Stained Concrete Flooring

Stained Concrete Flooring Pros and Cons

Stained concrete floor is fast becoming common options among homeowners because you can do all the work by yourself. The reason for its popularity among homeowners picking stained concrete flooring is a result of how adaptable and adjustable it is. There’s an apparent variety of stains and acids accessible so you can make floors that match your vision superbly. You can likewise utilize acids to make a structure interesting to your home or office, which can enable you to customize your floors such that it is impractical with carpet or hardwood.  Apart from acids, you can also use a water-based stain

Stained concrete flooring is finished using a unique chemical shade that responds with the minerals in the concrete. This permanently changes the shade of the concrete since the chemical responds differently as per the age of the concrete and the common varieties in mineral stores on the outside of the floor. Patchiness and mottling will happen that make a changed and a unique impact. The concrete at that point will be sanded till smooth and cleaned to a high sparkle. After this is done, the floor is for all intents and purposes that needs any maintenance. Prior to making the decision to use stained concrete, in any case, it’s a smart thought to take a basic eye to your space and instruct yourself on the advantages and disadvantages related to them.

The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring

Stained Concrete Flooring Pros and Cons


  • Accessible in a wide range of hues

Stained concrete has a great and unique appearance brought about by the various coloring and finishing systems. There’s no foreordained shading palette to limit layouts.


concrete flooring types

There are fewer flooring materials with a life span of concrete. Tile, wood and carpet floors, in the long run, need a substitution, which uses up assets and makes their disposal an issue. Instead of including a layer of paint over the concrete that can wear down, stained concrete keeps going and can be fixed to hold that equivalent look for quite a long time. This makes them perfect for high traffic places in the house since they won’t effortlessly give indications of wear

  • Ability to customize and handcraft

Stained concrete flooring can be made to homeowners’ preference and there are many options to beautify and customize the concrete floors. There aren’t any limitations to customizing your concrete floors.

  • Moisture and stains resistant when sealed properly

Fixed stained concrete is easy to clean. Simply wipe or mop, and the spill is no more. The absorptive nature of unsealed concrete, in any case, will automatically absorb all the stains. Ensure that you utilize a seal and stain on your stained concrete floors to avoid amassing irreversible stains to your floors.

  • Fewer allergens in the house

Cleaning of stained concrete floors is easy hence no accumulation of dirt on the floor like carpets hence fewer allergens in the home.

  • Needs less maintenance

Maintaining stained concrete flooring is easy. For better upkeep one should fix or wax it each 3 to 9 months considering the degree of traffic, to keep up the defensive layer over its surface. Other than that, you can make use of a cleaning agent which is neutral to wipe the floor clean intermittently

  • Friendly to pets

For pet lovers, this type of flooring is good as it can’t be scratched or torn by pet claws like the wood floors.

  • Less costly

The cost of installing and maintain a stained concrete flooring is lesser compared to other flooring types such as hardwood. You should hire a professional for great installation to avoid mistakes which may be costly later.

  • It can improve the tasteful estimation of your property.

A few producers limit the shading choices which are accessible for concrete acid stains, your floor will encounter an increase in its worth thanks to the various tones which are accessible in this industry today. Rather than putting in new flooring over the surface or using huge areas mats to conceal the space, this item gives you a basic method to improve the first look of the concrete by including different layouts.


concrete floor crack repair

  • Slippery when wet

Stained concrete floors when wet they can be hurtful due to their slipperiness especially to kids playing in the house.

  • Cracks overtime

If not properly installed it can lead to cracks soon and old floors. Even expertly fixed concrete floors may create breaks after some time. That is on the grounds that the floor suffers changes in temperature, dampness, and settling. Hued concrete glue and fixing materials help mask breaks. It’s advisable to hire an expert to install the concrete floors to avoid cracks in the future.

  • Coldness

Another downside of concrete is that it has small protecting worth. This implies that during cold seasons, the outside of the floor is going to feel chilled against uncovered toes except if it has been fixed to a brilliant floor warming framework.

  • Need for rugs in the house for warmth

The floor is usually cold so the need to put rugs on the floor is important to keep warmth in the house and on your feet.  The coldness of concrete can be balanced somewhat using floor coverings and area rugs.

  • Hardness

The quality and durability of stained concrete flooring can likewise be a liability. The outside of a concrete floor is exceptionally hard, in case someone falls onto them they can get hurt and may genuinely harm individuals. Things dropped on these surfaces are likewise prone to break or split. That is the reason these floors are not suggested for homes that will be utilized by kids or old individuals, or in kitchens were falling dishes are likely.


Stained concrete floors give a generally simple approach to improve the appearance of any space. You can tidy up your floors easily. they are easy to maintain when sealed properly. you don’t have to worry about scratches and dents. Many, yet not all, surfaces can give you several color finishes to complement your home in a good way. stained concrete flooring has its disadvantages as stated above and is best suited in high traffic areas or commercial places. It is very durable and can last for ages without any repairs.

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