Shark Vertex Vacuum

Shark Vertex Vacuum: Everything You Need to Know

Shark Vertex Vacuum

One of the most tedious chores around the house derives from the dreaded vacuuming, and if your suction lacks conviction, then it’s time to invest in a Shark Vertex vacuum. When your machines push around more dirt than they pick up, we’ve all been there, and it’s irritating when you have carpets and hard floors to contend with. However, buying a new vacuum cleaner represents a considerable expenditure, especially if you want quality.

The old saying of we get what we pay for rings true when it comes to electronics. I’ve been guilty of buying cheaper knock-offs only to see it fail after a few uses, and when you use something as often as you do a vacuum, purchasing a more inexpensive alternative may cost you more in the long run. Furthermore, when we shift into cleaning mode, we want it over and done quickly, and using a Shark Vertex vacuum gets the job done effortlessly.

Shark Vertex Vacuum

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The Shark Vertex vacuum consists of a high-performing upright vacuum cleaner still relatively new on the market. It’s a unique addition to the Shark range with a pioneering duo action for a deep-down clean.

The upright vacuum cleaner uses DuoClean power fins, including a powered lift away mechanism and a brush roll for pet hair pickup. Plus, the Shark Vertex vacuum is the most powerful model produced by the innovative company.

Two distinct models comprise the Vertex range, with a powerful corded model and a handy cordless version. Both types of vacuum employ the DuoClean system and prove ideal for shifting between carpet and hard floors without the need to change heads.

Who is Shark?

Shark took on an ambitious mantra to produce innovative, 5-star customer-rated cleaning solutions for the home. Over the last several years, the Shark brand witnessed its revenues double in the USA to become the U.S. vacuum cleaner battle leader, surpassing Dyson.

As part of JS Global, the brand remains the world’s 3rd largest small household appliances-focused company dedicated to innovation and quality. Using sophisticated developments such as Flexology to reach under furniture, Lift-Away to transform your upright into a portable device, anti-hair wrap technology combined with their signature DuoClean system, Shark continues to push the boundaries of home cleaning.

Examining the Shark

The Shark Vertex vacuum may be the most powerful vacuum cleaner to date from the ambitious brand. The lift away, self-cleaning brush roll and HEPA filter, and incredible suction power make the Shark Vertex vacuum a Great White of a cleaner because it devours everything.

Do I need a Shark Vertex Vacuum?

Need and want tend to mean different things, but if you want an effortless cleaning experience, this beast of a machine may make your day.

Shark developed the machine to tackle any situation at home, from soft plush carpets to wooden flooring and tiled surfaces. However, the machine feels a little on the heavy side and may be an issue for anyone infirm or suffering from arthritis conditions.

If you have many stairs, the Shark Vertex vacuum converts into a hand-held device for easy cleaning. Not only that, anyone with pets may benefit from the excellent pet hair removal brushes and rollers, making short work of shedding animals on carpets and furniture.

Perhaps you suffer from allergies, such as dust and pollen. Shark attends to the issue with its anti-allergen seal technology and HEPA filtration system. While many vacuums kick out as much dust as they consume, the Shark Vertex vacuum ensures a clean, filtered atmosphere. Whatever pollutants it sucks in, it keeps in.

Deep Down Examination

The corded Shark Vertex vacuum cleaner represents a sophisticated cleaner that uses high-end technology to create a vacuum that offers a consistent, thorough clean. However, what about those all-important specifications?


The corded Shark Vertex Vacuum comes in at a weighty 16.38 pounds, which may put off some users. However, most corded upright vacuum cleaners feel heavy, and when you consider the power they offer, it’s understandable. Consequently, the Vertex provides a maximum power of 1344 watts.


A powerful vacuum cleaner requires a proper dust bin, and the Shark offers a healthy 1-quart capacity. And the machine gives you a 12-inch cleaning path width that may easily carve its way through your home.

Length matters

Machines with short electrical cord lengths irritate me because you have to attach them to a plug extension. However, the Vertex arrives with a generous 30-foot electrical cord which should see you manage most average-sized rooms. The 5.5-foot hose length enables you to easily reach all those problematic corners in the ceiling so you may never suffer from cobweb decorations again!

Size matters

The Shark Vertex offers satisfying length, but what about its size? The vacuum measures 12 inches by 15.09 inches by 46.25 inches, so you receive a lot of machine for your bucks. The sheer power of the vacuum and the dust capacity necessitates the dimensions, but at least you’ll get a workout as you vacuum!

The fine detail

The vacuum arrives with a five-year limited warranty and comes fitted with washable HEPA, foam, and felt filters. Plus, the set includes a pet crevice tool, a dusting brush, and a self-cleaning power brush.

Innovation at Your Fingertips

The Shark Vertex vacuum represents a considerable investment, but the machine contains some nifty features, making the vacuum worth every cent. It’s all about flexibility, versatility, and performance, and the Shark Vertex vacuum offers all three in abundance.

Powered lift-away

The powered lift-away system represents the heart and soul of the Shark’s motor. It effortlessly detaches from the upright position to offer you a hand-held pod option. The separate unit also works with the additional motorized accessories to provide you with a host of versatile cleaning options. When separated from the central unit, the lift-away pod weighs around 10 pounds.

