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Suaoki Digital Laser Rangefinder Scope

There are multiple different types of rangefinders one could choose from. The biggest difficulty is finding the one that fits your particular needs. Because all rangefinders have different specifics of accessories or additional parts that assist the function and design of the rangefinder, one must truly understand the functionality of each kind before deciding on one that specifically fits him or her and his or her needs. The Suaoki Digital Laser Rangefinder Scope is one to consider. There are many factors that are included in deciding upon this specific rangefinder in which I will outline some of the key aspects I find helpful below.

Suaoki Digital Laser Rangefinder Scope Review

It can be easy to realize that there are things that can be more easily seen with a greater lens. Birds flying, stars in the sky, a distant animal, or the person walking down the street about 2 blocks away are all examples of things in which distance becomes the main difficulty factor in seeing these things clearly. Such a device can even help with these simple factors as well. It is mainly used for golfing though and does a good job in assisting with visibility, accuracy, and direction. Being able to have an extra assistance with these will be the critical piece in the advancement of your game.

There are many ways to improve one’s game in the extremely enlightening sport of golf. From learning to swing better, becoming extremely experienced in footing, or having excellent and poised posture, one can truly learn to lessen the strokes it takes to get to the hole.

Another great advance in movement and increasing skills is using a Suaoki Digital Laser Rangefinder Scope. This device is as if one is moving closer and closer to the target but the measurements are right on without having to; the extra edge this can give you against your component is extremely helpful. Rather than having to get closer to the target, one’s accuracy will increase regardless of the fact that one is getting physically closer. This provides less work for more gain in the game.

Light and Easy to Carry

This digital laser rangefinder is not heavy, rather it is lighter than most others. It is about six ounces and has a lanyard and belt-mountable bag. It is easy to carry and has those features for easy movement to and from different places. The golf course has never been easier to get around.

The Lens of This Golf Range Finder

The lens is a 21 mm objective one which can zoom in six times normal sight with an adjustable focus. It is much more advanced than the average rangefinder. With this type of zoom in power, one will never again have to question his or her aim. It is practically guaranteed to hit very close to the target, which is obviously a golfers hearts desire!


This rangefinder has many special features, is not difficult to use, as a stellar modern design, and provides great accuracy. With this simplicity and advanced improvement on one’s game, the choice is simple, one can never again play golf without these improvements. The ease of the way this is designed that gives the accuracy needed to up one’s game is pretty excellent. It can compare to other rangefinders but here are some of the unique aspects:

Six Times Zoom

There is a magnification that is six times the normal eye and the accuracy of the normal stroke. Being able to have this type of help in seeing does wonders for the accuracy of where the ball goes. Therefore, it can be easily to be within 1 meter of the target. There are no more needs to be concerned as to whether it is near the right place or whether you calculated it all correctly. There is six hundred meters in range at the most which gives one the proper information and measurements on very many different types of objects without having to get closer. This is convenient for the ability to make a decision faster and more concisely.

LED Side Display

The LED side display helps one to read the measurements so that one does not have to look into the eye piece. This allows for a focus that otherwise wouldn’t be. Having this extra display gives an extra mode of precision and less distraction. Instead of the reading being on the inside of the lens, it can be read through this side display. The side display makes the accuracy increase as well as one is not squinting to see the readings. The different modes to choose from are range, flagpole lock, golf distance correction, and fog mode. Because of the variety of modes, it can be used in different environments, climates, and weather. The visibility can adjust according to those such aspects.

Other Features

With a price of $129.99, it is certainly worth the extra money to assist in one’s game with golf. It has a 1x CR2 3V Battery. Because of the nylon carrying case that is rainproof, a cleaning cloth, and the lanyard, it is accessible at all times and can be carried around with great ease. This is one of the great benefits of this particular rangefinder. When distance is a critical aspect of your activity, you can use this device to increase your opportunities, no matter if its golf or other distance related activities. This could even be used for other outdoor activities, such as hunting. In hunting it is critically important to be able to see as far as possible. One can leave the old binoculars at home and realize the even greater potential that this specific device could offer.


Although it is primarily made for golfing, this is an extremely beneficial gadget for lots of different gadgets It can also be used for seeing anything needing to be seen far away. This is a great device that I highly recommend.

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