Do you need to wear golf glove?

Necessity of Wearing Gloves for Golfers

Golf is such a game that not only needs a good club and a ball but also a pair of good gloves. If you ask an expert, he might probably say that you actually don’t need a glove to play the game. In other words, it is not at all necessary for golfers. But of course, it is recommended if one wants to really bring improvement in the game. Well, practice makes a man perfect, and if one starts practicing in the right manner, that is, wearing the right outfits and taking along the perfect gaming accessories on the course, he or she is bound to have a quality time playing the game. Moreover, wearing gloves is always an advantage for a golfer and that also in multiple ways.

While you hold the club, take your position, mark the ball and go for the shot, you need to be super confident. A pair of gloves can, therefore, give you the confidence to get a tighter grip on the club. So, even if your hands sweat, the gloves will just cover up and save you from loosening the club, which might result in the execution of a poor short. At least, you won’t have to squeeze the club tightly that actually creates tension in the hands, forearms, and wrists. To win a game, a pair of gloves is, therefore, very important.

If you can follow a few good games online, you will find a lot of world class golfers have worn gloves before taking shots. Now, a few things need to be understood when it comes to the context of wearing gloves. There are many golfers who are found wearing gloves on one hand while a few golfers prefer wearing on both the hands. Very few do not wear gloves at all. When it comes to your turn.

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You need to ensure a few things:

  • The pair ensures a snug fit
  • The pair is extremely comfortable on your hands
  • The pair is not putting any restrictions on your hand movements
  • The pair is not so large that it creates problem during the swing

All these factors must be met just to ensure that the purpose of wearing a pair of gloves while playing golf is not defeated.

Now comes the question as to which hand should the gloves be put on. Well, being a golfer, you know which is your lead hand, isn’t it? If you are not aware of the concept of lead hand, you should know that it is the one that leads the golf through your swing. To be more precise, the lead hand is the one that is placed at the highest point on the club. If you want to know more specifically, a golfer who is right-handed will have his left hand as his lead hand. The concept is that a right-handed golfer rests her left hand on the club’s highest point.

Another major concern among golfers is whether they should wear gloves for playing all sorts of shots.  Some golfers actually wear gloves for each and every round. But the majority have been found wearing those only during swings with irons, wedges, and hybrids. Most of the times, it has been found that the gloves come off as the golfer gradually reaches the green. Furthermore, putting is always counted among the feel strokes, which is taken calmly in comparison to normal swings. So, you can put off your gloves while taking a putt. But swing takers must get gloves for a better outcome.

If you are still hesitant to buy a pair of gloves for playing golf, you can always take a few suggestions from experts and friends who regularly visit the grounds for practice. Moreover, you yourself need to judge your own comfort level to find out whether a pair of gloves can actually help you in taking a good short. So, if you are going ahead with the plan to buy a golf kit, adding a pair of durable gloves will not be a bad idea. You need to improve with time, take better shots and progress towards a professional level. Well, everything cannot be so fast but of course, a pair of gloves can make things positive for you. Just be a bit careful while choosing your pair. Just wear it and try to feel on your hands whether it would be possible for you to get hold of a club for the right stroke.

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