The DuoClean PowerFins

The new range of Vertex vacuums features innovative technology to maximize floor contact and provide continuous cleaning suction. The PowerFins roller and a soft roller pull debris and dust from carpets and fully interact with the floor for effective cleaning with every pass.

The soft roller snatches away finer particles and debris while the silicone PowerFins dig into your carpets to lift dirt and manicure the pile. Consequently, the Shark Vertex vacuum proves particularly effective at removing pet hair. The neat anti-hair wrap feature and self-cleaning brush roll also ensure continuous operation without clogging.

A bit of a mouthful

The Vertex uses hypervelocity accelerated suction. While it may sound like something from Star Trek, it’s a feature that delivers a direct airflow path for improved deep cleaning performance. The feature makes the Shark Vertex vacuum one of their most powerful cleaning systems.


The superb HEPA filter and anti-allergen seal traps 99.9 percent of all dust and allergens. The machine traps the particles inside the device rather than blowing them back out from the rear. However, due to the bagless design, you must take care when emptying the container to avoid releasing the dust into the air.

Unidentified vacuuming object

A neat set of LED floor lights illuminate your path as you work. It may feel like an excessive addition, but the lights come particularly useful when cleaning beneath the furniture.

It’s all about the suction

If you want power, the Shark Vertex vacuum offers intense sucking power. It handles all manner of debris effortlessly without pushing or blowing it away from the vacuum. The action of vacuuming your carpets and rugs results in a deep-down clean with a manicured look that rejuvenates tired surfaces.

The vacuum performs perfectly on hard surfaces to deal with all manner of dry spillages, dust, and debris. The three cleaning modes include hard floor, low pile, and thick carpet to effectively clean a variety of surfaces.

Is it versatile?

The size and weight of the machine mean it proves stable when not in use. Its ability to effortlessly move between hard and soft floors makes cleaning a breeze. And the superb maneuverability of the vacuum means you may get into and under all those awkward areas with little effort. Additionally, the lift-away pod means you may tackle the stairs without humping around a heavy machine.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Everything has its good and bad points, regardless of the price. We have trudged through many customer reviews to find out how real users felt about the machine. It’s always worth reading the reviews because consumers have experience using the machine, and their experiences may prove invaluable when deciding to purchase.

Power on

Customers loved how the machine moved quickly between hard and soft floors, with many claiming that the vacuum provided the best cleaning they’ve experienced. Most users found the dust bin easy to empty and appreciate the washable filters.

Pet owners report how efficiently the Shark Vertex vacuum removed pet hair and loved their carpets’ look after using the machine.

Power off

Some users complained about the weight of the vacuum and found it unwieldy. In addition, a few users claim they had difficulty emptying the dustpan and that changing the vacuum modes proved difficult.

Some users complained that the machine sounded too noisy, while a couple of users reported issues with intermittent power problems.

What About the Cordless Option?

The Shark Vertex vacuum also comes in a cordless option. The cordless version offers the same features as the corded model, including the DuoClean PowerFins technology, but exhibits some essential differences.

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Different strokes

It’s the same, but different, right? Yes, and no. The cordless option provides up to 60 minutes of continuous cleaning, which proves excellent for most average-sized homes.

Compact and bijou

The cordless model proves just as flexible and maneuverable as the corded option but uses an innovative flex over the design to easily fold away for storage.

Fine detail

The cordless Shark Vertex vacuum weighs around 13.52 pounds which may benefit those users with certain medical conditions. It measures 32 inches by 11.2 inches by 7.7 inches, making it a more compact option when compared to its big brother.


The unit uses the same HEPA filters and anti-allergen seal traps to cleanse your room effectively. Plus, the suction power remains the same, and the unit uses an easy to empty, removable dust cup.

Like its big brother, the cordless option features an LED user interface to change between cleaning modes easily.

The advantages of the cordless option

If you suffer from arthritis, you may find the cordless option more manageable to use due to its lighter construction. The lack of a power cord may make the machine easier to maneuver. However, the limited run time may make purchasing this model an issue, especially if you have a larger home.

The good

Most users found the cordless option superb with excellent cleaning capabilities. The machine’s foldaway nature is very popular with most users, while the lightweight design makes it suitable for older customers.

The bad

Some customers complained about the build-up of static caused by the rollers, while some users felt the battery life proved insufficient. A couple of users found the unit too heavy and claimed the suction proved poor.

The Shark Vertex Vacuum Explored

Shark Vertex Vacuum

Buying a new vacuum cleaner may feel a bit daunting. It represents a considerable investment, and we need to ensure we spend our money wisely when something costs as much as this. However, the Shark Vertex vacuum deserves high praise.

Most customer reviews we examined praised the cleaning capabilities of these two machines. The HEPA filters and anti-allergen seal traps set the vacuum apart from many units in its class, and the PowerLift and DualClean technologies make it a practical machine.

The vacuum demonstrates incredible cleaning power across hard and soft floors. The bagless system ensures continuous suction power while the rollers manicure our carpets and polish our hard floors. Technology and innovative design combine to produce an excellent vacuum cleaner that does what it says on the tin, and in some cases, exceeds expectations.

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