How to Stop Pet Hair From Destroying Vacuum Cleaner

It’s true that your pet brings a million of happiness for you! They might be a great companion! But, the bitter truth is they call some critical hassle for you! One of the downsides is pet hair!

Their hair scatters everywhere like carpets, sofa, couch and more. You have to deal with it. Commonly, you do vacuum it to clean up annoying pet mess in a straight way.

Oh! What about your vacuum cleaner?  As pet hair easily clogs into the vacuum cleaner. Most of the people don’t even know about the vacuum cleaner to pick up pet hair.

Wrong models can destroy the vacuum’s motor and filter. In that case, you go for the new one in every 4 to 6 month which is time killing and expensive too!

To save your vacuum cleaner, you have to know the proper maintenance of vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, pet hair ruins your vacuum cleaner!

The question is how you can stop pet hair from destroying your vacuum cleaner to run it correctly in a long time? Below, you get the answer, and it’s easy to do. Just try to follow these steps to keep your vacuum cleaner secure.

1. Purchase The Right Type Of Vacuum Cleaner

Most of the cases, people fail to choose the suitable hand held vacuum for pet hair. They got a puzzle whenever it’s time to buy a vacuum cleaner as there are different types of the vacuum cleaner available.

The smart thing is set your mind with a specific feature which you want. Pet parents should have to purchase a vacuum cleaner which is specially designed to pick up pet hair. It would reduce their hassle!

Don’t compromise with the low-priced product!  Make sure the high quality with long-lasting as it has to suck up the pet hair frequently. Otherwise, you have to exchange it with a new one after a few months.

2. Check The Motor And Suction

You might be wondering that yet you have face the problem even if you have the pet vacuum cleaner! Let me tell you, it’s happening because the tiny hair wrapped around vacuum roller! So you need to check out the device after every use and make sure it works well. Also, you should find out a way how to remove hair from vacuum roller.

Additionally, motor suction would decrease as the pet hair got stuck into the motor. Also can’t work well although it has strong suction. As a result, soon you have to buy a new one which is expensive!

That’s why it’s a better option to clean out the stuck hair or any debris from the motor. Thus, ensure the performance of the vacuum cleaner with powerful suction!

3. Clean And Replace The Filter Regularly

Pet hair can be stuck or adhere in the filter and block it which can create a smelly vacuum! With the smelly one, you feel uncomfortable to do clean, and it causes health problem such as allergy! Even, the suction problem occurs and leads to destroying your vacuum cleaner!

It’s a smart idea to clean up the filter regularly after using it. If you don’t know how to wash or when it should replace, then read the manual and read the feature. As you know, there are multiple types of the filter on the market, and they are not the same at all.

However, most of the filters are non- washable and if you have this type of filters then replace it in every 3 to 4 weeks. If you have a washable filter, then don’t forget to clean it properly to ensure your filter work in tip-top shape!

4. Properly Clean Other Parts

Apart from the motor and filter pet hair get to adhere to the others section such as wands, hoses, and brushes. That’s why you need to monitor these parts too and also clean them properly.

The regular vacuum cleaner which is not concerning pet hair, can quickly fill up and become blocked. It causes extra pressure to your vacuuming, affects the suction and further. It leads to the whole system overheating and burning out.

Clean these parts in every 2-3 months to make sure there is no hairball and debris. You will get the proper functioning vacuum cleaner after clean it without facing the problem.

5. Empty The Dust Catcher Or Bag After Every Vacuuming

One of the most effective ways is empty the dust holder after every vacuum. A full bag doesn’t catch so many dust particle than a clean bag!

It gets better to clean the bag thoroughly after every vacuum. Otherwise, your vacuum cleaner fails to absorb the dust as there is no space for it to hold any debris!

If pet hair remains into the bag, then it will cause dustier as it holds the dust and doesn’t want to lose the particle anymore. It would cause nasty odor, and you feel uncomfortable to vacuum with it.

While you are cleaning pet hair, make sure they wash out and rinse with water.

6. Go For A Bagless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

There are many types of advantage with a bagless handheld vacuum which you can’t find in a bagged vacuum.

Using a bagged vacuum seems to be a hassle! It kills your time to clean and also expensive as it requires changing nearly every week.

On the other side, with the bagless one, you don’t face this problem. It’s effortless to maintain and designed with a quick release function, so you don’t bother to clean it.

So it’s a better option to have a bagless vacuum. If you don’t have, try to exchange it with the bagged vacuum as soon as fast and trust me, it will relieve your pain!

7. Groom Thyself And Thy Animal

Groom your pet routinely and minimize the hair fall in your home. More hair suction is the cause of more pressure on your vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, less hair suction keeps your vacuum cleaner more fit due to less pressure.

You can use the fur remover or different types of accessories for grooming your pet. There are many kinds of tools are available on the market for suck up pet hair.  Pick one of them which you like most to apply.

8. Routine Maintenance

Maintaining a routine is a wise decision to keep your vacuum cleaner fit. It’s a key to expand the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner!

Don’t wait too long for cleaning your vacuum cleaner and also don’t wait for more dirty to vacuum. Extra dust or hair makes your vacuum more difficult.

Don’t forget to monitor the device after using the vacuum cleaner! If you are a busy person, then try to check these in every 7 or 15 days. You will know early is there any defect or not!

Final verdict

Having a pet means you get a lot of fun with it. Undoubtedly, it makes quality time for you. Similarly, the vacuum cleaner is essential for ensuring a neat and clean home with a healthy life.

That’s why we need to care about to protect both of them. And maintaining these step will ensure you to get the best service from the vacuum cleaner.

If you do another trick to save your vacuum cleaner from pet hair, please share with us on the comment box. It will help us too as we know sharing is caring!!

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