Is Watery Discharge Before Period Sign Of Pregnancy? (You Need To Know)

Noticing watery discharge; is that a good or bad thing? Is watery discharge before period sign of pregnancy?

You might have to deal with watery discharge at the time of conceiving or during the early stages of pregnancy. When it’s the latter, every little symptom seems nerve-wrecking.

So before panic starts to take control, it’s time to find out the what, why, and how of this watery discharge.

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Watery Discharge before Period Sign of Pregnancy: Is It True?


The only straightforward answer to that question is this. Watery discharge before period can be a sign of pregnancy.

If you have a vagina, then vaginal discharge is nothing but perfectly normal. It starts before puberty kicks in. And remains until menopause. During the course of these years, the color and texture of your cervical mucus tend to vary.

But it’s only during pregnancy that the walls of the cervix and vaginal opening soften. And this is when the discharge increases. What I’m about to share might not seem logical at first. But you’ll soon understand why discharge plays an important role. It is your vagina’s way to self-clean. And the reason why this discharge increases when pregnant is that your vagina is trying harder to keep viruses and bacteria at bay.

The increase is also a result of the absence of cervical mucus plug. Without that, the chances of developing an infection in the area are likely. These infections then travel up into your womb. So this is your body’s way of trying to prevent such a tragedy from taking place. Until your mucus plug seals up the cervix.

What Does the Discharge Look Like?

The discharge can be white, clear, watery, or plain thin. The looks and texture differ from one pregnant woman to another. So there’s no definitive way of determining what it looks like.

For instance, if you tend to eat healthy during pregnancy, your discharge might be more watery. And less watery in the presence of minor infections.

As pregnancy progresses, so does the change in your discharge. Toward the end of pregnancy, it’s prone to get very watery and abundant. So much so that your chances of confusing it with urine are enormous! But this is normal.

However, watery vaginal discharge is a symptom of other conditions as well. Not just pregnancy. Many problems tend to cause an escalation in discharge. In fact, it can even make the discharge more watery and clearer.

What Are the Other Signs of Pregnancy?


If you get watery discharge, it doesn’t always mean that you’re pregnant. Unless the following signs show up as well!

  • Missed period

It’s the earliest and most common sign that causes you to stop and take notice.

But many women experience irregular menstrual cycles. Or the days between two cycles are far greater than normal. So if that rings a bell with you, then you’d be better off looking for other symptoms.

  • Slight Spotting

Spotting of blood during the first three months of pregnancy is normal. This is when your fetus starts to implant inside your uterus. And also when the cervix mucus plug seals up the opening.

But continual or heavy bleeding is not a good sign. It can be one of the two, either a problem or period.

  • Nausea

For the majority of pregnant women, nausea wins the race. It’s the first sign that indicates you’re carrying a child. You wake up feeling nauseous and sick. And the feeling might reduce over the course of the day. But it doesn’t leave the body completely.

  • Breast Tenderness

Not many women deal with extreme breast tenderness. But a slightly unpleasant sensation is quite common during the early stages of pregnancy.

However, breast tenderness occurs before and during periods too.


  • Fatigue and Exhaustion

You suddenly start to feel drained for no particular reason. Growing another human in the womb is no cakewalk. It requires tons of energy, even during the first few weeks. So it’s only natural to feel tired. Despite resting or sleeping properly!

  • Frequent bathroom visits

You’ve started going to the bathroom more than usual. And waking up at night to pee. Now, this is something you never used to do. If that’s the case, you might be pregnant.

  • Food Aversions

If you expect cravings to start setting in right from the beginning, you’re wrong. Among the signs of pregnancy, food aversion is one of the first few. If certain taste or smell leaves you heaving, there’s a reason for that.

And FYI, cravings begin to take control only after the completion of second trimester.

  • Positive Pregnancy Test

To be sure, you have to take a pregnancy test, right? If the results are positive, then all these symptoms make sense. But what if they’re negative? You take the test again after a week as errors are quite common.

So is watery discharge before period sign of pregnancy? Not in all cases. So here’s something relevant to that.

What Else Could the Watery Discharge Mean?


If only watery discharge, without the signs discussed above, is what you’re experiencing, then you should read the following causes.

  • Birth Control Pills

These increase the level of estrogen. And the higher the estrogen, the more the natural discharge.

  • Hormonal Changes

The body goes through natural hormonal modifications before puberty and menopause. So if you’re above 45 or below 25, it’s normal to spot watery discharge every now and then.

  • Dietary Changes

Foods like soy escalate the level of estrogen in the body. So if you’ve made any such drastic alterations in your diet, then vaginal discharge increase is inevitable.

  • Ovulation

During ovulation, discharge becomes stringier and clearer. Much like the appearance and texture of egg whites! Did I just ruin that for you? Never mind.

If you’re used to dealing with thicker discharge, the watery version might seem like a warning sign. But that’s not what it is.

  • Arousal

At the time of extreme arousal, women’s bodies produce a lot of discharge. This might be stringy or watery. Or sometimes even stronger smelling! The thing to remember here is that the discharge is fine until it doesn’t start forming lumps.

  • Infection

Once the discharge begins to show troubling signs, it means you might be suffering from an infection. These troubling signs include strong odor, pain, lumps, and change in color.

The first possible infection I’d like to discuss is Bacterial Vaginosis. It affects your vaginal walls. The outcome of which makes the discharge greenish, gray, or yellow in color. With a sour smell!

Fungal infections such as Candida Albicans are not an exception either. In this case, the discharge becomes lumpy. And has an incredibly unpleasant fishy smell.

Green or yellow vaginal discharge indicates Chlamydia. And watery or creamy discharge signals Gonorrhea.

Another potential problem could be Sexually Transmitted Infections. Not every human body reacts to STIs in the same manner. So it’s best to get yourself tested if your discharge starts looking abnormal.

So is watery discharge before period sign of pregnancy? It could be, but not always.

The End

It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting or not. Watery discharge from the vagina is almost never a cause for major concern. The chances are that you might be pregnant. But if you’re not and the condition seems to be getting out of hand, what does common sense tell you? To pay a visit to your doctor, doesn’t it? So please do that.

Watery discharge before period sign of pregnancy is a common issue. Just don’t panic. And maybe talk to other moms about it.

With that in mind, have you ever had to deal with such vaginal discharge? If yes, then please feel free to share your experience with us. And if you have any more useful advice to offer, simply drop in your thoughts in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.

And if you really are pregnant, then congratulations! I wish you and your baby the best of health.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 20th Anniversary Edition: The...
  • Weschler, Toni (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 560 Pages - 07/07/2015 (Publication Date) - William Morrow Paperbacks (Publisher)

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