Kiartten Vacuum Sealer review - What users are saying about Kiartten Vacuum Sealer

Kiartten Vacuum Sealer review – Is it really better than FoodSaver brand?

Even refrigerators can only do so much to keep your cooked or uncooked meats, fruit, and vegetables as fresh as possible. If you have a food you want to keep fresh as the day you bought them, then you can depend on the Kiartten Vacuum Sealer to seal the deal. It’s a fresh food locker that keeps your food fresh 5 times longer!

Kiartten Vacuum Sealer review

Key Features of the Kiartten Vacuum Sealer

Dual Pump: It has a dual pump that makes sure you have faster-vacuuming speed and stable function across the board. It gives you two times the dependable functionality wrapped up and rolled into one gadget.

Moist and Dry Food Sealing: Moist food is sealed differently from dry food. At any rate, the sealer has separate modes for either type of food for your convenience. Just choose one over the other to perfectly seal either food type.

Seal Only and Double Sealing: You can also avail of its seal only and double sealing functions. Both of these functions are accessible at the push of a button. Seal anything with just a button push! Works well with many cooking types, including sous vide.

Wide Sealing Line: To prevent air leakage, the Kiartten Vacuum Sealer also uses a wide sealing line of up to 3 millimeters, giving little room for air pockets to form and ensuring a vacuum-fresh seal when all is said and done.

Auto Operation and Pull-Out Drip Tray Drawer: It has automatic operation and multiple functions available. It also has a dishwasher-safe removable drip tray that catches the liquid overflow so you won’t make a mess.


  • It actually works. It seals in many different ways just as advertised. There are no shenanigans or exaggerations going on either.
  • You can vacuum and seal dry food when pushing one button. You can also do a separate type of sealing with another button. You can even go double seal or seal only as required.
  • You’ll love the pulse vacuum button. This allows you to vacuum until the bag’s liquid content gets close to the seal, allowing for efficient moist food sealing.
  • The vacuum is strong enough to properly evacuate air from the bags in a jiffy and the device is small enough to fit your kitchen drawer along with the rack and bags included.


  • The documentation is lackluster. This review tells you more about what you need to know about this device that the documents included with it.
  • The manual doesn’t tell you that you need the open end of the bag over the two little tongues inside. Before you’re able to figure this out, you might end up making a mess of things.

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What Are Users Saying about Kiartten Vacuum Sealer

Aside from the documentation trouble and lack of instruction on how to use the Kiartten Vacuum Sealer, it’s a solid product as far as many a buyer of it is concerned. Many of the users agree that it lives up to its advertising. It has not deceived them in regards to its capabilities. It works well in homemaker use but maybe not so much commercial use.

What Are Users Saying about Kiartten Vacuum Sealer

That’s okay, because it wasn’t advertised as a commercial product anyway. Some users took note regarding how hot the bag seal can get, so watch out for that. Don’t touch the seal until it has sufficiently cooled down and whatnot. The pulse mode allows you to control how much air is vacuumed out before sealing begins as well.

Users have sealed all sorts of food and produce from this sealer, from chicken and hamburger to squash and cabbages. It holds the seal well and it’s highly recommended among many a user’s circle of friends and family for that reason.

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Compare FoodSaver FM2435-ECR versus Kiartten Vacuum Sealer

Kiartten has double sealing, seal only, wide sealing line, separate vacuum mode for dry and moist food, and dual pump. In contrast, the FoodSaver FM2435-ECR makes you feel like you can seal anything because a roll-storage and cutter, extra wide sealing strip, and integrated seal and vacuum chamber. Judging by that, no wonder the Kiartten Vacuum Sealer costs more (save for when you apply the discount). FoodSaver actually lacks several functions that Kiartten has.

They offer the same sealing functions but in many ways, Kiartten offers more. Rather than a cutter and roll storage, it has a drip guard and multiple ways to go about sealing. Then again, FoodSaver is a good economical version of Kiartten that has all the basics but little extras like a cutter and an integrated seal and vacuum chamber.

The Food Saver also gets extra points for being clean and easy to use. Meanwhile, Kiartten is the more robust system that allows you to explore the full spectrum of potential vacuuming and sealing options as well as a seal only option absent in FoodSaver. Which one is better depends on what you’re looking for.

Is It Better to Use This Over Food Saver Bags?

Yes in certain circumstances. Food Saver bags definitely have better documentation and instructions though. But once you figure out how to use the Kiartten Vacuum Sealer, it’s the only sealer you’ll ever need in my humble opinion.


The Kiartten Vacuum Sealer isn’t perfect. It’s big and bulky. It has less documentation than most illegal aliens out there. However, it remains one of the best of its kind. This fresh food locker actually enhances the capabilities of your refrigerator by sealing food and keeping it away from open-air contaminants, thus making it last as long as five times longer.

It does so with its vacuum technology that can lock in the freshness in moist or dry food. It has more options, more vacuum settings, more flexibility, and there are simply more types of food you can seal up even if they’re moist, dry, or cooked (like Christmas ham).

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