Longevity Welder: Powerful and Lightweight

LONGEVITY Migweld 140 - 140 Amp Mig Welder

Established in 2001 in Hayward, California, Longevity Welder has settled on the motto, “The Power to Last.” This is despite having only existed for what amounts to being a teenager in manufacturing years. The upstart company does not have the age or the prowess of Lincoln or Miller. However, they are turning heads in the welding industry for offering exceptional power in a lightweight form factor.

Through innovation, customer satisfaction, and quality production, Longevity Global, Inc. is determined to gain the trust of its customers. They do it through the quality of their products, their active online presence, including the much heralded Learning Lab YouTube Channel.

And having amassed what amounts to a cult following, Longevity offers a ton of welding info online. This include videos, tips and tricks, a welding forum with lots of photos, stories, and ideas, and DIY templates. Plus, the company is as committed to welder safety as many of its competitor. They offer classes and workshops, instructor training, and more.

But Longevity’s real bread and butter comes from aftermarket automotive welders, industrial welders, homeowners, small business owners, and auto shops. Plus, the company and its products was on the Orange County Choppers television show. Indeed they know a thing or two about being thrust into the limelight.

Longevity Welder: Committed to 100 Percent Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Longevity Global, Inc. has a diverse product lineup. This includes TIG and MIG welders, welding wire, consumable, safety gear, stick welders and plasma cutters. Their products are suitable for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Furthermore, their welders and cutters offer powerful performance inside of small, portable form factors.

The company is so confident in the performance of their products. They offer the best warranty - a full 5-year parts and labor money-back guarantee on all welders and cutters. Plus, Longevity encourages all customers to try their products with no commitment for 30 days. At that time, you don’t like it, return it with no questions asked.

That is what these new kids on the block consider as representative of 100 percent customer satisfaction. We have to see whether or not Longevity stand the test of time. However,  many agree that they are off to a bang-up job already with their price point and their warranty.

​​​​Longevity MIG Weld 140 Review

Longevity MIG Weld 140 Review

Let’s take a closer look at some of their products, starting with the MIG Weld 140. With an MSRP of under $350, this Longevity welder is small and easy to set up. The welder itself weighs a mere 40 pounds and plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet.

If you are not going into the fabrication business and you want a home shop tool, the MIG Weld 140 is a great option. This is when you consider that it is $200 less than the Lincoln Power MIG 140. And it is $400 less than the Millermatic 140 Auto-Set.

Of course, we have to bring up the fact that they assemble some of Longevity products in China. On the other hand, they make Lincoln products in Ohio. While Longevity is not beyond reproach for shipping jobs overseas, it is a substantiated business model here in America. In fact, it is the same approach to building equipment that Apple uses.



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$ $

While both Apple and Longevity engineer their products in California, they choose to have them assembled in other countiesBut regardless where they build the machines, let's look at how the MIG Weld 140 measures up to some of its competitors.

The Lincoln Power MIG 140, the Millermatic 140 Auto-Set, and the Mig Weld 140 all come with extra tips. This also includes hoses, regulators, electrodes, and adapters. Also, the gear feels solid and made of a good quality material, at least according to this review. Many of the other specs are also similar when comparing the three welders.

However, the Lincoln is the heaviest of the bunch at 60 pounds, and still can’t match the 60 percent duty power cycle at 140 amps. Although both units use 110- or 220-volt power and PFC switch for a generator or secondary power hookup.

Longevity TIGWeld 200Sx Welders

Longevity TIGWeld 200Sx Welders



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Moving on to TIG welders, these machines are so named for their use of Tungsten Inert Gas. Also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) units, TIG welders are reportedly more complicated. It is also time-consuming to set up than MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding.

This is because the feeder wire and the TIG torch both need to be manipulated manually during the welding process. While the process of TIG welding is more complicated, it also produces the potential for creating finer, more elegant welds with stronger bonds.

Longevity offers both TIG welders and MIG welders, and the Longevity TIGWeld 200Sx is an excellent example of a GTAW welder. Competitors in its class include the Miller Diversion 180 and the Lincoln SquareWave TIG 175 welders.

The consensus is that the Longevity TIGWeld is easier to set up than most. Also, as are most Longevity welders, and it is the least expensive. The Miller Diversion and the Lincoln SquareWave TIG 175 welders are far more expensive at around $1,600 each. Also, the weight differential is huge with the TIGWeld weighing in at around 40 pounds. The Miller taking welterweight at 50 pounds, and the Lincoln coming in with the heavyweight title at 185 pounds.

