The Top 50 Mom Bloggers You Need To Know About

When it comes to mom blogs, there’s plenty of interesting content to read out there. I’m a mom blogger myself, so I know what the industry looks like. It’s not difficult anymore to find authentic, useful information on motherhood and other related topics across the web. So don’t you think I should celebrate that fact by listing down the top 50 mom bloggers?

I conducted a thorough research to pick out the best mom blogs for you. And the 50 options listed below do an excellent job at making motherhood more enjoyable and less frustrating. If the post that you’re reading doesn’t provide a practical solution to your problem, then what’s the point, right?

But that’s not the case with even one of the blogs discussed in the article. So let’s get to know each of them better.


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Top 50 Mom Bloggers

#1 Mommy Gone Healthy (


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Amber is the creative mind behind Mommy Gone Healthy. She is a mother of two beautiful children and wife of an incredibly hardworking and supportive husband. Her enthusiasm for running, yoga, coffee, and creating delicious meals in the kitchen reflects in her fun, adventurous articles as well.

#2 Momspresso (formerly

The top 50 mom bloggers are all experts at what they do, right? And the blog, Mycity4kids is no different. The editor shares interesting views, useful tips, and practical experiences on all topics related to parent-child. Even when it comes to advice, you’ll find that in abundance on this particular influencer platform.

#3 Real Mom Nutrition (

What’s better than being a mom and a dietitian! The genius responsible for Real Mom Nutrition tells you everything you need to know about feeding your precious little ones.

Sally sends out the perfect message into the world that it’s okay for moms not to know everything about motherhood. So what you’ll find on her blog are tasty yet healthy recipes that you can feed your children, even if it’s mac-n-cheese.

#4 The Funny Mom Blog (

Everybody talks about how important motherhood is. But very few bloggers add humor to the whole experience. And Desiree Eaglin is one of the few. Along with sharing useful reviews and quick recipes, she discusses how you can make the whole experience of parenting fun too. With three posts coming in every week, her blog is full of excitement and joy.

#5 Stories of A Stay At Home Mom 


Courtney Squillante can relate to parents who believe that bringing up a child is the most challenging yet the best job in the whole world. Being a stay-at-home mom fulltime means spending all day with your kids. And that is what she does too.

So on her blog, you become a part of her wonderful experiences and learn a great deal from them.

#6 Single Mom Smiling (


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There are many moms like Strahlen living their lives peacefully, happily, and triumphantly. Her life struggles encouraged her to start this blog. So the kind of content she creates is motivating, exciting, and useful.

She knows how tough life can get and how, as a single mom, you can make it fun too. All you need to have is faith!

#7 Redefining Mom (

Working moms, take notice. Monica is the creator of Redefining Mom, and her goal is to make the lives of working moms easier. She posts articles that empower women when it comes to finding flexible and more convenient work arrangements.

On top of that, she also encourages other moms to launch their online presence and start a business.

How to Use Acuity Scheduling to Manage Your Calendar?

#8 BabyCenter Blog (

Information about parenting and motherhood is found in abundance on the web. But not all of it is authentic or useful. And the 35 posts that get published on BabyCenter Blog every week don’t fall under that category. After all, it is one of the best interactive parenting platforms with over 300 million readers!

#9 Rookie Moms (

Meet Heather and Whitney, the two Rookie Moms. They not only create content to influence readers but also share their personal life experiences. On this blog, you will be exposed to creative ideas that encourage you to indulge in fun activities to have more fun with your baby.

#10 Cape Cod Moms (

There’s no better platform than Cape Cod Moms for networking and collaboration. The website keeps parents from different parts of the world connected with each other. It creates the perfect environment for moms to receive the right kind of support and knowledge for bringing up a child.

#11Working MomMagic (


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Lauren knows how to strike the perfect balance between work and being a mom. On her website, there are categories like fitness, parenting, crafts, recipes, and more. She is passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to her kids and career. And this reflects in her work as a mom blogger.

