Golf Club Fitting tips

Smart Tips on Custom Golf Club Fittings

You have always wanted to become a golfer but declared unfit to hold a club by a professional. So what should be your next reaction? Of course, you will not lose hope but rather stay confident of staying professionally fit for holding golf clubs on courses. Well, we have taken a big initiative for all those who haven’t earlier come across our reviews on golf fitting and performance centers. We visited seven centers where we shared our observations and advice in regard to golfing sessions.

Tips to Custom Golf Club Fitting

Custom Golf Club Fitting

Take a look and they are surely going to be of great help:

  • No need to start from the scratch – As a player, you don’t need to start from the scratch. If you can make your swing repeatable, you are sure to benefit from a fitting. Fitters can, however, fit for the right direction towards which your game will be heading.
  • Take scrutiny positively – Remember, the more you are scrutinized, the better it is for your career. So if you have been hesitant taking shots with a club, keep taking them. Rather, take a good number off the hosel as you wish. With this, you are sure going to gain confidence and wipe away all your fears.
  • Don’t take fittings as lessons – Fittings are not meant to be lessons. Rather, you will find the majority of fitters do not tend to give you advice on the provision of swing types. However, there are some who will come up with suggestions in regard to making appropriate changes.
  • Fittings don’t cost much – Believe it or not, fittings will never burn a hole in your pocket. There must be local stores where you will get wedges, irons, putters etc at reasonable prices. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, you can always look for discounted offers that would certainly help you save big bucks.
  • Get your own clubs along – You must know the level of your performance by using different types of clubs. So you can always get your existing set of clubs to analyze how well you are able to perform. Few of the fitters will be in coordination with your prevalent set of clubs to optimal angles and this will take no extra cost.
  • Get an Astroturf mat – Practice makes perfect and this can be a superb accessory that can help you become a good golfer. With this, you can be good at your hits to estimated distances. In other words, you are going to have a fair idea of how hard you need to go for a hit as per your target.
  • Inform your fitter about your club – Being a golfer, you should be knowledgeable enough to know which club has what features that would help you improve your performance with time. Just let your fitter know about the necessary features in a club as to whether the top game improvement iron should be thinner or anything you feel essential for showing a good game on the course.
  • Enjoy the game – Make sure that the fitting professional you are about to consult is friendly and professional at the same time. He will be able to guide you in the right manner with the latest equipment and let you enjoy the game to the fullest.

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