How to prevent pet hair from destroying your vacuum cleaner

Pet owners realize how much a pet entertain and enriches their quality of life. 


Vacuum cleaners also a friend who reduce your work and gifts more living. And obviously, you should love it as well as you do your pet.


However, inevitably furry friends bring some troubles too. Pet hair shedding is one of them, and most probably, you run a vacuum cleaner to face this problem. Pet hair tends to clog into the filter and hoses. Even get tangled around rollers and wheels can leads belts to snap.


So, you should be conscious of your vacuum; otherwise, your investment would be destroyed, which isn’t accepted as well.


Now, the thing is how you can stop pet hair from destroying the vacuum cleaner? We are here to release you from this problem and keep you pleased as a pet parent.

Below there are some easy ways that you can try.


10 Steps of How to prevent pet hair from destroying vacuum cleaner


1. Purchase the right type of vacuum cleaner


The first thing you should specify on which product have to pick up. Usually, most of the usual vacuum cleaners are not featured to suction pet hair effectively.


In the market, there are a hundred types of vacuum cleaners for different purposes. So you need to evaluate each of their properties to determine the best vacuum for pet hair brands and fit these with your needs and preference. 


One thing is, vacuum with HEPA filters is the better option if you or your family suffers from allergies. These vacuums can significantly decrease the number of allergen particles (dust, pollen, hair, debris) in the air. Other stuff like you should confirm that, does the motor strong enough to suck up pet hair, or does the vacuum equipped with the non-tangled brush heads. 

Don’t go with a cheap rated device. Otherwise, you have to replace it every six months. That’s why it’s better not to compromise with the quality.  


2. Check out the motor and suction


The motor of your vacuum cleaner needs to check out regularly. You’ll have to do this even the device specifically featured for pet hair. Because pet hairs are tiny, they can easily be stuck into the motor. 


Sometimes you may notice the suction doesn’t work accurately as well, it happen most probably for pet hair which stuck into the motor. 


That’s why, Whenever you pick up pet hair, it is best if you check the motor after every use. See carefully to identify is there any hair that gets stuck in it. If you find, clean out and ensure the engine still has great suction for future use.


Hence, don’t forget to check the motor for keeping your vacuum cleaner run without facing trouble and getting well suction too.


4. Clean and replace the filter


This step is really essential as the filter has to involve in the vacuuming. The pet hair penetrates the vacuum’s filter and blocks it, so that airborne particles can’t be sucked and void its function. It also makes the filter dirty and causes a stink.


We recommend you clean the filter depending on the use of frequency. Some vacuum comes with a washable filter, and some have not. So, first, ensure which one you have by reading the manual if yours is washable try to clean whenever you see it become dirty. Well, some models may need to clean after every three months. 


On the other hand, the HEPA filter can’t be cleaned; it’s exceptional. When you see it gets dirty and cant filtrate, then purchase a new one which comes with the best guarantee from the manufacturer. 


Whatever model you have, try to replace after every six or nine months.

5. Clean up roller brush

Pet hair will tangle in the roller brush, which makes it harder for the vacuum to operate. Even it will cause overheating of the motor and ruin your vacuum cleaner.


So try to clean the roller after once or two months of operating the vacuum cleaner. Another thing is if your vacuum is not designed for pet hair, it has caught with pet hair faster and blocked in a matter of days. If you want to skip this problem, then you should keep a check on it after 3 to 4-days of use.


Overall, if you are a busy person, the best option is a pet hair vacuum cleaner which doesn’t require too much observation in a few days or a week.


6. Clean up hose and wand


Aside from the roller and brush, you need to clean other parts like the hose, wands too, and enhance the flow of motor suction because pet hair tends to adhere to these areas that added much pressure on the vacuuming, and decrease the suction.


We advised that try to clean the parts every two or three months in case of regular use. But if you have time then check the hose and wand after using; if you see any hair caught in the curve then stretch the parts out to release clogs, or you can detach these parts and use a long tool to eliminate the obstruction. 


7. Bagless is a good option


If the dust bag gets full with the dust particle, then the vacuum cleaner can’t suck properly as there is no capacity to hold more debris. It works best when the dust bag or cup is full or half empty.


So smart idea is keeping clean the bag after use and ensure there is no blockage before using them to clean your home.


By the way, we suggest choosing a bagless vacuum cleaner. Because bagged vacuum cleaning seems painful and time-consuming, also it needs to be changed nearly every week, which is costly too. Whereas, bagless vacuum offers you a quick release function to take out and confirm a hassle-free use.


8. Give your pets a bath


It’s beneficial since the loose hair gets washed away with the water. So that there is less chance to fall hair on the floor or other surfaces, that means you don’t need to use the vacuum cleaner.

The less use for pet hair means saving your vacuum from the difficulties.  


9. Groom your petGroom your pet


Almost every pet-related problem we always mentioned that groom your pet. It’s essential for many other purposes — regular combing of your pet not only for your pet but also for your home.

Combing will reduce the shed hair problem of your pets, and there are less or no more hair are seen on the surface like the sofa, carpet, and floor.
So that you don’t require to use vacuum cleaner frequently; thus make it sustained.


10. Maintain a daily routine 


Regularly clean of these part do not take much time. Or, give a thorough cleaning whenever you found a loss of suction. Don’t wait for a long time to clean that make your vacuum harder and after that may destroy it.

Overall, regular maintenance is essential to keep the vacuum well functioned and ensure a long life. 

End up

Be aware and never let your pet harm your helping friend as you know the importance of the vacuum cleaner. We hope you follow these above ways and will save your vacuum cleaner from the unnecessary breakdown. 

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