NexGadget Vacuum Sealer Review

NexGadget Vacuum Sealer Review – 3 sealing modes with reusable bags

Tired of throwing food away? Looking for a better way to preserve your food and cut on your monthly expenses? If the answer is yes, you have the solution right here with you. How about you try the NexGadget Vacuum Sealer Preservation Food Saver? It’s a Vacuum sealer system like no other that will solve all your food spoilage problems.

The NexGadget Vacuum Sealer goes the extra mile to keep not only your food fresh for days but also maintain its flavor. With this food vacuum sealer, you can buy foods in bulk, try out new recipes and store the excess food for future use.

NexGadget Vacuum Sealer Review

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The first thing you will notice about this machine out of the box is its beautiful silver polish. The cosmetic design and compactness make it an ideal unit for clustered or small kitchens. It’s easy to store; first, clean it and place it in your kitchen cabinet. The best part is that it will occupy less space on your counter top. So, you won’t have to compromise your kitchen space to make a good seal.

The NexGadget Sealer also boasts of 23-25′ HG vacuum strength which comes in handy to prevent bacteria and food from contaminating your stored food. It also features a 2 side by side vacuum and a great seal bar for durability.

It’s easy to operate, and even a novice wouldn’t have difficulties using it, thanks to its fully automatic operation. There is an intuitive control panel with easy-to-spot buttons. To seal wet and dry foods, choose the Moist and dry settings. Other settings are Seal Only, Vacuum Seal/Cancel and the Switch Only mode for sealing delicate foods without crushing them.

The LED indicator lights blink different colors depending on the current status of your sealing process. The NexGadget Sealer will even seal canning jars, canisters, and containers. You can also protect your documents and jewelry to prevent it from tarnishing.

The NexGadget Sealer offers 3 sealing modes depending on the type of food you wish to seal. You can choose from Vacuum, Air suction, and NonVacuum mode. In the package, there’s a starter kit to get you started immediately you get this unit.


  • Marinate food in minutes
  • Comes with reusable bags
  • Easy to use
  • LED light indicators keep you update with the sealing process


  • Short life span

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User opinion of the NexGadget Vacuum Sealer Preservation Food Saver

A lot of good things have been said about this machine. Users seem to love it for its fastness, effectiveness, and simplicity. It comes with heavy duty bags that are easy to use and reusable. In most reviews, it was observed that the NexGadget Sealer seals fast and creates a quality seal.

It’s powerful at extracting moisture out of food. Users loved that once they vacuum seal their foods, they just have to store it in the freezer for long without getting freezer burn. In fact, it occupies less space in their freezer.

Other users liked the fact that it can even reseal packets of vegetables, fruits, etc. bought from the supermarket. According to most users, the NexGadget Sealer is worth every penny.

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My experience with the NexGadget vacuum sealer

The NexGadget Sealer came boxed with straightforward and precise instructions. At first, I wasn’t convinced that this machine would make an impact on reducing food wastage. But in a few months, I was startled by what it can do.

NexGadget Vacuum Sealer Review

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I can now buy poultry, fish, meat and other food items on offers in bulk and store them without any worry. I had to pay for an upfront cost which didn’t leave my wallet suffering and it took just a month for this unit to pay for itself.

It’s very convenient since it gives me the ability to freeze leftovers which, eventually saves me money. And the quality of my stored food is equally the same as freshly-prepared foods. The quality is also impressive, and its well build design guarantees a longer life and consistent performance.

Comparison overview between NexGadget vacuum sealer VS FoodSaver V2244

These food vacuum sealers are in the same price range. The NexGadget has a silver finish while the FoodSaver V2244 is black in color. Either of the finishes will blend perfectly with most home decors. They also have a starter kit that lets you get started immediately. TheFoodSaver V2244’s kit has more items than that of the NexGadget. You will get three Quart Heat-Seal Bags, two Gallon Heat Seal Bags, Accessory Hose and 11×10 inches Heat Seal Roll. With both, you can seal canisters, containers and marinate food in minutes. While the NexGadget is automatically operated, the FoodSaver V2244 is manually operated.

FoodSaver V2244
FoodSaver V2244

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Features and Benefits of the NexGadget vacuum sealer

NexGadget Vacuum Sealer Review

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  • Locks in freshness in your stored foods- The NexGadget vacuum sealer ultimate’s goal is to extend the shelf life of your stored foods. It will go an extra mile to offer anti-bacterial and oxidation benefits, keep out moisture from your food and lock in nutrients and flavor in your food items. This unit guarantees to keep food fresh up to 5 times longer than conventional food storage methods.
  • Ease of use – This machine lets you choose the Dry or Moist food setting depending on what you want to seal. There a Cancel button that allows you to control the vacuum pressure at your convenience. To keep the food status of your choice, choose from Vacuum, Air Suction or NonVacuum Mode.
  • Starter Kit – The kit includes 10 sealing bags that come in 2 different sizes. You can use the bags to vacuum seal foods, non-food items, wines, marinade sauces or just anything you like. The NexGadget Sealer can also be used with a tube or a canister which, are sold separately.
  • Seal anything – The NexGadget Sealer can be utilized for a wide application range. It will seal home-made foods, grains, canisters, canning jars, containers, medicinal materials and also marinate foods. It doesn’t stop there. You can vacuum seal clothes, important documents, jewelry, painting, coins, books, camera lens, and other valuable items.
  • Sturdy construction – The NexGadget Sealer is one of the most durable vacuum sealers, owing this to its sturdy seal bar and dual side by side vacuum with a strength of 23-25′ HG and a 110-watt motor. This means that this vacuum sealer is very efficient in reducing oxygen levels not less than 0.05% from the sealing bags.

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Final Verdicts

The NexGadget vacuum sealer is robust, efficient, durable and does a great job at preventing your food from getting stale. Having this unit in your home will significantly reduce your monthly expenses. It will also save you trips to the market because you can buy huge volumes of foods and store them for future use. This unit brings nothing but tremendous benefits in your home. Here is the best part; you won’t have to rob a bank to have it. It’s very affordable. Get the NexGadget vacuum sealer today and get rid of the frustration from throwing food away.

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