My 18 Best Postpartum Essentials for Mom (The Ultimate Checklist)

The third trimester seems to be drawing to a close. Everything for the baby is probably ready by now, isn’t it? If so, that’s great news. But now is the time to ensure that you too have everything you might need after childbirth. However, it’s easier said than done. Gathering postpartum essentials is an overwhelming task. Especially if it’s your first time!

This is where an awesome checklist like this can come in handy. What you see below is a list of all kinds of things that help in making the post-pregnancy time of your life a lot easier. And, most importantly, more comfortable!

Also please note that in this postpartum must haves list, every item is as natural as you would like it to be. So let’s begin, shall we?

Postpartum Essentials for Mom


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I have divided the post into three different categories. These include physical healing, emotional healing, and nursing essentials.

Physical Healing Essentials

The first part is dedicated to promoting peaceful, natural recovery. Of your physical self!

​1. Maxi Pads


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Postpartum bleeding is a part of both normal and C-section deliveries. And more often than not, it goes on for at least six weeks after childbirth. At such times, it’s best to opt for maternity pads. But if you’re an environment-friendly consumer, here are two other options for you.

Always Maxi Overnight Feminine Pads with Wings, Super Absorbency, Unscented, 20 Count - Pack of 2 (40 Total Count)

  • Disposable pads: These are not anything like conventional pads. They are created using plant cellulose and organic cotton. The disposable version might be slightly thinner as compared to its regular counterpart. But it’s equally absorbent.
  • Reusable pads: Now these are made of charcoal layers. They are highly functional and offer tons of comfort. Cloth diapers and reusable pads have a lot in common. Just like the former, you can wash the latter after using it.

Rael 100% Organic Cotton Menstrual Overnight Pads, Thin Natural Sanitary Napkins with Wings (16 Total), Pack of 2

Also, conventional pads tend to cause a certain level of irritation. But this is something you need not worry about with the reusable kind.

​2. Peri Bottle

Medline Perineal Irrigation/Cleansing Bottle

Did you know that hospitals provide peri bottles? It’s because they are one of the most common postpartum essentials. Using the bottle helps in cleaning your sensitive areas. And that, in turn, promotes the recovery process. A peri bottle is particularly useful to offer comfort after a cesarean delivery.

However, here’s something about them that you should know. Standard bottles work just fine. But there are better options out there. And these are well-equipped to control direction and water pressure with maximum ease.

3. ​Sitz Bath

Yunga Tart Seatz Bath

Please allow me to elaborate. Sitz baths are shallow, warm baths that contribute to healing the perineum post-childbirth. They help in relieving soreness and promoting healing.

Opting for a sitz bath means you’re deliberately making an effort to re-connect your mind with the body. And indulging in self-care like this does feel comforting and relaxing.

Sitz baths, the portable kind, are easily available now. In fact, you can even transform a regular bath into a sitz bath.Just make sure that you wash your tub before every application. This keeps infections away, which is crucial during the healing period.

Here’s another thing you can add to the tub; herbs. A sitz bath with herbs is perfect for your postpartum recovery. The benefits, in this case, include fighting infection and inflammation. Along with restoring blood circulation and accelerating healing! And options include chamomile, calendula, and lavender.

4. ​Bottom Spray

Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray for Pregnancy and Postpartum, 4-Fluid Ounce

Not every mom might have the time to indulge in herbal sitz baths, right? With that in mind, here’s an effective postpartum essentials alternative. It’s called bottom spray. You can either opt for a pre-made option or make one on your own. In the case of the latter, use mild essential oils. Such as lavender, citrus, or geranium!

Along the same vein, you might also benefit from witch hazel pads. An after birth care kit should include this particular product. That’s because such postpartum essentials soothe your tender perineal region. Along with shrinking pesky hemorrhoids!

​5. Herbal Tincture

 Motherlove More Milk Plus Alcohol-Free Organic Herbal Breastfeeding Supplement for Lactation Support, 4 oz Liquid Tincture

C-section or vaginal delivery; the chances of experiencing after-pains are quite likely. This pain is a result of mini contractions as your uterus struggles to shrink back down. In fact, even breastfeeding stimulates the contractions.

