Is Peppermint Oil Safe For Dogs To Breathe ?

Peppermint is in the family of mint, and as herb, it features many herbal uses. It is safe for humans but may not be the same case for dogs. And dog owners wonder if their dogs can smell peppermint. Well yes, a dog can breathe peppermint, but they seem to walk off when mint is put under its nose. This peppermint oil is quite aromatic, but it is clear that dogs do not like the smell. When one uses an aromatherapy diffuser in their room and uses peppermint oil, the do may refuse to go inside.

Some dog owners are even wondering whether they can switch to use peppermint oil to kill ticks and fleas on the dogs other than the veterinary preventives.

However, spraying harmful chemicals within your home is dangerously especially with children and pets around. Your natural solution could turn out to be very dangerous. And this is why most veterinarians are cautioning owners on using peppermint oil on pets.

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Besides, it doesn’t mean you can use the peppermint oil in your home, but you will have to follow the veterinarian’s instructions, especially when spraying the pet’s bedding.

Effects of Peppermint Oil on Dogs

1. Questionable Uses of Peppermint Oil as Remedy for Dogs

A dog has a compelling sense of smell, and that is something that you should keep in your mind when you are using the peppermint in your home.

However, nowadays, dog owners are turning to peppermint oil as a remedy for their dogs. And the essential oil can be sprayed through the air to treat skin irritations and fight fleas in dogs. The new peppermint use hasn’t been determined on its right dosage, effectiveness and risks.

Besides, dogs have vital adverse reactions which are associated with peppermint. Dogs are susceptible to oils more than you can imagine.

2. Peppermint Smell is Highly Toxic to Dogs

Most of the essential oils beneficial and safe for humans are toxic to pets. Inhaling peppermint oil can cause mucous membrane and skin irritation in your dog. The smell’s potency can cause disorientation for your dog’s powerful nose. Peppermint oil might be used to reduce inflammation, but highly concentrated formulas are quite toxic to your dogs. Some of the symptoms showing that your dog has inhaled peppermint include vomiting, lethargy as well as diarrhoea.

peppermint for dogs stomach

However, instead of using these essential oils directly to your dogs, you should look for products that are incorporated with safe essential oils for dogs that are formulated professionally. The chemicals in peppermint oil are absorbed rapidly into the system once the dog inhales the oil and are then metabolized by the skin. This could cause more problems, especially for elderly dogs, puppies, young dogs and those with liver disease.

3. Behavioural Impact on Dogs

Putting a few drops of peppermint oil on the dog’s bedding could cause more stress to it. If the oil is misused around the home, then it can cause behaviour changes, adverse effects on the central nervous system as well as respiratory problems putting the dog’s life in danger. Other essential oils that are poisonous to dogs include; wintergreen, tea tree, sweet birch, pine, pennyroyal, citrus, and cinnamon. These are toxic whether spread on the skin, inhaled or ingested by mouth.

essential oils for dog skin allergies

Some Considerations and Solutions

The snout of a dog sniff’s out problems with ease and walks away. And the nose of a dog consists of about 300 million olfactory receptors, whereas the human nose contains five million olfactory receptors which mean dogs smell flavours more intensely than humans. Although the dog’s nose will guide him against peppermint for protection, he might still come across it.

In case your dog shows signs of inhaling peppermint, take it to your vet right away. Again, breathing this essential oil might lead him to eat grass for it to induce vomiting to get rid of the peppermint in the body system. If your dog has health issues and you want to treat it with peppermint, then it is important to visit your vet first.

Before you turn to remedies formulated for humans, consult about the effects and how to incorporate such a natural solution. You can also ask whether there are alternative treatments to the same health problems. Furthermore, if you have a mint plant in your lawn, it’s essential to your dog out of reach.


Keeping away things that affect your dog’s behaviour or its health is the best thing to do for your dog. If your dog has been avoiding your room, you should know there is something that is irritating him. And some of the signs that show he has inhaled peppermint are starting to raise his ears, sniffing and twitching whiskers.

Although recent research says that peppermint supports the respiratory system as well as aching joints, there is not enough research to back up the claim.

However, most of the dog owners are willing to try the peppermint oil as a treatment on their dogs. But it is not safe for the dogs to inhale it.

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