Pentair Rebel Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner Review

Pentair Rebel Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner Review

Summer is a particular season in a year where everyone wants to spend their time more on beaches and pools. The warmth during that the time makes it feel good to flaunt over bodies and cool down against the heat. Beforehand, it is important to clean out our pools whenever we’ll try to dip ourselves on it. A pool that isn’t clean promotes the occurrence of diseases especially that our skin is well-immersed to it.

Nevertheless, it’s a crucial thing that everyone should remember. That is why Pentair Rebel Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner takes your pool cleaning operation to an efficient and secure one. There’s no need of employing services from anyone or doing it by yourselves. Just sit around, and let the machine do its job!

In this Pentair Rebel Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner review, we will evaluate the mentioned pool cleaner and we’ll take our judgment based on its features if it’s something worth to purchase for.

Key Feature of the Pentair Rebel Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner

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Deep Cleaning OperationGoverned with a sure flow turbine technology, this device ensures that various particulate or dirt sizes and types will be removed effectively by utilization of this pool cleaning device. Nevertheless, the device picks up sands, leaves, stains, or anything that your pool has left behind.

Easy to UseThere’s nothing to worry about pressing any buttons or attaching multiple hoses into this pool cleaner. All you have to do is attach the skimmer hoses, set the vacuum line, and click on a single or two buttons within it. You don’t have to spend an hour or more on the installation. It’s an easy thing to do that even first time users could manage on.

Fast Cleaning ActionCleaning using this device won’t take you a day or more. Nevertheless, the device ensures that cleaning is quick and efficient, not more than three hours as needed. It does not clog or get delays during operation as prevented.

FlexibilityUnlike with another type of pools, the device works whatever pool size or type you have. Whether it’s tiled, vinyl, fiberglass, or gunite, the device copes up with whatever pool environment and makes sure that every inch of dirt will be removed as needed. Aside from that, the device works to whatever pumps you have. Whether it is variable or dual pumps, the device works intuitively.

Durable ConstructionWeighing about 20.1 pounds, the device is manufactured from high-quality materials. It’s compact two-wheeled design and the advanced system ensures longevity. It’s blue and gray plastic interface is totally water resistant and is specially developed for pool cleaning.

ManeuverabilityIts system is programmed that there’s no single dirt being left out. It incorporates a dual action roller skirt to prevent hitting any obstacle that could come into the device. It ensures that cleaning is continuous and thorough as needed.

Add-onsAside from the device, it incorporates a 27 or 30-foot hose, a warranty card for three years, and a user manual that contains full instructions on how to use the device. It also comes a skimmer fitting kit, a flow regulator valve, and gauge.

What users saying about Pentair Rebel Suction Pool Cleaner?

Generally, there is a limited documentation with this device. There’s really not much information in relation to user reviews and ratings. But nonetheless, as far as it’s known, the device has excellent ratings on Amazon.

Most of its users love how the device runs with its astounding flexibility, being able to be utilized to multiple types of pool texture and sizes. In fact, it also climbs to walls excellently as you wanted to.

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Nevertheless, a lot its users love the warranty that this device induces. Though, most pool cleaner brands have only one or two year warranty for which is worth a praise to its manufacturer. 

However, some users have difficulty in operating the device, especially with the long hose that it incorporates. It constantly gets twisted. It’s recommended though to add a swivel function to address this problem intuitively.

Aside from that, you’ll really have to clean regularly the gears that the device incorporates. The user manual is also poorly written, so it’s best to rely on your own instincts or watch some available videos if you have difficulty on installation it.

Compare with Zodiac MX6 vs. Pentair Rebel Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner

Both devices have been popular as a pool cleaner and had good reviews with its users. Nevertheless, as to the function itself, there’s no question for both devices. They truly clean the pools, removes various dirt sizes as needed.

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Both also climb walls as needed during operation. The Zodiac mx6 seems to be a bit bulky with four wheels on it. But nonetheless, it weighs lighter than Pentair rebel with only 17 pounds on it.

As to design, both are blue finished. The Zodiac mx6 has shorter hose length with only 8 m than the latter with 10 m. As to its price, Pentair rebel is about twice as expensive as the Zodiac.

Is there any disadvantage of the Pentair Rebel automatic suction pool cleaner?

Basically, the main thing is that most of its users clamor upon is its hose. Though it’s an advantage that it’s really long, it has tendencies to go twisting in some instances.

However, this issue is manageable and really not that a problem for some of its users. Nevertheless, it’s best for the manufacturer to add a swiveling function to prevent this from happening. Another thing also is its weight.

Weighing about 20 pounds, the device is truly heavy for someone to carry. It would be intuitive to use a caddy or anything to facilitate it.

How reasonable is the price of Pentair Rebel Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner according to the specs?

Looking at its price, it seems really just reasonable for the quality you are getting. The Pentair Rebel Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner is very durable and flexible to multiple types of the pool with a long hose that is incorporated into the device.

It has minimal drawbacks yet those are barely manageable for which could be easily addressed. Nevertheless, the essential thing is that the device works efficiently, being able to remove dirt and contaminants from the pool as needed.

Final Verdicts

Overall, the device is worth to have. It has a simple design yet intuitive features and mechanism that is very easy to handle with. It’s very versatile with great maintenance and fits any available types of pumps.

Though you’ll just have to deal with the twisting of long hose a few times, the device still seems to be a good option for you to choose from.

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