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How To Make Your Home Pet Friendly

When planning your home, put your pet into consideration. Have their needs too in mind. Ensure your home is comfortable for both you and your pet. Get to know the protective measures to take and the common household to share. Planning goes a long way in helping you to streamline your daily routine, save time and, keep the pet safe and happy

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Pet Safety Tips

During a home renovation, it is crucial to have the following safety tips.

1. Has Your Pet Checked by a Vet ?

The contractor’s movement is not limited. He or she can move in and out repeatedly. The pet might get anxious for seeing strangers changing their home. Therefore, have the pet sedated to calm down. The pet can also be microchipped in case it gets out too.

2. Aerate The Area

If you have to wear protective gear during renovations, your pet cannot be excluded. The pet needs breathing protection. Have items painted outside where there is enough air circulation. If the painting has to be done inside, ensure open windows and doors widely to keep the area well ventilated.

3. Keep Fur Clean

Get animal cleansing wipes from the stores and use them to clean the pet at the end of the day. This will help to keep the fur from hiding particles that can harm the pet’s skin.

4. Collect All Construction Materials After Work

Pick up all supplies lying down at the end of each construction day. Put them in a safe area where they are not easily accessed. Some materials can harm the pet and others can be spoiled by the pet.

Having a pet around your home is like a family member though not human. You are forced to share some facilities in your home with the pet. Specifically, kitchen, bathroom, and garden area. To make the facilities more friendly hack the following ideas.

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The Kitchen Ideas

  • Have a designated feeding station in the kitchen for pet’s bowls. This keeps the kitchen neat and organized. Additionally, you are prevented from tripping over bowls and food spilling anyhow everywhere.
  • Have special storage drawers to keep pet food bags. They may probably not match your house decor. Consider a deep drawer in the kitchen cabinets near the pet’s bowl area.
  • Some people may not be comfortable to have pets in the kitchen. Have bay gates installed that will keep the pet away from the places they are not allowed. The swinging gate is recommendable. The pet will be kept away while you are doing your chores without distractions.
  • Pets can maneuver kitchen cabinets open to get cleaning products and other toxic products. Latch them shut to avoid emergency accidents.

The Bathroom Ideas

Not all pet owners can afford to have luxurious mudroom. Have the following features installed in your existing bathroom.

  • Replace your bathtub with a walk-in shower to create space for your pet bathing station.  An open concept shower without doors comes in handy as it creates space for a big pet to move in and out easily. Install a showerhead near the ground to make the washing easier especially when it comes to rinsing muddy paws. Have a large drainage system to avoid fur clog.
  • Have a cranny inside your bathroom cabinets to slide in a litter box for the pet. This makes it slightly visible. Another fancy idea is to design cabinets with large drawers and have the litter box in one corner of the cabinets.

The Garden Area Ideas

Having a fence around your home creates a sense of security. Here are several outdoor options that can make your home safe and entertaining at the same time for the pet.

  • It is not easy for an old pet to move up and down the staircase. A ramp to decks can help the pet that can hardly climb stairs. The ramp lowers the risk of joint damage and prevents young pets from unnecessary injuries.
  • Sunshine is essential for every animal. It provides important minerals in the body. Enclose your courtyard with outdoor fencing. Get some additional climbing posts so your pet can get extra exercise.
  • A home with a privacy fence looks great. But consider adding cutouts at your pet’s eye level to at least see your backyard. Use chain links to create a fence window and still contain your pet.

Pets are part of the family. They are more than just animals. Just as human beings need shelter, they too need a home. A friendly, safe and comfortable home for that matter. So pet owners have to put the pet’s needs into considerations. Specifically, when building, renovating or buying a house. These pets are not just possessions or disposables, they need to be taken care of and minded their welfare.

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