PRIMEWELD Premium 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Review

“Plasma Cutting”, what a technology! The technology that made life so much easier for people owning industries related to metal cutting like the automobile and fabrics industries.

When it comes to naming few of the best plasma cutters out there, the prime wild premium 50A air inverter plasma cutter stands out from the rest of the crowd.

No other cutter works as well as this one. It cuts metal like “scissor cuts paper”.

I will review this product today for you, but I am not a reviewer trying to sell this. I am writing this just to help all the people who are wanting to buy a plasma cutter.

Key Features to Look at

Well, when it comes to plasma cutters, they are all the same but again few key features make this cutter a bit different than others such as:

  • It can cut up to half of an inch that makes it very precise.
  • Can be used not only in industries but also at home.
  • Can cut any type of metals.
  • Has a unique ability to work in any power between 110-220 volts.
  • It is very portable.
  • Made of military-grade steel that assures reliability and long term of usage.

A Review of this Beautiful Plasma Cutter

PrimeWeld 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter, Portable Plasma Cutting...


You must have heard about prime weld if you have ever used a plasma cutter. This company is one of the best when it comes to plasma cutters. This is a beautifully designed cutter. I will break the features in details down below that I discussed above briefly.


Plasma cutters are all about accuracy. Cutting any material in the wrong length can end up causing a massive loss for the company since it will no longer be usable. Hence, the entire work will be needed to be redone.

However, this cutter provides the precision of ½ inches with a maximum severance thickness of ¾ inches. While cutting metals, the accuracy of every inch of this type of materials counts.

Cutting Off Every Matter

With this cutter, you can cut every type of materials, not only steel or aluminium but also metal alloys, mild steel, etc. Bring any metal, it will give you precise cuts of your required size and shape. In addition to that, you do not even have to give much effort while using this cutter.

All Sockets Input

While using it at home or for just your regular hobbies that include metal curving, the number one problem you will face that you might not have the required input socket. To save you from this trouble, the prime wild premium can work in any voltage between ranges of 110-220 volts.

Trust me; this feature comes in the handy while you are on the go like this an easy to carry the product. Moreover, you cannot expect everywhere the outlets to have the same voltage.

Designed for Professionals

If you are going to buy this for working on your hobbies, this feature might not be essential for you too. On the other hand, before purchasing any product we have to make sure the purchase is worth the dollars and can work in the industry according to our needs.

Designed for Professionals

Any professional cutter who uses the technology of MOSFET transistors knows it is no more different than this.


I think of long term use whenever I buy something. I earn my bread and butter from this and hence, I cannot afford to buy something that will not give me service for a more extended period of time. This plasma cutter assures your usage for years and years.

  • Portable
  • Work in both 110v and 220v
  • Can cut all types of material
  • The precision of material for years and years
  • Will serve you for a very long time
  • Parts are not that easy to find everywhere

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get Both 220v and 110v Adapter with this Cutter?

You will get a 220 plug, but you can purchase the adapter separately for 120v. You can also wire for 110v.

Can I cut Small Pieces of Jewelry from Silver and Copper?

No, this cutter is not designed to cut small jewelry. It is primarily for cutting large sheets of metal.

Can I Use this for Detailing Design in Tin or Cans?

Yes, why not. Just lower the amperage, you can use the dial to it and also reduce the air pressure. After dropping, you can easily cut thin materials.

Can I Cut the Printed Material?

A clean metal always provides a better cut. For me, I grind off my paint first and then cut according to my required shape. This makes the cutting job much easier. More contaminants will not result in 100 percent perfect cuts.

I am Confused about the Dimensions of this Plasma Cutter.

The dimensions are 15 x 12x 6 inches and weigh around 26 pounds.

What is the Short Red Hose Used for?

The red hose is used as a connector between the middle port air regulator and the air pressure gauge on the front of the machine. The left side port does a different job; it is used for incoming the air from the air compressor. Air for the torch will use the right side port.

Note that Worth

As I always say whether you buy something or not depends on your choice of the result. Are you going to buy the Primeweld premium 50A air inverter plasma cutter? This decision relies heavily on you.

Nevertheless, this is the best in class Plasma cutter from my experience of using it for many days. I can guarantee you that no other plasma cutter can beat this one for the price you are paying. This is worth every penny you are going to be using on this.

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