So at such times, what you can do is use herbal tincture for pain relief. Begin right after childbirth. And continue the application throughout the postpartum period.

6. ​Water Bottle Equipped With a Straw

the flow Stainless Steel Water Bottle Double Walled/Vacuum Insulated - BPA/Toxin Free – Wide Mouth with Straw Lid, Carabiner Lid and Flip Lid, 32 oz.(1 Liter) (Stainless Grey, 32oz)

What are the basic things you need after giving birth? One of them is a stainless steel or glass water bottle designed with a straw. Hydration is very important for healing and milk production.

Your life might become super-busy once the baby is born. So having a bottle like this around you at all times can remind you to remain hydrated.

​7. Constipation Relievers

Constipation and post-childbirth go hand in hand. Even though common, the condition can be scary for new moms. It’s your body’s natural way of responding to such a physically traumatic experience. All the more reason to encourage bowel mobility, right!

But don’t opt for too strong stool softeners. As they tend to cause tons of discomfort and gas. Instead, try the following gentler options.

  • Dried Fruits: Un-sulphured apricots and prunes are the two most effective foods.
  • Magnesium: Incorporate a magnesium-rich diet into your daily life.
  • Hydration: Keeping your body well-hydrated keeps your system from entering the constipation territory.

8. Belly Support

Postpartum Girdle Corset - C-Section Recovery, Incision Healing, Compression Abdominal Binder - Medical-Grade Bellefit Corset, Medium

Regular hormones in your body start developing only after six months postpartum. This implies that hormones such as relaxin don’t leave the body until then. In that case, you might require a belly wrap or binder. The equipment encourages your body to regain its normal shape.

Such wraps support your abdominal muscles while also reducing swelling. They are one of the most popular C section postpartum essentials. That’s because the support goes a long way in maintaining pressure on the incision. As a result of which, you might be able to laugh or sneeze less painfully.

Binding the belly can be incredibly comforting. But it’s highly advisable to talk to your doctor in order to get his/her approval.


9. ​Ice Packs

If what you crave is an instant relief, try using ice packs. They deliver a cooling sensation to reduce inflammation and ease the pain. Hospitals provide disposable packs. But you can prepare your own and store them in the freezer.

There are options like DIY padsicles; part ice pack, part pad. They have the ability to offer soothing and cooling sensations. But make it a point to create them well in advance. Before the baby comes!

A padsicle provides tons of comfort after delivery. So don’t forget to stock your freezer with a few of them.

DIY Padsicles | Postpartum Care

10. High-Waist Granny Panties

Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear & C-Section Recovery Maternity Panties (Large, Assorted, 5 Pack)

High-waist undergarments after delivery are quite a handy option. Even though not fashionable! The best part about granny panties is that they are plenty spacious. That means you can easily fit ice packs or padsicles inside them.

On top of that, the higher waist does not cause even the slightest discomfort or irritation. This is great news for you if you have the C-section incision wound.

Emotional Healing Essentials

Becoming a mother has a lot to do with your mental state of mind and capacity. Childbirth is difficult for both the body and mind. But not a lot of importance is given to emotional healing. As compared to physical healing!

With that in mind, here are some postpartum essentials to take care of that aspect.

11. ​Remedies for Depression/Anxiety


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You might think that having a baby is the happiest and most joyous experience. And that the chances of feeling sad at such times are not against all odds. But this is where you’re wrong. Hormonal fluctuations after childbirth are massive in nature.

Your postpartum moods are not easy to deal with. But you can keep them under control. With the help of methods like meditation and exercise!

30 Minute Post Natal Workout-Burn Fat and Tone Up after Pregnancy


  • Placental encapsulation.
  • ​Incorporating Omega fatty acids into your daily diet.
  • ​Natural sunlight.
  • Homeopathic remedies to combat issues like weepiness and anxiety.

But you should know this. That there’s a sea of difference between postpartum depression and baby blues. The latter is a normal fluctuation in your mood. Something that occurs for only two weeks post-delivery! This is when your hormones are getting back to their normal levels.

