Tanox ADF-206S Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

A welding helmet requires strength, longevity, and quality, Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered welding helmet provides you with all of that.

It’s a near perfect helmet for you to use while welding any type of metal. The strong built of the helmet protects you from any dangerous calamity.

Welding helmets often have similar features, but Tanox ADF-206S differs from all with its unique built. The helmet presents you with varieties of cool features which you cannot find in any other.

So, without any further ado, here I present you with the review of Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet ADF-206S.

Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet ADF-206S Review

Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet ADF-206S: Shade...

For any sort of product, quality is the main key, and this provides you with the best qualities. From the solid built of the helmet, you can see the details and the neatness of the work they put in it.

Along with the build, you can also be satisfied with its durability. Due to its body of work, it stays with you for the longest time without any problems whatsoever. It will give you the same performance from the start to many days later.

The helmet is quite reasonable. When we think of reasonable, we think that the product would lack quality, but in the case of this helmet, you can tell that assumption goodbye.

The helmet provides you with qualities you cannot even think of, for such a reasonable rate. It gives you all the high-end features in the price range. The facilities it’s equipped with are also available only on expensive helmets.

To top them all off, it’s also very comfortable. It doesn’t hesitate you while you are welding metal. It also fits in your head properly with the headband on the back. The lid covers your face, and a small viewing area helps you look through it to see the welding you are doing.

  • Eye Protection

One of the most notable key features in this helmet is its safety. The safety it used to protect the eyes is impressive. It comes with EN376 along with its ANSIZ87.1 safety standard to do easy to hard welding works.

Another amazing feature it’s built with is the auto darkening system as it’s given in the name. The viewing area can go from normal to black or dark very fast.

It also protects you from any IR radiation and UV radiation if any type of mechanical failure occurs. Meaning it’s there to protect you always.

The helmet has a big viewing area by which you can see from many angles. As the viewing area is 3.86 inches by 1.73 inches, it helps you to look from different sides.

  • Comfortable Use

The helmet is made with a strong head adapter, and also it has on/off system which is automatic for Arc, MIG, Grinding, etc.

It’s also made comfortable with arc sensors and light to dark is adjustable with the helmet.

Comfortable Use

Another key feature that’s built in is the ADF self-check. It also uses the low app for any TIG.

Tanox helmet is quite light. Due to its weight, it’s easy to keep it on your head without having to deal with any heaviness.

  • Battery

Tanox helmet is a solar powered helmet. A solar power helmet comes with a lot of facilities. It doesn’t waste any of the electric resources. It also doesn’t need to be plugged in.

The helmet comes with a lithium battery which has at least 2-year lifespan. Another important addition is that this helmet has an alarm. Meaning when the batter is low, it’ll give you an alarm, and you can easily charge it then.

  • Headband

Another comforting feature this helmet has is the headband. The headband provides you with the stability you need. The headband isn’t too tight. It helps the helmet to sit nicely on your head without any hesitation.

The smoothness of the helmet helps you move conveniently when you are working in a compact place because it doesn’t pressure your neck.

  • Visibility

In the Eye Protection paragraph, one important thing I did not mention about the viewing area which was its visibility. The viewing area of the helmet is very neat to see out from.

It doesn’t get smudged easily. Which is very helpful when you are working with metals? The green viewing space spreads in many angles, and every angle gives you a perfect picture of what you want to see.

  • Durability

Durability doesn’t seem like a feature, but it’s a key component of the helmet. Tanox helmet is quite strong and built well.

The helmet is perfect for welders who rely on their accessories for a long time. It doesn’t betray its quality over time. It stays true and gives you the best performance for a long period of time.

  • The Auto Darkening Feature reacts fast
  • Simply adjustable
  • Amazing Functionality
  • Quite thin
  • Plastic not long lasting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good for welding arc?

Yes, it is quite good for arc welding.

How long does it take the battery to be charged again?

The battery of this helmet lasts about 2 years. So, you can charge it after 2 years it’s also replaceable. So, you can change it when you want.

What can be used as the replacement battery?

CR2032 3V is the replacement battery

Are any cheater lenses suited with this helmet?

Yes, you can use the standard cheater lenses with it.

Is the helmet good for TIG welding?

Yes, it is good with TIG, Stick, MIG.

Can It be switched from solar powered to the battery?

It uses both actually. When the solar system doesn’t work, it switches itself automatically to battery power.


Any helmet’s quality depends highly on the user. If you use it well, it’ll obviously hold a good performance.

I hope this review helped you to know about Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Helmet well.

Let me know about your decision in the comments section.

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