Miller Diversion 180 Review

Power and Applications

​Miller Diversion 180 is a powerful upgrade. This unit is an AC/DC TIG welder with high-quality features. It’s perfect for those who mostly deal with Auto body fabrication and welding. This tool is one among the most expensive welders. It’s a full package of performance, quality and durability.

This TIG welder can operate on dual voltages of either 120V or 240V, making it ideal for both home use and professionals. This unit is also inverter based and very versatile. You can power it with generators, so it’s highly recommended for remote sites and rental shops.

Miller Diversion 180 might have numerous high-quality features, but that doesn’t maximize its size or weight. This unit weighs only 50 pounds and doesn’t lag behind in portability when compared to other TIG welders of the same category. You can easily move it around with very less effort.

​Special Features

Given below are some of the notable features of Miller Diversion 180;

  • ​Easy-to-Understand Control panel lets you set the machine in minutes. All you have to do is power the device, select material type, select thickness, and it’s ready to weld!
  • ​Dual-voltage compatibility allows you to connect the device to any existing receptacles without requiring any additional adjustments or settings.
  • ​Inverted based DC/AC power source provides more efficient and consistent arc as compared to TIG welders with transformer power source.
  • ​Fan-on-demand works whenever necessary. It cuts down noise, along with minimizing power consumption and preventing contaminants from drawing into the machine.
  • ​Auto Post-flow feature automatically adjusts the post-flow time according to the welding output. This also ensures proper shielding of the electrode and weld end zone, ultimately preventing wastage of gas and cutting down the need of adjustment every time.
  • ​High-Frequency start for non-contact arc starting prevents time-after-time tungsten and material contamination.
  • ​Advanced square-wave AC offers deeper penetration and a quick freezing weld puddle.
  • ​Air-cooled torch ensures the durability of the tool. Also, the compact design is beneficial for both beginners and experts.
  • ​Diamond-head grip design allows the user to have the comfortable grip, reducing operator fatigue.

​Miller Diversion 180 has the maximum power output of 150A and it serves 20% duty cycle at 150A. This tool can weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many other materials up to 3/16 inch thick. It’s recommended for various applications related to chassis or frame fabrication, stainless exhaust weld repair on home equipment, aluminum oil pans, metal art and vocational training. However, its best unit for Auto Body related applications.


  • ​Miller Diversion 180 is very light in weight and profoundly portable. It’s also good for remote sites where the power supply is not consistent.
  • ​This unit consumes very less power and works more efficiently as compared to other welders with the same capacity.
  • ​It can also be operated using the foot pedal for welding in out-of-position applications.
  • ​The unit is designed ergonomically for user convenience and easy use. Even if you work with it for prolonged periods, your fingers won’t hurt or feel fatigue unlike with other devices.
  • ​The device is easy to understand and use. Its digital display allows even the novices to use it flawlessly.
  • ​The tool is very much durable and ensures that no gas or materials are wasted. It’s more of an eco-friendly welding device.


  • ​As the cost of this unit is quite high, some of your budget estimation won’t be able to meet its expense.
  • ​This unit is not approved for industrial applications. Also, you cannot use it for welding materials that are thicker than 3/16 inch. For bulkier materials, you can consider Everlast PowerPro 256S.
  • ​Some of you might feel that the power chord is too short.


Miller Diversion 180 is the ultimate tool for all the Auto body welding hobbyists and professionals. This device is versatile and very powerful. It has all the features that a perfect AC/DC TIG welder must carry.

​If this is the right tool for you, for more knowledge about the welder, you can:

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