Other notable disparities include differences in duty cycles, which, as mentioned, was 200 amps at 60 percent for the TIGWeld. It is 150 amps at 20 percent for the Miller, and 150 amps at 25 percent for the Lincoln. The Lincoln Squarewave TIG 175 also only runs on single phase 220 power. On the other hand, the two welders can run on either 220 or 110 phase power.

In addition to powerful duty cycle, TIGWeld Longevity welders come with TIG torches made by Weldcraft. It is a standard name in the welding community known for high-quality and durable products. Also, all Longevity TIG welding machines feature stick welding capabilities at the flip of a switch.

Longevity Stick Welders, Lightweight Powerhouses

Longevity Stick Welders



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Stick welding, or Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), is one of the oldest types of welding known to man. The process is simple and produces strong welds that can be used to fasten together thick chunks of metal.

Also, stick welding uses a single electrode and consumable rods to produce molten metal that acts as an adhesive as it cools. It is common to go through many rods in a single welding session. The weld produced are rarely ever attractive like TIG welds, but they are extremely strong.

These are the types of welds you would see on a construction project, used in bridge work, or for support girders in building structures. Think about heavy machinery and industrial metals when you think of stick welding.

A much cheaper form of welding than the other applications, stick welding can also be applied outside during inclement weather and to pipes and plumbing. However, SMAW is also messy and leaves debris and slags all over the project. The heat and power created during the process are great for joining chunks of iron. They are going to burn up thin materials like aluminum or stainless steel.

It can be extremely useful, though, to have a stick welder in the garage, and Longevity’s StickWeld 140 is an excellent choice. With an MSRP of $279.99, the entire unit weighs only 13-15 pounds, and it runs off from the two most common power phases: 220 and 110 volts. With the same duty cycle as the TIGWeld, some reports say that if you run rod after rod for 10 minutes straight, the machine will overheat. But, by and far, most other accounts say this featherweight is a champ.

Plasma Cutting with Longevity Welder

Plasma Cutting with Longevity Welders



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So far, we have covered how to bind metal together. Now we are going to dive into tools that will cut it apart. There are many reasons for using a plasma cutter for slicing through metal. Two of those reasons are speed and efficiency. Compared to an oxy-acetylene gas cutting torch, plasma cutters are cleaner and faster. Plus, an operation is far less costly.

Longevity has offered professional plasma cutting equipment for almost 20 years. Their proprietary “Blow Back Pilot Arc” technology makes cutting expanded metals easier as well as enables easy arc strikes. Plus, the Longevity ForceCut promises to produce less slag and a stronger arc than its competitors. What is more, it even operates from “any air compressor with a minimum of 70 PSI and 3.0 CFM.”

Moreover, the entire unit weighs about 25 pounds, and it works off from 110v or 200v power at about 40 amps. Also, the “Blow Back Pilot Arc” allows you to safely fire the plasma gun in tight spots. Similarly, around sensitive equipment like computers, CNC tables in classrooms. In addition, to communications devices without worrying about causing damage to any of the equipment.

Longevity Welder: Wrapping Up

Longevity Welders box

Sure, Longevity does not have the heritage that Lincoln does, but now that you have seen some of their products and how they stack up to the competitors, you can make an informed decision about buying your next welder or cutter.

Longevity keeps their welders and cutters lightweight and powerful, thanks to their new inverter technology and IGBT chipsets. The IGBT module stands for “insulated-gate bipolar transistor,” and it is a high-performance 7th generation chipset that is designed to be small and compact and provide for greater power output than in previous generations. The product is manufactured by Fuji Electric, and it is reported to be environmentally friendly and RoHS-compliant.

In addition to offering new technologies, like improved power through new inverters, Longevity offers the best warranty in the business - a 5-year parts and labor warranty on all of their products. Plus, you can try any of their welders or cutters for free for 30 days.

They might be fledglings in the esteemed blue-collar business of welding, but they are turning some head and impressing customers with their lightweight and powerful products. The fact that Longevity has created welding products that can keep up with (and sometimes surpass) the power produced by similar units made by manufacturer royalty is impressive enough.

Sure, Longevity Global Inc. assembles their products overseas, which is a business choice that is going to offend some buyers, but hopefully, as this blog suggests, that does not diminish the quality of their products. And in an era of iPhones and mobile devices and portable everything, these lightweight, mobile welders might just earn Longevity the staying power it so desperately craves.

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