Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean Review

Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean Review – What make this model better?

As a company, Shark has proved its dominance in the industry of vacuum cleaners. They offer cleaners of varying shapes and sizes, designed for different types and sizes of homes. While the recent models introduced by the brand concentrated on lift-aways, there is no doubt that it’s now time for them to introduce a complete upright in their DuoClean line-up, complete with features that are equipped with different capabilities. This is where Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum comes in. This model comes with all of the expected features that you can find in a traditional upright model, and more.

Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean Review - Key Feature of the Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean

What else can you expect from the APEX AX951 vacuum cleaner? How does it compare with the other models of this brand, such as the Shark HV382? What have actual users said about the capabilities of the APEX AX651? Read through this review and learn more about this product, knowing whether it is ideal for you.

Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean Review at a glance

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Key Feature of the Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean

Powerful Input Power
This vacuum cleaner model is powered with a 1350 watt motor. As this is particularly designed to target the US market, it is a 60 Hz, 120 volt unit which consumes 11.3 amps electricity. As a corded model, you do not have to worry about the need to charge batteries, or replace batteries like other battery-powered models of vacuum cleaners.

What you can do, however, is to make sure that there is no scheduled power outage in your area in order to ensure that your cleaning activity will not be affected.

More Dirt Storage Capacity
One of the reasons why a lot of people prefer to use corded vacuums over models that are cordless is because of their capacity to hold more dirt. With better dust capacity, you can clean your entire house without the need to stop and empty the dust bin.

The DuoClean APEX AX951 model is a bag-less model, eliminating the cost associated with purchasing disposable bags. It comes with a transparent dust collector which snugly fits into main body of the cleaner, with a capacity of up to 1.5 dry quarts, or 1652 ml of debris and dirt.

Highly Efficient Filters
As an upright model, the APEX AX951 DuoClean stands out from other brands under this category. It uses three types of filters, all of them reusable and washable it is also fitted with felt and foam filters, providing protection to the pre-motor ail filtration. It is also equipped with a HEPA filter, filtering the air that flows out.

Other models under the Shark brand uses an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, but the APEX AX951 uses an advanced version of this technology, called the Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal. It is designed to make sure that the combination of air and dirt that flows inside the cleaner cannot escape back to the surroundings.

Equipped with Pet Multi-Tool Feature
This feature combines together the capacity of two cleaning tools, including a hard-bristled brush which removes stubborn hair coming from surfaces. The moment you remove the hard brush, you can have access to an upholstery tool which can suck the pet hair in. This special attachment is included in its standard kit, and is also available with other models under the brand.

Easy-to-Access Fingertip Controls
In order to ensure that there is no need for you to bend your back or even use your arm to turn the switch to the various modes on floor types, APEX AX951 comes with the smart Fingertip Controls. It allows you to change the modes seamlessly from carpet to hard floor by just using your thumb. At the same time, all of the other buttons are strategically and logically located in an area that is easy to reach.


  • Equipped with dual brush rolls
  • Upgraded anti-allergen complete seal
  • Glides smoothly on different floor surface types
  • Comes with LED light features
  • Equipped with an extra accessory bag


  • On the heavier side
  • Some users may not like it being a corded model

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What users saying about Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean

“I have observed that this model is a nice change compared with other products under Shark that I have owned through the years. It seems that Shark apex AX951 is built much sturdier and much better compared to others. I like the way it comes with a futuristic appeal with a unique color uncommon with other models.

What users saying about Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean

The Shark apex AX951 features are also well thought of, even appearing like a transformer in which the wand, handle, brush head, or canister can all be pulled off depending on the required task. The manufacturer has really put their minds into the actual purpose of use of this model, reaching beneath appliances and beds, cleaning through blinds, dusting area rugs, and many more.

One thing I noticed about Shark AX951 though is that it may suck smaller area rugs up, bunching them up in the rollers. Therefore, you might want to be careful with this aspect in using this cleaner. Overall, my family loves it!”

Shark HV382 vs. Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean – Which is the best?

Despite being under the same brand, there are some noticeable differences with the HV382 and APEX AX951 vacuum cleaner models. One of the most noticeable differences between the two is the weight. HV382 can convert into a 4.6lbs hand vacuum, making it more versatile when it comes to above-floor cleaning, while the AX951 is the heavier model. If you are into portability, the Shark HV382 model might be a good choice.

Shark HV382 vs. Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean - Which is the best?

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However, in terms of filtering capacity, AX951 has the obvious edge, being equipped with the Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. If this is what you are after in a vacuum cleaner, no doubt that the AX951 is the best option to consider.

Why it’s better enough for carpet and hardwood floor cleaning?

One reason why this model is better for both carpet and hardwood floor cleaning is because it is equipped with fingertip controls that make switching to these tasks a whole lot easier. In fact, you can change the floor models from carpet to hardwood, and vice versa, by simply using your thumb.

Why it's better enough for carpet and hardwood floor cleaning?

Also, with its DuoClean Technology, this cleaner comes with two brushes. One is a soft brush perfect for hardwood floors, and the other is a bristled brush which has been designed to eliminate stubborn hair and dust from carpeted floors.

Is it good enough to remove pet hair?

No doubt that this model is also designed to remove pet hair. This is due to the use of the Pet Multi-Tool which combines two cleaning tools. The moment you remove the hard brush, you can use the upholstery tool which can suck pet hair accordingly.

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Final Verdicts

All in all, there is no doubt that the APEX AX951 vacuum cleaner model is a dependable choice. With its use of brand proven technologies, such as the Powered Lift-Away and DuoClean in its wings, you have a very powerful upright cleaner model at hand. While there may be some cheaper models compared to this cleaner, what this model promises is an ultimate home cleaning experience.

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