#12 NYC Single Mom (

The blog, NYC Single Mom was brought into existence by Linda Grant. Her mission is to provide moms with not only parenting tips but all things New York as well. This means you shouldn’t get surprised if you find travel, dining, and other NYC-centric events on the blog.

Also, be ready to expose your brain to useful product reviews and other valuable information to cope with your daily struggles as a parent.

#13 Scary Mommy (

Let me begin by stating that out of the top 50 mom bloggers; Scary Mommy is the only blog that publishes as many as 117 posts every week. Isn’t that impressive? The platform is a community of amazing moms that help and support one another. They may be from different cities and cultures, but they all have one thing in common. And that is motherhood.

#14 The Science of Mom (


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Alice Callahan is the scientist responsible for The Science of Mom. She is an actual research scientist with a Ph.D. in nutrition. And she thought it best to use such a background to benefit the community of parents all across the globe.

Alice uses her scientific skills to come up with the best solutions and answers to the many parenting problems. After all, science does make it all possible, doesn’t it?

#15 A Baby On Board (

Do you know what’s more challenging than bringing up a child? Bringing up two children!

Gill is a mother of two, so you should believe her when she says that she’s tired. As a blogger, Gill shares her personal experiences with pregnancy and motherhood. And while doing so, she also talks about how you can make the process easier for your body and mind.

#16 Indian American Mom 


America and India are two rich cultures, aren’t they? When you combine both with parenthood and life, the result is what you’ll find on Indian American Mom. The articles published on the website provide encouragement and support to Indian parents living abroad. All in all, it promotes a healthier understanding of the combination of the two cultures.

#17 Family Focus Blog (

We all know what the focus of this blog is, don’t we? The writer, Scarlet has put it right there in the title of the website itself!

There’s nothing that she doesn’t talk about. Travel, décor, parenting, crafts, motherhood, recipes, eco tips, family activities, etc. The list is way too long. So that’s reason enough to get hooked on to all the six articles that she posts every week.

#18 Forts & Fairies (

Being pregnant and then becoming a mother are two life changing experiences. And Lisa Trollip has done an excellent job at describing these two aspects by relating them to her life journey. She writes about the kind of lessons she learned and memories she cherishes.

And to make the content even more interesting and useful, Lisa posts helpful product reviews as well.

#19 The Deliberate Mom (

The top parenting blogs discuss all you need to know about parenting, don’t they? But this one also talks about topics such as homeschooling. After reading many articles, I realized that the content does speak of parenting and living with a deliberate intention.

#20 Embracing Imperfect (

The wonderful founder and writer, Gina Badalaty is a proud mother of two. When talking about struggling as a mom, her life journey has been incredible. She knows what it’s like to raise children with disabilities, autism, allergies, and other medical issues. So be prepared to get your hands on some invaluable information on parenting and nutrition.

#21 The Soccer Mom Blog (

You’d think that a busy mother of two children can’t take out time to post as many as five brilliant articles every week. But Stacey manages to do that pretty well. She is a positive thinker who comes up with fun and practical ideas that constitute as inspiration for moms all around the world.

#22 Digital Mom Blog (


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There’s nothing more digital than the Digital Mom Blog. It is the creation of Molly Thornberg, who loves technology. With two kids, she decided to dedicate her website to be a tech-savvy mom. Latest mom technology and cool gadgets along with parenting skills are some of the most interesting topics she writes about.

#23 Fabulous Mom Blog (

It’s important for parents to connect with fellow parents if they want to get better at the job. This is what Tiffany Cruz, the owner of Fabulous Mom Blog, wishes to promote. And that’s the primary reason why she shares helpful content. This way other moms can relate to it and raise healthy, happy children.

#24 The Positive Mom (

Elayna Fernandez is THE positive mom. Do you what she desires to achieve with the blog? Her mission is to empower, encourage, and equip mothers to live a better life. This means talking about how to strike that perfect balance between work and motherhood. It’s all about being positive to become powerful.

