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Miller Digital Performance Review

The Digital Performance is everything you’ve come to expect from the folks at Miller. High quality craftsmanship, plenty of useful features, superior comfort and at a price that will have you wondering why you didn’t make the switch sooner. Featuring 3 modes – grind, cut and weld – this welding helmet can handle almost any task you can think of. The easy to access digital controls make switching modes a breeze and it’s just as easy to adjust the delay and sensitivity settings, even with gloves on. The shell is aerodynamically designed to guide heat and fumes away from the face, keeping the lens free of fog and your lungs free of toxic gas. The Miller Digital Performance is a stellar mid-range hood that welders of all skill levels will appreciate.



  • Grind, cut and weld modes
  • Easy to access digital controls
  • Comfortable and highly adjustable headgear
  • Auto On/Off feature
  • Aerodynamic shell design
  • Replacement lenses and bag included


  • Hood has a hard time staying up
  • Smaller lens size
  • Shell is a bit flimsy

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Whats Good?

3  Operating Modes – Grind, Cut and Weld

The Miller Digital Performance features three operating modes, giving you the ability to perform almost any task without removing your hood:

  1. Weld – Shade Range #8 – 13
  2. Cut – Shade Range #5 – 8
  3. Grind – Shade Range #3

Digital Controls are Easy to Use

Switch from weld mode to grind mode to cutting mode with a single button that is easy to access even with gloves on. The digital controls allow you to adjust the sensitivity and delay settings to the exact specs the job requires. No more messing around with analog controls in hopes that the settings might be right.

miller digital performance

Redesigned Highly Adjustable Headgear

Miller is known for their super comfortable headgear and the Digital Performance is no different. In fact, the same headgear is used in all of their hoods so whether you’re buying the professional level helmet or just starting out with an entry level hood, the headgear is the same. Miller recently redesigned their headgear with additional adjustability settings for better fit and comfort. Complete with a removable cloth front strap for easy cleaning, this hood is a pleasure to wear all day.

miller digital performance

Automatic On/Off Feature

Never worry about whether your helmet is turned on or off again. The  Miller Digital Performance includes an automatic on/off feature that darkens at the strike of an arc so you have one less thing to worry about. Just make sure the batteries are good! (as indicated by a flashing red light)

Aerodynamic Shell Design

Why does it matter if the shell is aerodynamic? The more streamlined the hood is the easier it is for heat and fumes to escape into the air, keeping the lens from fogging up or breathing in toxic fumes. Not to mention the sleek lines look amazing.

Replacement Lenses and Bag Included

Extra stuff is almost always a good thing. With the Miller Digital Performance you get 5 extra outer lens covers and 2 inner, giving you a crystal clear view of the weld every time. It also comes with a carrying bag to keep your hood protected when not in use.

Whats Bad?

Hard Time Staying in Raised Position

The knobs on the side of the Miller Digital Performance arent strong enough to hold the helmet in the raised position and tend to slip down after a while. If you raise the hood high enough there is a locking mechanism but it can be a pain to lower back down again if your hands are full.

Smallish Lens

The lens on the Miller Digital Performance is adequate for most welders but it’s nothing to brag about. At 7.22 sq. inches it does the job but it could be a bit bigger.

Shell is a Bit Flimsy

With an all plastic design the shell does feel a bit flimsy. That said, as long as you aren’t playing football with the thing, it’ll last you for years.

 The Verdict

The Miller Digital Performance is a solid mid-range hood that would be ideal for any welder – beginner or pro. Three operating modes ensure it can handle any task you throw at it. The digital controls allow for precision settings, taking the guesswork out of making adjustments. Millers redesigned and highly adjustable headgear is one of the most comfortable in the industry so you can work all day without problem. If you’re looking for a quality helmet  that is packed with features for a reasonable price, the Miller Digital Performance may be exactly what you need.


Specs and Features


Auto Darkening: Yes

Viewing Field: Width 3.85″ x Height 1.85″

Shade Range: DIN 3, 5 – 13

Reaction Time: .00005 seconds

Weight: 17 oz (482g)

Sensors: 3

Power Source: 2 Lithium ion batteries with solar backup

Warranty: 3 years

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