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The Pros And Cons Of The Masters’ Champions Dinner

Human beings have always been known for their traditions. Without the whole humdrum of customs and rituals and traditions, civilization seems bleak. There are certain traditions one can never do away with, no matter what the situation.

Therefore, albeit this year’s masters may look completely different from the other times, one tradition will remain constant, that is the Champions dinner.

Usually, the tournament is held during April, but the unfortunate circumstances of this year have forced the event to take place in November. Many familiar elements will be missing this year. The things which we generally associate with the tournament might not be found this time. It will be a completely different experience this year.

The tradition of previous masters champions sitting together for a sumptuous meal just before the night of the onset of the tournament will however remain constant this year too amidst the surrounding gloomy atmosphere. Some things are known simply for their essence and this is one of them.

The Facts About Champions Dinner This Year:

The importance of the Champions Dinner cannot be stressed enough. This year, it will take place on the tenth of November. Tiger Woods, the known champion of last year who displayed an exemplary performance will be given the responsibility to select the menu. It is interesting to note that he has a total of five times of experience in selecting the menu of the dinner in the past. He is also a hugely anticipated player this year and people are vigorously hoping for his victory this time too. For starters this year, sushi and sashimi will be offered which will be then followed by steak and chicken fajitas as the main course.

Then finally for desserts, Woods has opted for a diverse range of milkshakes. Flavors include vanilla and strawberry. The menu is very fascinating. Woods has given his best while selecting the menu. He deserves special credit for this as after choosing the menu five times already, it is bound to be a tedious and strenuous job.

The Tradition Of The Menu Over The Past Years:

Over the years, many forms have been taken by the menu. It has seen a diverse range of selection by not only Woods but many others too. An interesting trivia may be pointed out here. In the year 1998, when Woods had his first win, he had served cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, and something common with this year, milkshakes. The menus of 2003 and 2004 were also started with sushi and sashimi. Powerhouse steak and chocolate cakes were also included. A tex-mex theme featuring stuffed jalapenos was used as starters in 2006 by Woods. Apple pie and ice cream were offered in the dessert. However, what is interesting to note that, in that year to there was chicken fajitas and steak. An overall predictable trend and quite a clear pattern are thus clearly visible in the preference pattern by Woods.

dinner menu


The above graphic from Betway illustrates some of the menu selections down the years.

The Significance Of The Menu:

Whatever be the choice of menu, one thing is observable that the trend of menus tries to inflict a sense of national pride. The champions who choose the menu in a particular year try to incorporate the food items from their home country. This trend has many interesting ripple effects. For example, when a non-American chooses the menu, quite naturally the dishes border on eccentric. This practice of global inclusiveness is what makes the tradition so popular even today and thus it has global acceptance. For example, Charl Schwartzel’s 2012 menu had many elements from his home country.

Mention may be made of the traditional South African braai- a barbecue composed of steaks, sausages, and lamb chops. The 2018 menu chosen by Sergio Garcia had an international salad which was known to celebrate the nationalities of several previous champions, traditional Spanish lobster rice known as “Arroz caldoso de bogvante”, and a glorious cake made by his mother. Sheffield was brought to Augusta in the year 2017 by Danny Willett in the form of mini cottage pies; Yorkshire pudding laced Sunday roast, and vanilla custard with apple crumble for desserts.


Much can be said about the tradition of choosing the menu at Champions dinner. The trend of beginning with Cesar salad is not well perceived among many. Albeit the trends in choosing the menu have been dynamic over the years, certain elements like vanilla ice cream have remained constant. Naturally, the golfers have been known to be boring.

But the new trends are promising. In the globalized world, such inclusiveness policies will go a long way in ensuring the reputation of the dinner. People will get to know the cultures of many nations. It is a truth universally acknowledged that it is food that leads people to reflect on their culture. On that end, the tradition is very successful and will continue to be so.

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