Optrel e680 Review

Optrel e680 Review

The e680 is one of Optrels latest iterations of their expert level welding helmets. Performing leaps and bounds above its predecessor, the Optrel e680 is in a class of its own. Featuring True Color lens technology, this kind of filter optimizes color detection so the welder can see a wide view of colors in their truest form. The controls on the e680 couldn’t be more convenient allowing the welder to work on a variety of jobs without having to take the hood off. Equipped with grind mode and overhead welding capabilities this hood is able to protect you from all welding processes. This is the only helmet you’ll ever need.



  • True Color filter
  • Hard hat compatible
  • Super convenient controls
  • Used for all welding jobs (except laser)
  • Grind Mode
  • Adjustable sensors


  • Expensive
  • Cant be used for laser welding

Whats Good?

True Color Filter

You’ll be hard pressed to find a lens with such color intensity as the e680. Optrel prides itself on having some of the clearest optics in the industry so you can be sure you’ll see everything in the truest color possible. You’ll be able to read the LED lights on the weld machine without taking your mask off, that’s a huge bonus if your welding in cramped spaces.


Hard Hat Compatible

As a welder you’ll probably have to work on a bunch of different jobs and that means being as adaptable as possible. The Optrel e680 can be adjusted for any situation, so you can be sure you will be safe at all times.

Super Convenient Controls

The controls on the Optrel e680 are located on the left side of the helmet granting the welder a bunch of different shade and sensitivity options without having to remove the helmet. The controls are big and easy to use so the welder can adjust without removing their gloves.


Can be used for all processes

The Optrel e680 comes equipped with the much sought after Grind Mode, allowing the user to quickly change shades as the job requires. With a massive shade range of 5-13 the mask is able to handle almost all welding processes except laser. This dynamic helmet is also rated for overhead welding, you wont find much this helmet cant do.

Adjustable sensors

Rest easy knowing the sensors will turn on every time you need them too regardless of the situation. While the hood only has 2 arc sensors, both of them can be adjusted from 120 degrees apart to 60 degrees ensuring your mask wont activate from a nearby arc.

Whats Bad?


With a premium helmet comes a premium price. This is a professional level helmet with all the features you could need.  If you’re a serious welder price shouldn’t be an issue anyway.

Not for use with laser welding

This helmet can perform nearly all types of welding, from stick welding, MIG, TIG, GMAW, Flux Cored Wire Welding, Plasma Arc Welding, Micro Plasma Arc Welding, Plasma cutting, Gas welding and even a Grinding mode, but it lacks protection from laser welding.



The Verdict

 Wow. The Optrel e680 blew us out of the water. Ranking the highest in most of our tests, this helmet is unstoppable. The e680 feature True Color technology giving the welder a crystal clear view in its truest form. The shade range is the widest in the world at 4 – 13 this hood is a must for expert welders. Lets talk comfort: everything is highly adjustable to fit your head perfectly and it’s ultra lightweight so welding all day is a breeze. Although it is on the expensive side, the Optrel e680 has everything you need as a professional welder.

Specs and Features


Auto Darkening: Yes

Viewing Field: Width 4″ x 2″ Height

Shade Range: 4, 5-13

Reaction Time: 0.00018 seconds

Weight: 17 oz (490g)

Sensors: 2

Power Source: Solar with battery backup

Warranty: 3 years

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