Lincoln Viking 1740 Review

Lincoln Viking 1740 Review

Optics, price and reliability are the main factors when buying a new welding helmet and the Lincoln Viking 1740 excels at all three. Not to mention that it looks amazing with it’s contoured edges and sleek design. The viewing area is nicely sized and provides you with a crystal clear view of the weld puddle. The price of the Viking 1740 is another bonus. Costing less than $100, it is one of our top rated sub-$100 hoods and (being a Lincoln product) will last you for years to come. If you’re looking for a mask that does the basics very well, then consider the Lincoln Viking 1740.



  • Sleek and compact
  • Inexpensive but not cheap
  • Hardhat and cheater lens capable
  • Extra lens covers
  • Solar powered with replaceable battery backup
  • Comes with cool decals


  • Headgear can be a bit uncomfortable
  • Lacks features

Whats Good?

Sleek and compact

Aesthetics shouldn’t really matter when it comes to welding helmets but the Lincoln Viking 1740 is an exception. Its sleek, aerodynamic design looks awesome and allows you to fit into tight spaces if required. While this shouldn’t be a determining factor, it is a nice extra.

Inexpensive but not cheap

Made with the beginner welder in mind the Lincoln viking helmet is great if you’re low on cash or just starting out. It’s inexpensive but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap, Lincoln is known throughout the industry for their quality products and this hood is no different.

Hardhat and cheater lens capable

If you need to wear a hardhat on the job you should consider the Lincoln Viking 1740. There’s plenty of room under there for a hardhat so you’ll be protected in any situation. It’s also equipped with an optional cheater lens so you can have a closer view of the puddle for better inspection.


Extra lens covers

It comes with 5 outside lens covers and 2 inside covers so you’ll have a clear, unobstructed view whenever you weld. Who doesn’t like extra stuff?

Solar powered with replaceable battery backup

Never worry about getting flashed again. The Lincoln Viking 1740 is solar equipped and comes with 2 AAA batteries as backup so you can be confident the shade will activate each and every time. Say goodbye to arc eye!

Comes with cool decals

Customize your hood and stand apart from the rest with a sheet of stylish decals or just keep it black, it looks great either way.

Whats Bad?

Headgear can be a bit uncomfortable

Some user have reported the headgear to be uncomfortable when welding all day while others can weld all day without an issue. However Lincoln makes a great pivot style headgear that can replace the one in the Viking 1740. It can be found here.

Lacks features

For the price this hood is fantastic but that also means it wont have all the features of higher end helmets. If you’re a pro you might want to look elsewhere but if you’re just starting out the Viking is a great choice.

Analog controls

Some people prefer digital while other like the analog controls. This isn’t really a bad thing, we were just stretching to find a 3rd con for this amazing hood.

The Verdict

While we were very impressed by the Lincoln Viking 1740 it is a basic hood without a lot of features. The viewing area is adequate to see the job at hand and is light enough to use all day. And with a sub-$100 price point the value you get from the hood is outstanding. It would make a great first helmet for anyone looking to get into the industry without spending a ton. The Lincoln Viking 1740 does everything you need a basic helmet to do and no more.

Specs and Features


Auto Darkening: Yes

Viewing Field: Width 3.78″ x Height 1.67″

Shade Range: DIN 9 – 13

Reaction Time: .00004 seconds

Weight: 18.6 oz (528g)

Sensors: 2

Power Source: Solar with battery backup (2 x AAAs)

Warranty: 3 years


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