Pentair LL505G Pool Cleaner Review

Pentair LL505G Pool Cleaner Review – Does its user satisfied?

Pool parties are quite exciting, right? It is the perfect swimming activity to enjoy with your loved ones and a time where you could relax, have fun under the heat of the sun or the coldness of the night. But in order for all of these things to happen, it is important that are pools will stay clean and clear as they should be. That is why pool owners buy pressure poolside cleaners to ease out the cleaning necessity. Introducing, Pentair LL505G Pool Cleaner, this pool cleaner covers an energy efficient design with powerful cleaning capability.

PENTAIR Kreepy Krauly LL505G Letro Legend Pressure Side Swimming Pool...

To know more about this Pentair LL505G pool cleaner, then check out this review and let’s start diving on the beauty of this pool cleaner.

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  • Intuitive Design and Great Build

Weighing about 22.9 lbs, this pool cleaning system mainly grey finished is empowered with front-wheel drive and treaded tires for ease of maneuverability especially on the inclined surfaces within the pool. Its lightweight body is made to encourage simple handling of the pool cleaner without immediate complications.

  • Maximum Pressure Power

Incorporating an astounding vacuum action, this pool cleaner consists of a reliable pressure drive removing all debris, twigs, and even pebbles that could surround within the pool area. Aside from that, it includes a built-in pressure valve to regulate the water flow and maintain the travel speed for an efficient cleaning performance. To improve its performance, a separate booster pump is sold separately for pumping within 1-3 hours as necessary.

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  • Peripheral Pump Booster Purchase Separately

In order to avail the vacuum pump booster, you have no choice but to buy it necessarily. Without it, your pool cleaner won’t run efficiently. But nonetheless, the pump booster is really not that pricey as compared to other brands. Though you’ll be having a hard time getting a separate purchase, it will be worth an effort once things will go on an operation.

  • Very Long Hose

Includes in the package is a hose measuring about 30 feet. Nevertheless, the hose incorporated on this pool cleaner is prettily long indeed. With this length, untangling the hose is somewhat really difficult especially during dissembling. But nonetheless, there is a way to cut over the hose as needed. Just read on the instructions to follow the process on cutting it.


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Key Features of the Pentair LL505G Pool Cleaner

PENTAIR Kreepy Krauly LL505G Letro Legend Pressure Side Swimming Pool...

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High Capacity Debris Bag
The Pentair LL505G model comes with a debris bag that houses over a large number of particulates, twigs, and dirt. It has a large intake bag opening to ensure efficient transfer of debris into the corresponding bag.

Easy to Clean
The LL505G Pentair pool cleaner is designed for cleaning convenience. It comes with a twist and lock design to easily detach all its compartments to simplify every cleaning. The cleaning bag is easily removed in the top of the unit once it’s already full.

Dynamic Cleaning Mechanism
The design incorporates premium maneuverability with its front wheel drive and four-wheeled stable body. This device traverses even in inclined surfaces of the pool efficiently capable of cleaning your large pools approximately 1-3 hours.

The device is highly versatile and could be used no matter what the size of your pool. Aside from that, it does great with any floor textures either tiles, concrete, or vinyl-lined.

Backup Valve
It incorporates a backup valve that is used to prevent delays and hang-ups in a single corner or side of the pool. It activates every 3.5 minutes to assure relief on a maximum cleaning operation.

What Users Saying About Pentair LL505G Pool Cleaner?

With an upgrade from its predecessor, users definitely find this pool cleaner especially functional as compare to it. Nevertheless, it houses a superior construction with easy to install instructions that every pool user will love on having.

The upgrade Pentair LL505G comes with more vacuum power with high capacity debris bag that entirely satisfied all its users. Though the design is a bit odd for a pool cleaner, this is a necessity to incorporate all its invigorating features to all in one.

But nonetheless, like any other device, this pool cleaner requires immediate and regular maintenance to maintain its efficiency. Few users have complaints on some parts like the brush and the scrubbers of the device which easily get defected.

Aside from that, some users find cleaning the filter of the device per utilization totally exhausting. Nonetheless, this is a design leak that the manufacturer should recognize.

On the other hand, replacement parts are also prettily expensive and not readily accessible. Some users find the locking mechanisms and the backup valve inconvenient with times get stuck and malfunctioned

Compare with Pentair LL505G Pool Cleaner vs. Dolphin 99996403-PC Robotic Pool Cleaner

Though both devices are pool cleaners with outstanding reviews, upon its first glance, you’ll eventually notice the differences between these two pool cleaning brands. Dolphin 99996403-PC has definitely more features with its highly programmable software for in-depth pool scanning.

Also, it is built with a highly durable body ensuring that it will last long as necessary. At one point, you’ll realize that the latter will be a total downgrade than this robotic pool cleaner.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool [Vacuum] Cleaner - Ideal for In...

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But nonetheless, both employ same pool cleaning quality. Both incorporate a powerful vacuum performance to cater on large debris and small particulates as necessary. Though both devices employ different mechanisms, looking at it, both have the same cleaning goal.

As to its price, Pentair LL505G Pool Cleaner is about miles way cheaper than the latter. Though both devices work great, it’s a practical guide for every user to buy this brand employing fewer complications at the same time giving you an efficient cleaning performance.

Does Pentair LL505G Pool Cleaner worth the money you spend on it?

Definitely, it’s worth a shot. With all the amazing reviews and the quality it manifests, the device is truly spending for. It’s a plus also that the device is prettily inexpensive as compared to the other pooling brands.

Though it’s not as intuitive as robotic pool cleaners, this device cleans greatly even better to some existing costly robotic cleaners in the market.

How better than any Polaris Pool Cleaner?

According to some Polaris users who have shifted to this device, this pool cleaner is quite more reliable and highly efficient as necessary. It is quite stable with its back pressure relief valve feature that prevents the device getting stuck and assure a wide cleaning coverage.

Aside from that, this device is quite cheaper as compared to few of Polaris models. But nonetheless, this device is still isn’t perfect as it is and perspective differs according to its users.

PENTAIR Kreepy Krauly LL505G Letro Legend Pressure Side Swimming Pool...
  • For darker colored pools
  • Front-wheel drive for maximum traction on inclined surfaces for total pool coverage
  • Four wheel design prevents tipping (common with 3 wheel cleaners) for uninterrupted and unattended performance

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a cheap and efficient way of cleaning your pools, then consider this new Pentair’s flagship. It’s easy to use with additional features that you’ll really love on having. Though there are few weaknesses with this brand, it has definitely still proven intuitive in most cleaning performances.

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