nikon 8397 aculon al11 laser rangefinder review

Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder

Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder Review

Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder


  • Price is affordable and offers a lot more for its cost.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Lightweight and portable compact design.
  • Offers high-quality optics with 6x magnification option.
  • It powers down on its own when not used.


  • Lacks some more advanced features.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • CR2 batteries are expensive, but this rangefinder operates only with them.
  • Not possible to lock a target with shaky hands.

Outstanding Design

Nikon never fails to impress when it comes to design and functionality of their brands. This is why this particular gadget is on the list of one of the top selling products. One rangefinder must be compact in its design so that it can fit virtually anywhere one puts it. This rangefinder is also considered one of the most portable from the list. It is not waterproof; it is water resistant. This is not a drawback, as this is yet the feature that will come in handy when it is pouring rain on the field, but it mustn’t be dropped in the water as it will lose its function.

Weight and Size

Measurements of this leading brand are 3.6 * 2.9 * 1.5 in cubic inches. This makes it small enough and light enough to carry anywhere. It has 4.4-ounce weight, and this was measured without the batteries. Even if it is humid or if one has sweaty palms, this gadget can withstand anything.

With its top quality equipment and solid feel, this is yet another feature that marks this brand of rangefinders as easy to handle and elegant in its shape.

The Buttons

As one takes the device, they can soon feel the buttons are in reach. When pressing the closest button they will have activated the range finder, so this button is a power button. Other buttons which are farther away are the buttons for measurement units (either meters or yards, depending on what metric system one uses). The buttons can be quickly operated because of their positioning, and some have even reported they can use the gadget with thick gloves. Bad weather doesn’t exist for golfing, though.

Speed And Accuracy

This Nikon ACULON far exceeds in impressing everyone with its accuracy. It possesses a 6x magnification and provides a clear view. And all of this wouldn’t be possible without a high-quality optics.

When it comes to yard measurement range, it operates with 6 to 550 yards which are more than enough to give that feedback one needs when golfing. As soon as the battery is pressed, the readings and the distance is displayed.

It Displays Any Range

The rangefinder of this brand is programmed that way that it has to show any range that is furthest when it is pointed to a group of targets.

This device is more advanced perhaps than others on the list, but it still holds to same features more or less. It provides accurate readings about any subjects that are partially or entirely covered with various bushes or tall grass.

Battery Life

This Nikon Rangefinder works when on a single CR2 battery. The battery compartment isn’t hard to deal with because it does not require any special tools like some other rangefinders. The batteries will be easy to swap, and all of this can be done in the field or wherever one decides. Also one of the features is smart stay, meaning if you don’t use the range finder it will power down on its own after 8 seconds.

This feature is outstanding because this way the batteries are preserved and the battery life is prolonged. Often people forget shutting down their battery powered rangefinders, and they end up buying an endless supply of batteries.

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