Miller Titanium 9400i

Miller Titanium 9400i Review

Introducing the Miller Titanium 9400i, the very best of Millers welding helmet lineup. They’ve thought of everything with this behemoth. A large viewing area, an integrated grinding shield with a nearly 180 degree view, aluminum heat shield to protect the lens for high amperage welding, a silver colored shell to help reflect heat and tons more. If you’re a professional welder in need of a top-of-the-line helmet check out the 9400i, it has everything you need and a whole lot more.



  • Integrated grinding shield
  • Aluminum heat shield to protect lens
  • Silver shell reflects heat
  • InfoTrack lens technology
  • Easy access digital controls/ display
  • X-Mode
  • Shock absorbing gasket to protect against drops


  • Expensive
  • A bit heavy
  • Sometimes slips from raised position
  • Must buy Miller specific lens covers

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What’s Good?

Integrated grinding shield

The shield is unique to the Miller Titanium 9400i. While other helmets have a specific shade for grinding, the 9400i has a clear grind shield built right in. Simply lift up the front of the helmet, lock it in place and you have a perfectly clear grinding shield that is bigger than any lens out there providing you with nearly 180 degrees of vision. Nothing else even compares.

Aluminum heat shield to protect lens

This welding helmet can handle anything you can think of including high amperage applications. Lenses are expensive but the aluminum heat shield on the Miller Titanium 9400i ensures it’ll last for a long time even under the most grueling conditions.

Silver shell reflects heat

The silver shell doesn’t just look awesome, it actually serves a purpose. Depending on the type of welding you’re doing, it can get really hot under that hood but the silver shell is an excellent heat deflector, keeping you refreshed and cool. With the Miller Titanium 9400i you can weld all day and not even notice the heat.

InfoTrack lens technology

Exclusive to the Miller lineup InfoTracking keeps track of how long the actual arc is being struck which helps to increase productivity.

Easy access digital controls/ display

Everything is digital these days, including welding helmets. The digital controls on the Miller Titanium 9400i are extremely easy to use and the buttons are big enough to adjust even if you’re wearing gloves. The display is easy to read so you know exactly what your settings are before you start to weld. The display also features a digital clock so you wont lose track of time.

miller titanium 9400i


X-mode is one of Millers best features on their high end helmets. It electromagnetically senses the arc so the lens darkens every time no matter the situation. It helps eliminate interference from sunlight if you weld outside and, if for whatever reason, all 4 sensors are obstructed x-mode will sense the weld and automatically darken, keeping you safe at all times.

Shock absorbing gasket to protect against drops

If you’re spending this kind of money on a welding helmet you want to make sure it’s protected at all costs. The Miller Titanium 9400i is one of the only hoods with a shock absorbing gasket that helps prevent the lens from breaking should you accidentally drop it. You can rest easy knowing that even if your hood gets bumped or dropped, it’ll still be in good condition.

What’s Bad?


Something that will deter most casual welders is the price. Being Millers most advanced helmet yet, it’s only natural that it would be expensive. It’s made for professionals who use the helmet day in and day out. It holds up to the abuse and will last a long time, but it’ll cost you.


With so many awesome features comes added weight. If you wear this helmet on a regular basis you may notice it gets a bit heavy after long hours but it’s only a matter of time until you get used it.

Occasionally slips from raised position

When the lens is flipped up to use the grinding shield the lens occasionally slips down, forcing you to stop what you’re doing and flip it back up. This is easily remedied by adding rubber washers to the side knobs for added grip.

Lens covers are Miller specific

This means you cant just go to your local shop to pick up some generic covers, you need to buy specifically from Miller at a bit of a mark up.

The Verdict:

The Titanium 9400i is a fine addition to the Miller welding helmet family. It’s designed with the serious professional in mind so the price might be a bit steep for a casual welder. That said, the features on the 9400i are phenomenal. The lens flips up to reveal a clear grinding shield giving you a near 180 degree view of the task at hand. The aluminum face shield and silver shell are designed to deflect heat away from the lens, keeping you cool and the lens safe from damage. Equipped with X-mode, the lens will darken when you need it to most, even when welding in the sun or if the sensors are blocked. The few downsides this helmet has are dwarfed by it’s many state of the art features. If you’re serious about welding, give the Miller Titanium 9400i a shot.

Specs and Features


Auto Darkening: Yes

Viewing Field: Width 3.81″ x Height 2.62″

Shade Range: DIN 3, 5 – 13

Reaction Time: 1/20,000 (.00005) seconds

Weight: 24 oz (680g)

Sensors: 4

Power Source: 2 Lithium ion batteries with solar backup

Warranty: 3 years

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