Shark Rocket Hv382 Review

Shark Rocket Hv382 Review – Truly how better at performance?

Are you having a hard time reaching dust and dirt in your carpet? That won’t be a problem when you use a Shark rocket hv382! Thanks to its bristle brush and hair removal tool, rest assured that you could comfortably breathe fresh and clean air. Shark has been one of the most reputable vacuum cleaner brands in the industry and there is always a reason for that. This extra-light vacuum cleaner features an integrated dual brushroll system (which includes bristle brush and soft brushroll), which makes it easier for you to clean the carpet and hard floor.

Moreover, Shark Hv382 is specially designed to eliminate pet hair, dirt and dust from stairs, pillows and car interiors. If you’d like to know the advantage and disadvantage of this device, keep on reading this Shark Rocket Hv382 Review. This will greatly help make an informed decision on buying this vacuum cleaner.


  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Can perform deep cleaning
  • Has a 30-foot power cord
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Features a swivel steering
  • Can easily and automatically adapt in cleaning carpets and hardwood  floors
  • Pack with six variety of vacuum head accessories to allow customization for cleaning
  • Has a five-year warranty


While this is really an exceptional vacuum, you should know and understand that there are several things, which still need to improve. First, it’s too loud for its category. Although its noise level is not that annoying for those who are used to it, however, if you need quitter vacuum, better find another product. Secondly, the product has stick design that is alike to Dyson V6.

The thing here is, it can’t stand alone. Perhaps, the brand just focused on enhancing the lightweight feature without realizing they compromising the convenience of the user.

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Key Features Of The Shark Rocket Hv382

Know why Shark Rocket Hv382 deserves a try through these key features:

Easy to understand manual
Undeniably, it’s one of the most crucial factors you need to look when buying a vacuum. You don’t  need to read 10 pages of the manual just to assemble and use it. The product comes along with a four-step detailed instruction.

Improved swivel steering
Just like the suitcases which you can push around the airport while they swivel so they pass easily over bumps, this amazing vacuum can also do that with the help of its improved swivel steering. Not only that, the patented No Loss of Suction feature lets the nozzle remain flat on the ground while picking up particles.

Amazing two specialized brush
If you are looking for a versatile vacuum cleaner, nothing’s better than shark rocket duoclean hv382 because of its two specialized brush which shifts from carpet to hardwood, depending on the surface. That simply denotes that you don’t need to switch anything when moving from one room to another.

Dual Brushroll System
Are you getting tired of the dirt and dust across your newly-swept floor or on your pet’s hair embedded across the couch upholstery? Freak not because no stain, dirt, and dust can stand against this vacuum. With a patent for DuoClean technology, it can definitely suck all particles and debris in your house.

Noise-free operation
For those who hate noise too much, this can be the perfect purchase for you. It will let you vacuum late night without getting worried about your neighbors’ reaction.

Different storage options
If you’re done with your cleaning job, you may keep the vacuum upright. Simply wrap its power cord around the hook and put into the utility closet. It’s easy as 1-2-3!

At a Glance Shark Rocket HV382 Review

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What are users saying about Shark Hv382?

Most users love this product since it works well as advertised. It doesn’t gasp, clog or even break every time it encounters’s their pet’s hair. More than that, it amazingly performs on oriental rugs and hardwood floor.

This pet hair vacuum was found out to be efficient in maintaining the grooming of pets. Its efficiency in providing a clean and finished look on carpets, floor, upholstery and much more has amazed several buyers. With the attachments and the design of the vacuum, it undoubtedly has enough suction to pile up all kinds of dirt in any part of the house. It has great use in cleaning tight edges and corners in which a bigger vacuum is not capable of.

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Compare with shark rotator Nv752 vs. Shark rocket Hv382 – Which is the best?

Meanwhile, Shark rotator NV752 is another excellent product, which features power and mini-motorized brush adjustments, which can be compared to a full-size vacuum. Similar to Shark Rocket HV382, this machine can reach the difficult-to-clean areas. It has 30 feet cord as well which eliminates the need to look for a new outlet every two to three rooms. Moreover, it employs seal technology which ensures debris is fully sealed.

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On the other hand, shark rocket duoclean hv382 utilizes DuoCleantechnology which boasts bristle brush and extra soft brushrolls, which significantly help in deep cleaning. Not only that, it’s an ultra-lightweight vacuum which makes it easier for mommies out there to navigate.

So, which one should you pick? It’s all up to you. As long as it suits your needs, preference and budget, then go for it.

Why Shark Hv382 Perfect For Hardwood As Well As Carpet Cleaning?

There are handful of reasons why Shark HV382 is the perfect option for hardwood and carpet cleaning. Aside from it is an ultra-lightweight, it has a two-speed power switch located on the handle where you may opt to be a bit gentler on delicate rugs and bare floors or harder on deep carpets. Its filters are easy to access too. This long and narrow tool can get deeply under furniture and appliances, pulling up more dust and dirt.

Furthermore, its swivel steering enables you to alter nozzle’s direction right away. It can also lay completely flat, making for moms or for anyone cleaning your house get under low furniture.

Why you choose Shark rocket hv382?

Despite of the fact that this vacuum don’t have any height control, its nozzle didn’t do anything that could push bigger dirt and dust forward. Instead, it remove every particles down the road unlike other vacuums in the market right now.

With its power head brushroll accessories, it will create a favorable result on your part. This pet hair vacuum excels a lot on upholstery as well as in stairs because of its attachments that swivels of about 25 degrees while maintaining a 100% surface contact once you have it back and forth on different areas in the house. Since it is handheld, it becomes easier for the user to maneuver it.

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Final Verdict

Overall, Shark rocket hv382 upright vacuum performs great in making our job lighter and easier. With its high performing features, you won’t have to look for more. Do your own legwork to know if this is worth purchasing or not.

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