LEM 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer Review
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LEM 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer Review – Does it users satisfied?

If possible, we always want to keep our food fresh and germ-free in order to avoid contamination and numerous diseases. Yet, we can’t go to convenient stores every day just to buy all of it. That is why refrigerators are available to use by a lot of people for storing and preserving food. However, fridges consume a huge amount of electricity and are unreliable for food storage. To solve this problem, LEM 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer is the best way for maintaining the food fresh and clean. All you need to do is fold and seal to make it happen!

Key Features of the LEM 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer

Respectively, the following below are the key features of LEM 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer

Easy to Use
The LEM 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer has convenient and friendly display interface that allows to use it even without reading a manual. Also, it has a simple design and structure made from stainless steel with vented front and rear panels that are readily accessible. It has also a 6-foot cord that is completely detachable from the unit.

Dual Sealing Modes
It provides options on sealing. It could be manually done or automated according to what you want. You could choose whatever mode the way you wanted it.

Continuous Sealing Function
This vacuum sealer enables to seal plastic bags for straight 10 hours without even faltering a second. This sealer is perfect for instances that you need to zip a lot of plastic bags uninterruptedly.

Seals Varying Bag Sizes
Unlike any other vacuum sealer, LEM 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer could zip bags up to 14 inches wide. This sealer is completely flexible to any food sizes whether vegetables, meats, fish or snacks.

Powerful Pump Suction
It is equipped with 28 hg piston pump with 1/4’” heat strip that seals bags effectively. This ensures a secured bag without even little moisture entering to it.

Long-Term Warranty
This vacuum sealer comes up with a two-year warranty. This means you could return vacuum sealer to the manufacturer within the said duration. This is an assurance of the product’s durability and strength as what it promises to its customers.

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  • It works really great and seals food fantastically. It generates thick seals that are sufficient to avoid spoilage of food.
  • It’s really fast suction and could zip even 1000 bags in a jiffy. It is incorporated with a cooling to prevent from overheating.
  • This handles even wet foods efficiently. You don’t need to seal it repeatedly as needed.
  • This product seals any types of bags. It works effectively to smooth bags, channeled bags and perhaps even garbage bags.
  • This contains an accessory external hose connection that allows you to seal flawlessly also jars and canisters.
  • You’ll totally be amazed at this vacuum sealer. It works quietly with no unnecessary sounds and noises.
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  • It is somehow bulky and heavy. It is best to place it safely in a larger bin or cabinet to keep it safe.
  • The manual does not include instructions on how to clean or maintain it.
  • It does not seal powdery items like flour and baking powder.
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Compare LEM 1088A MaxVac vs. Weston Pro-2300 – Which is the best and why?

Both products have good and positive reviews. They also have commonly shared features like sealing wide range and customized bag sizes and instructions on using are straightforward considering also its simple interface. Also, both have dual sealing modes that allow variation for sealing. Though Weston Pro-2300 have more extensive features, like LED lights that are highly incorporated to help you monitor the sealing process. It has also an extra-large Teflon bar and a see-through acrylic vacuum lid that allows sealing on its perfect position. But is this features enough to purchase it rather than LEM 1088A MaxVacVaccum Sealer?

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LEM 1088A MaxVac has been proven to seal continuously for 10 hours that is essential to most customers preferably those with homeowners and businesses who do sealing all the time. It also submits efficiently to any type of bags and completely seals even on moist and wet foods. Considering also it’s price, this is somehow cheaper (counting the discount) and affordable than the latter.

Both are huge and weighty yet looking on its additional features, Weston Pro-2300 seems bigger and heavier than the latter. LEM 1088A MaxVac seems easier to clean and maintain than Weston Pro-2300.

What are users saying about LEM 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer?

It is highly recommended by most users and graded almost perfect five stars. It seals perfectly and works continuously for even long hours without malfunctioning or tends on getting overheat and losing its efficiency. This product has been a blessing to some users who have tried numerous vacuum sealers available in the market. Aside from that, it is extremely durable and lasts for how many years without getting any maintenance.

Additionally, some users take note on how it does not seal plastic bags even if they tried it repeatedly. Make sure to read the instructions manual first to aid you on the proper sealing especially when dealing with wet foods. It also has an accessory port for the external hose but it does not mean that it comes with a hose so provide one if you need it.

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Does LEM 1088A MacVac worth the money you spend on it?

Yes, definitely. It seals outstandingly and works continuously as much as 10 hours. It also works for any types of bags and even to different sizes. This has also an affordable and reasonable price that meets up to its performance. You’ll surely won’t regret purchasing this product.

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Overall, the product is outstanding. It does not have an extensive and complicated specification like some vacuum sealers possess but the important is its effectiveness and fast sealing function that is most needed by most consumers. It’s also sturdy, flexible and reliable that could endure for long years. It’s easy to use following the simple instructions in the manual. This is perfect for those people who want to save energy, time and money.

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