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A Welding program is conducted to prepare an individual to use technical knowledge and skills in joining and cutting metal surfaces. It introduces the person to various types of welding processes and other applications related to welding. Welding is like an art for a welder and learning welding is considered knowledge. Like any other course, there are hundreds and thousands of Schools offering welding programs throughout the world, as welding courses are on high demand these days. In case you are interested, here are some of the top welding schools around the world;

  • Tulsa Welding School
  • University of Alaska, Anchorage
  • Utah State University
  • University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • Ferris State University
  • Lincoln Technical Institute
  • Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
  • College of Western Idaho
  • Butte College

Here is a brief overall review of each of the welding schools listed above, which can help you to know more about the courses offered by each of the institutes.

Tulsa Welding School

Tulsa welding school is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This welding school was founded by two welders in 1949 who considered welding as a necessary course that needed training and learning. It is the largest welding school of the nation and its motive is to bring about the best welders and welding inspectors in the world.
Tulsa welding school offers not only training, but each student is given the best knowledge and skills, which are necessary for a welder to enter the competitive world of welding industry. The school has many trained and expert professionals to train the students, hence giving the students an opportunity to work with the most talented and experienced welders. It offers three basic and fascinating welding courses, which includes master welder program, structural welder and Associate of Occupational Studies in Welding Technology. All the programs range from three and half months to fourteen months of training. The students have to spend most of their time in practical welding and very less time on theory, which enhances the experience of every individual. The school ensures that all the students succeed, by offering a unique instructional mode program.

University of Alaska, Anchorage

University of Alaska, Anchorage is located in Anchorage, Alaska and was founded in 1954. In 2014, according to the World Report and U.S News, it ranked 75th among the universities in the west and one of the top 25 universities in the country. Students can purse course in Associate of applied Science in welding and Nondestructive Testing Technology, through the university’s technical college and community. In this program, the aspiring students get to learn about the various metallic components and structures, along with thermal cutting procedures of metals and various welding processes.
The welding and nondestructive testing technology program specially prepares the students for employment in welding fields or as entry level nondestructive testing technicians. The final graduates are given a degree and three different endorsement occupational certificates regarding the course, which can later help them to get job in various fields such as construction, transport and manufacturing industries, throughout the world.

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Utah State University

Utah State University is a public research university, which is located in Logan, Utah. It was founded in the year 1888. In 2014 it was placed at the top 200 universities. With several other programs like agriculture, business, mechanic arts and domestic arts, it offers programs on welding, for interested students.
Utah State University offers two programs in welding, which includes Certificate of Completion in Welding and Associate of Applied Science Degree. In the first program, they offer certificate in welding after the student has completed 23 credit hours of general welding along with 9 hours of general education. This program is for those individuals who wish to join welding industry in just one year of training. The second program is for the students who aspire for a career in welding industry with a complete welding educational background. The welding program of Utah State University is for those students who desire a great and successful career in welding.

University of Alaska, Fairbanks

University of Alaska, Fairbanks is one of the top rated public research universities, which is located in Fairbanks, Alaska and it was founded in the year 1917. It offers various programs including a welding program for aspiring students.
The university’s welding program has been brought up especially for the entry level or beginners who want to learn the basics of metal cutting and welding, and also for those individuals who aspire to take their welding skills to the further level. The University of Alaska, Fairbanks community and technical college also offers occupational endorsement certificate of an entry level welder. In this welding program regular training is given to the students. Few advanced students also get the opportunity to pursue advanced projects or work toward American Welding society of certification. All the students in this program are given welding safety training in every course, which makes the students capable of recognizing certain hazardous situations at the welding workplace.

Ferris State University

Ferris State University was founded in 1884 and its welding engineering technology program was established in the year 1984. This program offered by Ferris State University is nationally recognized and it is the largest welding program in the United States as it offers many options to the aspiring students looking for high demanding career in welding field.
The university’s welding program has been designed to produce highly skilled and plant or industrial level welding engineering technology graduates who have full knowledge and are deeply involved in the concept, design, engineering of implementations and aspects of various welding processes. The university offers more than 180 degree programs in welding. Its main motive is to produce highly demanded welding engineers.

Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln Technical Institute offers a skilled trade program in which the students are trained to acquire the skills that are necessary for welding in construction, plant maintenance, fabrications and many more welding fields.
This institute offers many different types of welding programs depending on the interests of the students, for example motorsports, automobiles and many others. In each program or course, they make sure to include welding safety, Hands on Welding or practical training, classroom lecture and discussion. All the basic types of welding processes are included in the program so that the students become familiar with all the processes related to welding.

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

Hobart has its own high class welding program, which is quite comparable to the top most welding schools. Hobart also offers small modules of welding training programs that are much affordable and extremely specific. The technical program has been specially designed for those individuals in need of common knowledge about welding. The program offered by Hobart is 80% based on classroom lecture and 20% on practical demonstrations of welding processes. The most important welding program offered by Hobart is the 2 week program in which all the basics of Tig welding process is taught to the individual in a very affordable tuition fees. All the courses offered by Hobart are either a generalized background of welding or some specific areas related to welding. Hobart offers more than 10 welding programs, depending on the individual’s choice. They are committed to train the world’s best welders.

College of Western Idaho

College of Western Idaho is one of the top public community colleges located in Southwest Idaho. With various other courses, it is also popular for the welding courses it offers to the aspiring students.
CWI also offers welding programs that can be completed in a year and the students are certified to start new careers in welding. They prepare their students for certification with the AWS or the American Welding Society. In the programs, each individual learns about all the basic welding processes necessary to join the welding industry. CWI also gives the skilled and talented students opportunity to participate in community projects and in addition, they also take the students for group industrial visits for more exploration in the field of welding. Many graduates from CWI have been recruited in high demanding fabrication industries and many have also come up to be successful self-employed welders.

Butte College

Butte College is a community college located in Northern California. With many other courses, Butte College also offers welding courses. The welding program of Butte College has been once honored with the National Excellence in Action Award. The college accepts around 50 students on each semester-end for the welding course.
Butte college welding program includes all the welding instructions in its course including the basic welding processes. They also offer an additional course called the PG &E Power Pathway Gas Pipeline Program, which is an optional program for those who are interested. On completion of the program, the students are provided with degree, certificates and license and there are also few other outcome certificates for the optional programs. At the end of the program, the individual becomes a successful welder and can apply for a welding career.

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All of them are very good welding schools perfect for an aspiring welder. No matter whichever the college is, if you have talent and passion, no one can stop you from being what you want. With better training and guide you can turn out to be the best.

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