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Why You Should Consider a Samsung Robot Vacuum

Roomba has defined the niche market of robot vacuums, but is that fair? Sure, they invented the concept and were the first to market, but after all these years, isn’t it time for others to shine? The Samsung robot vacuum is a powerful tool and, in many respects, may offer more value in terms of tech and power.

The future is here, and robots have taken over the world. Well, maybe not the world, but possibly your vacuuming. It is true that world domination may be a few years off, but it turns out that robots have gotten pretty good at maintaining floors, keeping all those pesky crumbs at bay and giving you a little extra free time during the day.

Robot vacuums offer a nice escape for those of us who hate to sweep and vacuum regularly. While a robovac may not provide complete relief from the eventual thorough cleaning, it does offer the possibility of delaying the inevitable for a few more days, and as most of these tiny vacuums function through the use of sensors, cameras and Wi-Fi, homeowners are alerted to any problems or emptying needs, making maintenance a breeze.

If you have heard of robot vacuums, then it is likely that you have heard of a Roomba, and while it is true that any mention of a robot vacuum brings up images of the Roomba, that little mechanical roving circle is not the only game in town. Despite Roomba’s overall recognition, some companies currently have competing vacuums in the market that are comparable, more sophisticated and possibly more reliable.

While Roomba has definitely earned its place among the competition, the originator is not always the best choice. Competition breeds innovation, and as the market expanded, it encouraged competitors like the Samsung robot vacuum, the Powerbot. The Powerbot may be considered a luxury piece of tech, but don’t let the price tag scare you, because Samsung has loaded this tiny bot with all the bells and whistles to ensure that consumers are satisfied. Let’s dive into the Samsung Powerbot a little further to understand its benefits and to help you understand why you should consider this particular robot vacuum.

What Is the Samsung Powerbot?

The Samsung Powerbot is a premium robotic vacuum. While it may not be as widely known as Roomba, the Powerbot is an advanced piece of machinery that is likely less clunky and less impact prone than its competitors. While it is priced at around $300 more than the most advanced Roomba, the Samsung’s tech more than makes up for the difference.

Cyclone Force System

The Powerbot comes equipped with Samsung’s Cyclone Force System which utilizes digital inverter technology to ensure stronger suction. The improved system makes the Powerbot VR9000 Samsung’s most robust robot vacuum to date.

Comprehensive Scanner

Beyond the improved suction, the Powerbot is also furnished with an onboard digital camera and the company’s Visionary Mapping Plus System. This system allows the vacuum to make a digital map of your home, enabling it to create the most efficient and effective cleaning path. Additionally, the vacuum comes with the Fullview Sensor which helps it locate and avoid obstacles.

Point Cleaning

The Point Cleaning technology allows users to point the included controller at any location to divert the vacuum to that area for immediate cleaning. This is an upgrade from many vacuums in the marketplace because most require users to stop and move the vacuum manually. Samsung has created a way to minimize any potential user strain.

Wider Brush

While all the included tech is enough to make most gadget lovers swoon, Samsung has not skimped on the practical elements of the vacuum. The Powerbot has a brush that is a little more than a foot in width, meaning that it can clean a broader area in one pass.

Easy Pass

Additionally, while many robotic vacuums struggle over carpets and rugs, often getting stuck during the transition, Samsung has equipped the Powerbot with Easy Pass wheels. These enlarged wheels help the Powerbot conquer common obstacles like floor transitions, but the increased size also allows the bot to crawl over wires and cords, meaning that you can be confident that your vacuum will continue to work hard even if you aren’t home.

Variety of Cleaning Modes

While all of the above sounds amazing, the Powerbot also boasts of seven cleaning modes. That’s right; you get to choose how your vacuum cleans, whether that be the automatic cleaning function for your convenience or the spot or manual modes for your control. Furthermore, the vacuum allows you to control when it operates with two scheduling modes.

Auto Charge

Lastly, Samsung’s Powerbot can auto charge, meaning that you never need to worry about plugging it in or locating it when it has died. The vacuum will return to its dock when it needs to charge and continue vacuuming when it is ready. The Powerbot is really a set-it-and-forget-it kind of vacuum.

Why Do You Need a Powerbot?

POWERbot Robot Vac x70 (SR20K9350WK)

The idea of necessity is finite. You need water. You need shelter. Do you need a robot vacuum? No, a robot vacuum is a luxury, and it should be viewed as such; however, the uses and conveniences should not be overlooked. Yes, a regular vacuum can do what a robot vacuum does and probably better, but if you are like most of the human race, daily chores are a nuisance. A small gadget like a robotic vacuum can postpone regular vacuuming. It can free up a little bit of time in your busy schedule. A robot vacuum is not a necessity in the literal definition of the word, but it can be a significant convenience that provides you with a little bit of free time, which if we’re being honest, most anyone needs.

If you decide that a robot vacuum is the right choice for you, then the Samsung Powerbot should be on your list of contenders. True, it is one of the most expensive robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, but that price comes with specific upgrades that other vacuums don’t have. If you are going to pursue a robot vac for the sake of creating some free time, then don’t you owe it to yourself to pick a vacuum that provides the most significant opportunity for that expectation? Why choose something that will get stuck on a hallway rug or a room threshold? Why pick something that requires your constant attention? The Powerbot is likely the most advanced robot vacuum on the market, and that means that it can provide you with the best chance for increased free time.

Best Uses for a Powerbot

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While the Samsung Powerbot has many potential benefits for the right buyer, like other robotic vacuums, there are things that it excels at and things that it struggles with. As with most robotic vacuums the Powerbot can struggle with shag rugs or stringy items, like shoelaces, which get caught in the brush head. There are times when a clog can lead to the vacuum not functioning as it should or stopping altogether if it sucks in the edge of a shaggy carpet. Beyond getting stuck, it is also necessary to understand that while these machines run automatically, they do require emptying and can fill rather quickly, depending on the mess.

However, despite the minor struggles, the Powerbot excels at routine cleaning and the prevention of significant buildups. With its increased suction power and D-shape design, the vacuum is able to edge clean like some of the best upright vacuums. Also, if you have a pet, the Samsung helps to ensure that your home does not end up resembling an old western with furball tumbleweeds. With its scheduling modes, the Samsung Powerbot can help you maintain clean floors almost mindlessly. The Samsung is meant to be a fix-it-and-forget-it tool: Just plug it in, set it up and let it help you maintain beautiful floors.

Is a Samsung Powerbot Right for You?

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Whether or not the Samsung Powerbot is right for you is a personal question that only you can answer. However, there are several things that you should consider before making your decision, and the price is likely going to be the most significant consideration. While the price point is definitely not what most would consider loose change, the amount is fair when you consider all of the technology that is included in such a small and capable machine. From its Cyclone Force Technology to its Visionary Mapping system, this robot vacuum stands out among its competitors, even the original Roomba. The price, while somewhat intimidating, is fair considering. What do you think? After all, that’s what matters most in this process. Do you think that the value of the Powerbot fits the price point? Do you think that all of the included tech is necessary? Will you benefit from Samsung’s ingenuity?

The Powerbot is a beautiful piece of machinery. The included tech makes this vacuum one of the most capable in this niche market. Sure, it isn’t going to replace your upright vacuum, but it is going to make it so that you have to use the upright less. The point of a robot vacuum is not to eliminate the need for other vacuums. The point is to provide the opportunity for some valuable free time. The Samsung Powerbot may just be your best chance at creating that opportunity, so do yourself a favor and at least consider it.

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