Isagenix vs. Shakeology Protein Shake: A Quick Review and Comparison

When you hear weight loss, you think dieting, working out, and protein shakes. And I can’t blame ya. These three may be the trifecta of getting in the tip-top shape.

But I will not be focusing on all these in today’s post. I will zero in, instead, on the last entry in that trilogy-the protein shakes.

Let’s start with a bit of history.

According to Consumer Health Digest, it was first introduced in the 1950’s and it’s become a bodybuilder’s or weight watcher’s best friend ever since.

The first protein shake introduced was Hi-Protein, which contained soy flour and a whole lot of sweeteners to mask its bad taste.

So here’s my brief yet an informational comparison of the two brands.

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Now that we have compared some of the main ingredients that we, weight-conscious individuals are looking for, let’s proceed to the number of available flavors for each brand.

Isagenix has the basic: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cream although each of these has its own variations. Chocolate, for example, has chocolate mint, Dutch chocolate, and natural chocolate.

For the Kosher fans, there’s the Kosher Shake Nat Creamy Vanilla.

On the other hand, Shakeology has cafe latte, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and Greenberry. These have vegan versions, too, except the cafe latter and Greenberry.

Taste-wise, both taste great. But still, it will depend on your preference. If you’re not a big fan of either of these, you may mix them with other ingredients. Both brands provide recipe lists that you can find here and here.


As I have mentioned before, both of these products have positive reviews from quite a number of people. This means that both of them work really well.

However, considering the nutritional information, Isagenix seems to have the upper hand. What’s more, Isagenix is more affordable.

The downside with Isagenix, though, is its lack of flavors for our vegan friends.

So to pick the winner in the Isagenix vs. Shakeology battle basically falls on your preferences. If you’re after the price without compromising results, go for Isagenix. But if you’re a bit picky when it comes to flavors, choose Shakeology.

Whichever you pick, be reminded that protein shakes are just supplements. You should still get your protein from natural food such as beans, meat, and some fruits.

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