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Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review – Why better than top brand?

One of the most common issues that our wife or mom is dealing with everyday is how to properly store the food products such as the fruits, veggies, meats, and seafood’s without compromising its quality. Although it is a common knowledge to put them inside the fridge to extend their life, we still can’t deny the fact that keeping them (foods) on the fridge will just result to build up of microorganisms and freezer burn. And as a mother, we should immediately find a better way in storing our foods such as by considering the use of Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer with Cutter to prevent encountering further issues that might result to a big health risk.

The Koios automatic vacuum sealer is a good investment that every homeowner should consider because they make things extra easier for us. This product is not a typical kind of kitchenware because it provides lots of benefits such as keeping our food fresh, space-saving most especially if your fridge is a bit small, very convenient to use, and above all, it is very cost-efficient which is what we all like to get!

If there’s one thing that you wouldn’t like about this product is the price of the vacuum sealer bags. But this is too minor too complaint about because the product includes 10 sealer bags that are reusable if you the item that you have stored are dry goods. Overall, this vacuum sealer is one the best due to its multipurpose execution which will surely be loved by everyone!

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Key Features of the Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Easy and Secured to Use
No need to ask for an assistance when using this vacuum sealer because you can work with this item all on your own. All you have to do is cut your desired bag size while making sure that there will be 2.5 inches allowance for sealing purposes, put the food inside of the sealer bag, place it on the vacuum chamber, put down the lid while pressing it to ensure that it will seal properly, then press the button (vacuum seal or seal only). That’s it!

Additionally, you can be sure that it is very safe to use because the sealer will not work if the lid is not yet fully closed. That means you can avoid burn injuries when you opt for this product.

Multifunctional with Great Features
This vacuum sealer provides different purposes. If you want to vacuum and seal your food, all you have to do is to press only one button which is the “Vacuum and Seal”. If you simply want to seal the bag, you only need to press the “Seal Only” button.

Additionally, this vacuum sealer has a cancel button if you wish to stop the vacuum or seal process. You could also use this product in your food canister because they also provide a hose to make the vacuum process more possible.

And what’s great about this is that you don’t need to get a scissor and manually cut your desired size, since this vacuum sealer has its own built-in cutter! So free yourself from the hassle and conveniently do the storing of your foods with just a click!

Keep the Food Fresh and Free from Bacteria
This is the most important highlight of this product – it keeps our food fresh and free from bacteria that could occur inside the fridge if they are not properly stored inside. Additionally, the aroma, taste, and nutritional value of your food will be kept and maintained well because the air will be vacuumed inside the bag or canister. So prepare delicious and fresh foods for your family without any worries!

Great Space and Time Saver
Storing your foods inside a sealer bag can help you to save more time while getting the chance to save more space in your food cabinets and fridge. You can seal multiple bags in one instant moment to save more time and keep all of them in your fridge or cabinet without worrying about the space. Why? Because even if you will add lots of sealed bags inside the fridge, you can still add more items inside!

So while you are saving lots of spaces and time, you will also get the chance to organize things properly and maintain the cleanliness of your cozy home!

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Foodsaver V4440 vs. Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer – Which is the best and why?

Foodsaver V4440 and Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer have many things in common. They can both perform sealing and vacuuming. Both of them have built-in cutters and they can both keep the freshness of any kinds of food and make it free from freezer burn and other microorganisms. But despite their similarities, they also have big and unique differences to each other.

Best vacuum sealer reviews: FoodSaver V4440 2 in 1 Vacuum Sealing System

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If the Foodsaver V4440 has a retractable handheld sealer which eliminates the need of using attachments such as hose, the Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer includes only an accessory port and hose attachment for canister vacuum sealing. Although this may seem like a bit disadvantage for some, the truth is the retractable sealer of the Foodsaver is a bit hassle to use because you have to manually use it, but with Koios, you are free to do other things since the vacuum sealing will automatically do the job for you.

Another difference that they have is that the Foodsaver will automatically seal and vacuum the sealer bag once they have censored it. But with Koios, the process would only start once you have closed the lid of the vacuum sealer which is a good thing because you can avoid burn accidents. So if you want more convenience and security, the Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer is the best choice to consider.

User’s Feedback Regarding the Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Fast, reliable, and cost-effective – these are the three common words that you’ll hear and read from the past and new users of this vacuum sealer. And if you would ask me if this is a good buy, I would definitely say a big YES to you because with the help of this product, you can save your effort, time, and money since you don’t need to travel to the nearest market and buy new fish or meat to replace the old and spoiled ones.

Additionally, this vacuum sealer is very easy to clean because it contains a removable tray which serves as a container for the water drips. So if you want to lessen the hassle of storing your food items, then the Koios is the best one for you!

Does Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer worth the money you spend on it?

The price of Koios Vacuum Sealer is totally worth paying for because this vacuum sealer is an essential to everyone’s home. Its quality is very recommendable and the quantity that it can produce is extremely amazing since you can seal multiple bags instantly.

And if ever that you will encounter some difficulties with the item such as you don’t know how to use it or what not, or you have a concern to raise regarding the delivery for an instance, their customer service is open for 24 hours and they will happily serve you and even give you a 12 month warranty with 10 special bags and sealing sponge as a token to you.

So instead of spending your money buying cheap and unknown vacuum sealers or sticking to your old ways of storing your food items, better opt for this one to ensure that you will get your money’s worth.

How better is Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer than any top rated vacuum sealer?

Built-in cutter, powerful yet easy to operate functionality, fresh foods, time, space, and cost-saving – all of these will be experienced by you once you have purchased your very own Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealer with Cutter! Its amazing and trouble-free performance is what most people are loving about this product.

And to be honest, you will never find another vacuum sealer like this that comes with great features such as the vacuum and seal or seal only, quick execution of the sealing process for just about 12 seconds, and complete security since the process would only start once you have closed the lid.

So never miss this opportunity and find yours now to better manage the storage of your foods such as your fresh veggies, meats, or leftovers. Additionally, you can also use this item to your documents, jewelry, or gadgets if you want to keep these items away from further damage.

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Final Verdict

On the whole, you will never regret investing your precious money to this kind of product because you can use this vacuum sealer everyday. As a matter of fact, you will see yourself using this in every possible instance of your everyday life without you realizing that every food item in your kitchen was already vacuumed and sealed.

In other words, you will enjoy every bit of this Koios Automatic vacuum sealer including its exceptional design and features. So whether you are looking for a way to how you can store your foods or not, you should consider investing with this beneficial automatic vacuum sealer for this is the solution to your everyday worries!

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