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The Right Set of Equipment for Newbie Golfers

If you think Golf is an expensive sport, you are not wrong as per your thought process. All these years, you might have come across several articles and blogs with the information that golf is played among the elite class. However, there is a slight twist in the story. Golf can also be played among ordinary people who can even afford to play it on a regular basis. It’s just that you need to choose the right kit at the right time. Well, you might be too enthusiastic towards the sport and might therefore end up spending lump sums for buying all its equipment that is not meant for beginners. But if you talk to experts, they will always advice you to buy those golf kits that will help you learn the game and not master it at the first instance.

Now, let’s come to the point as to what type of golfing kit would you first consider for being a beginner. Whether you are concerned about hitting a golf ball hard or taking a perfect putt, you need to choose the right club first. Once you have found out your first club, go for the ball that will make you enjoy the game to the core. Next comes a golf bag, which you need to carry comfortably round the course. After you pick your ideal bag, go for the right set of clothes that would make you feel good and comfortable to play golf at its best.

So, let’s get into some detailing with each items comprising your ideal golf kit:

Right Set of Equipment


  • There will be a range of clubs to choose from as per their purposes. Some may look for those that would let them tee off at the beginning with a driver while some will look for clubs to dig balls out of bunkers by utilizing the sand wedge. One must know that each club comes with a number and the one that has the lowest number is designed to send the ball at distance.
  • Clubs are angled to varied degrees. For instance, the club with the lowest number has a face that has been angled at a degree which is lesser from the vertical in comparison to a club with the highest number.
  • Clubs with the highest number are ones that will have a greater backspin on the ball.


Many golfers think that all golf balls are the same as they mostly look alike. Actually, golf balls differ with players of different abilities. So, here are two important things for beginners to keep in mind:

  • A 2-piece ball is best to be used by a beginner. These balls are characterized with surlyn cover and a firm rubber center. Although they carry super speed to reach the farthest distance, they also score high on durability. This would keep you away from falling into confusions in regard to choosing the right ball on the course during a game.
  • In case you start losing balls at a good rate, it’s better you buy a second-hand ball. Course owners and even kids who have started businesses reclaim these balls.


Just imagine carrying an uncomfortable bag throughout the course. With such a bag, just imagine the pain you will have while making it to the 18th hole. So, it is crucial that you buy a bag that is high on comfort and can make you move easily from one area of the course to another. So, the bag you choose must have straps well-padded. Besides, you can consider buying a golf trolley that will help you to carry your clubs round the course.


There are various types of golf outfits that can really help you in your performance on the course. So, a few key points to consider in respect to choosing a golf bag:

  • What a pair of gloves can do is improve your grip. However, you can always play without gloves if you wish.
  • There are shoes that are waterproof and come with spikes, which are actually quite helpful for golfers in taking swings.
  • Waterproof clothing and an umbrella can be quite helpful. A towel can also do a good job in wiping your clubs.

So, you can now understand why you do not need everything for starting a career in golf. Just get these stuff and get going.

Happy Golfing!!

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