How to position a golf club

Position your Club Rightly to Become a Smart Golfer

If you think you will play golf by simply taking a club and hitting the ball into the hole, you will not be called that perfect golfer. Posture matters a lot. Where most players go wrong is positioning the club head. Prior to aiming the hole, you must ensure that the club head rests in front of your chest. Thereafter, you can make use of your big muscles in taking the club back instead of a swift wrist hinge, or otherwise, the club will take an odd position at your back.

Tips to Become a Smart Golfer

When you will see Jimmy Ballard taking a swing, he makes use of his entire left shoulder as well as left late to let the club move back for initiating the takeaway. The arms and chest form a triangle at setup and remains intact to waist high, even if the right arm starts folding.

Now let’s come across an interesting demonstration given by Annika Sorenstam who attended the Swedish gold program where she learned the Ballard method:

Here two images have been kept side by side in order to draw a comparison with one another. What these images are making us understand is:

  • the way the triangle has been formed with the chest and the arms
  • the technique through which the club head is resting right at the center of the triangle
  • the way the right arm rests on the left arm to waist high

Become a Smart Golfer

So where lies the key? As per the front view, it’s the resting of the right arm above the left that sets the club to be kept in front of the chest and not making the club come behind your back. Therefore, the only choices here are:

  • To hit the ball towards the right-hand direction, or
  • To try snapping the wrists by means of impact that would result in vicious hooks
  • In view of the top of the swing, redirect the club back and across the line for a pull hook, which should, however, depend on how well you are able to rotate your wrist and hand.

Therefore, if you are willing to keep the club in the best position and initiate the downswing by pushing off the right foot, you need to:

  • Ensure that the right arm is kept higher than your left arm to waist high
  • Allow your right arm to remain folded into the throwing motion

However, if you keep your left arm on your chest and use your right hand to throw the club along the line, you will be able to see a good, straight and solid ball flight.

To better your performance, what you can now do is face a mirror at home and regularly practice the positions. This would certainly give you the confidence to appear on the courses and play like a professional. Remember, the more you practice, the better it is for you to learn golfing and its techniques. Most importantly, enjoy the game keeping your posture right.

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