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Santosa Golf Club: Everything You Need to Know About

One of the best golf courses in Asia, with 18 holes, two different grounds- Serapoing and Tanjong courses, and a breathtaking natural enrichment- that’s how we define the Santosa Golf Club.

Let’s have an exciting tour throughout the greenery of Santosa Golf Club of Singapore-

Santosa Golf Club- An Overview

  • Name: Sentosa Golf Club
  • Address:27 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa, Singapore 099892.
  • Number of Courses: Two (Serapong and Tanjong Courses).
  • Founded in: 1974
  • Present Chief: ANDREW JOHNSTON (General Manager / Director of Agronomy).

Golf Courses: The Serapong and The New Tanjong

The entire setup of Santosa Golf Club is formed of two golf courses- The Serapong and The New Tanjong. Let’s give each of them a little tour-

The Serapong Golf Course

This is the royal battlefield where the prestigious Singapore Open takes place. Since the year of 2005, this global event had been taken place in Serajong. IN 1982, world famous golf course designer Ronald Fream created this beautiful piece of greenery.

Later on, 2012, the entire course was revamped for a money of S$12 with a goal of redesign and green technology. This redesign was directed and managed by two of the Singapore’s most popular architect firms- SubAir and PermOPore Green Maintenance Technology. 

 The Serapong Golf Course has a breathtaking beauty, and greenery with a rich presence of its trademark mounts and contours. Also, some mammoth lakes have added to its glory.

For players, Serapong is quite challenging, especially after the redesign of 2012. Now it’s a course with bunker complexities and boosted configuration. 

The New Tanjong Golf Course

Another of Sentosa Golf’s Golf courses is The New Tanjong Golf Course. The architects had done a unique job to set it up on the Singapore Straits with a beautiful view of Singapore Metropolitan. The number of bankers that the Tanjong has got in itself is rarely seen throughout Asia.

One of the most renowned architects- Alister Mackenzie designed and built this entire course. Because of the nemourids bankers that this has got, reach quite challenge to the players. 

Apart from the gameplay, there are two standout areas named as The Clubhouse and the Pyramid Halfway House. I'm sure once you get to play a few rounds in this course, you will recall them in memory long after the play.

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