. This does not mean though that the Foodsaver FM2435 – ECR is the better option.  INLIFE K9 still takes the medal. You only have to look at what each food saver has to offer. First off, INLIFE K9 is faster than Foodsaver FM2435–ECR. Its slowest mode will take you just 18 seconds. Not so with Foodsaver FM2435–ECR. Expect to spend more than 30 seconds to get the job done. The speaking of modes, you may have to spend days online looking for a food saver that comes complete with 4 vacuum sealing modes, each mode taking less than 20 seconds.  INLIFE bags the medal here as the only food saver with the said modes.

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Ease of use is something else to note as far as these two appliances are concerned. They are both easy to use. But then again, put on a beam balance, INLIFE K9 will have the weight tilting to its favour. It is almost like you only have to power the machine and feed it with a bag roll then wait for it to do everything for you. It really is that simple to operate. No learning curve at all!

Overall Conclusion

You will not take time to know whether INLIFE K9 is what you need or not. One look at it and you will know it is all you need. Power it on and bam! It will impress you with everything. From the short time it takes to vacuum seal your food and valuables to its neat and elegant design. It does not consume energy too so you do not have to worry about your electricity bills hitting the roof.Then keep in mind that INLIFE K9 Automatic is not just meant for meals. You can also use it for any of your valuables such as books, jewelry, photos, cards or just about anything you want to protect from humidity.

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