PPD, on the other hand, is a condition that persists for a longer time. Past six weeks postpartum! It can even stay for as long as a whole year after childbirth. So the best thing to do in these moments is to seek professional assistance. Whenever you wish!

Anything that gets in the way of completing daily activities deserves attention. So don’t think twice before reaching for help. There’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about here. It’s only normal to feel this way after experiencing pregnancy and giving birth to another human.

12. ​Get Maximum Help

Postpartum care package for a healthy state of mind should include physical help. In the form of a housekeeper, sister, friend, or mother! At such times, your partner’s involvement also goes a long way.

The first few weeks after childbirth are not easy to deal with. So having your other half look after the baby while you sleep or shower can make a world of a difference. Or hiring a housekeeper for tidying up the kitchen or bathroom is also helpful. So you get more time to rest.

The more time you have for yourself and the baby, the more emotionally stable you might feel.

13. ​Dealing with Sleep Deprivation


When your baby sleeps, you sleep. Nobody can ever overstate the importance of this particular method. For coping with sleep deprivation after pregnancy!

During postpartum, your body is going through the healing process. At the same time, there’s the baby that simply loves to get up multiple times at night. So here’s the best way to deal with such a physically and mentally demanding lifestyle.Sleep as much as you can. And more often than not, you’ll be able to rest with maximum ease only when your newborn is doing the same.

Nursing Essentials

Make the journey of nurturing the baby easier.By getting your hands on these postpartum essentials!

14. ​Nursing Clothes

Hotouch Women's 2 In 1 Maternity and Nursing Top Dark Grey L

During pregnancy, it was maternity wear that brought tons of comfort into your life. And for post-pregnancy, it’s nursing clothes that you can rely on for that. Nothing fancy though! The whole point is to make the activity of breastfeeding much smoother.

Clothing options include tank tops, shirts with buttons, and bathrobes.

15. ​Nipple Care

Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads| Pack Of 14+3 Bonus Items| With 3 Size Variants l Reusable & Washable| Soft & Super absorbent | Leak-proof | With Laundry & Organza Bags | Perfect Baby Shower Gift (Large)

Every postpartum must haves list is incomplete without products for nipple care. Such as reusable organic nurse pads and Lanolin. It’s best to stock up on these items as they offer excellent healing properties.

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Salve, 100% Natural Lanolin Nipple Cream and Moisturizer, Pack of 3 Mini Tubes, 0.25 Ounce

16. ​Milk Production Support

As mentioned earlier, hydration is essential for milk production. Aim to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. Or make it a point to drink water every single time you feel thirsty.

You can even opt for nutritious foods like quinoa, millet, barley, and oatmeal. Sesame seeds, almonds, flaxseed, and Brewer’s yeast also contribute to boosting lactation.

In order to produce enough milk, your body demands an additional 500 calories on a daily basis. So please keep that in mind.

17. ​Breastfeeding Station


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Nursing is going to be a big part of your life during the initial weeks following childbirth. So at such times, a useful setup can go a long way in making life more comfortable. This means having easy access to healthy snacks, drinks, and entertainment.

Stash your nightstand with:

  • Portable fan and blankets. The former comes in handy during hot flashes.
  • ​Burp cloth.
  • ​Pillows.
  • ​TV remote, Kindle, books, etc.
  • Water bottles and snacks.

18. Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA - S1 Hospital Grade Double/Single Electric Breast Pump - Rechargeable Battery

Pumping is useful when the newborn is finding it difficult to latch onto your engorged breast. Although you might not require a breast pump immediately! But having it as an option does sound like a good idea.

The End of the Postpartum Essentials Checklist

Please don’t fail to give yourself as much importance as the baby. So make it a point to have all postpartum essentials ready well in advance. Once you get back home after delivery, everything you might need will already be in place.

I’m sure you had no idea that there were so many postpartum essentials out there. To provide assistance during the initial months after childbirth! Buying these products is not absolutely necessary. But they do tend to make the healing process easier. All the items discussed in here make life much more comfortable.

My personal experience stands as proof. Postpartum essentials for mom are not overrated in any way.

So tell me, did I forget to list anything else that you think might be useful? What did your postpartum essentials list include? Please do share your experience with us here. Feel free to comment below.

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