WomenInspired ~ Motivating Moms for Financial Success

#25 Brilliant Business Moms (

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Beth Anne is what she motivates other mothers to be, a brilliant business mom. She focuses on creating content that provides practical business knowledge to establish or grow an enterprise. I have read those posts, and I must say that she is pretty brilliant at it!

#26 The Rebel Mama (

The blog is an unapologetically honest, stylish, and hilarious online outlet for modern moms. If you’re one of them, then you know what it feels like to be judged by “perfect moms” at every turn. On this blog, you’ll across posts that act as floatation devices for mothers who don’t know it all.

#27 Pragmatic Mom (

To be honest, the website lives up to its name. Finding practical, authentic information is not hard when you’re browsing through Pragmatic Mom. It has everything a parent needs to know about nurturing and raising a kid.

Plus, the blog offers pretty awesome giveaways that your child might instantly fall in love with. So pragmatism does have its perks, doesn’t it?

#28 Mom Resource (


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Not all top 50 mom bloggers create content around the topics related to starting an online business. But Mom Resource knows that working online is becoming more and more popular. The online community is growing by leaps and bounds every year. So what the blog does is provide personal and professional advice to help moms achieve all types of goals.

#29 Bumps n Baby (

Sangeetha Menon, the founder of Bumps n Baby, is one of the top mom influencers in India. She has developed an excellent platform for parents where she raves about all things practical. This includes sharing content related to baby food, mom and baby care, nutrition, diet, etc.

Even though she posts once a week, the kind of information she shares is invaluable.

#30 FIT4MOM (

If this blog had another name, it would be MOTIVATION. The website contains articles that encourage moms to be fit and cook healthy. The ultimate goal is to make the life of parents healthier, both emotionally and physically. When you’re in a good mood and shape, your kids are too, aren’t they?

#31 The Chic Stay At Home Mom (

Tia is the proud owner of the blog; The Chic Stay At Home Mom. A few years back, she decided to launch a website that offers lifestyle content. Here, she talks about topics related to motherhood, food, and fashion. You will also find posts that highlight the daily struggles of moms along with providing the much-needed solutions.

#32 Mama Knows It All (

If you’re looking for mom communities online, then you’re in the right place. Mama Knows It All delivers just the right kind of information on marriage, children-friendly food recipes, parenting, and more. For daily inspiration, there’s nothing better than this!

#33 Hollywood Mom Blog (

What the blog does is teach parents of child actors how to raise their little Hollywood stars in the best possible manner. The website is a community, news outlet, and forum that contains trusted useful information. It publishes articles about educational and industry resources along with practical advice.

#34 Working Moms Against Guilt (

Just because you’re a working mom, there’s no need to beat yourself up for it. And that’s what the blog is all about. The mission is to create a platform that highlights the fact that working mothers need not feel guilty and do a great job at work despite being an excellent mom.

#35 D-Mom Blog (

The D stands for type 1 diabetes. Leighann is a mom blogger that tells you everything you need to know about raising a kid with diabetes. Not only useful advice but she also offers excellent tips for cooking. Her story is one of a kind, and that’s what her readers like about the blog the most.

#36 The Survival Mom (


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Isn’t it helpful when everything you need is available in one place? That’s what you should expect with The Survival Mom. With useful tips and tools along with excellent strategies, life can get much more convenient and peaceful even with kids at home. This is the message that Lisa wishes to spread all across the web.

#37 Safety Mom (

You know where to look when it comes to the safety of your child. Safety Mom is a blog that addresses important issues that children face in the world today. These include cyber bullying, unhealthy eating, sports injuries, etc. It has content to benefit both children and parents.

#38 The Better Mom (


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Being busy is a blessing, isn’t it? And working moms like Ruth Schwenk understand that better than anyone else. She knows that giving birth to as well as bringing up a child means getting a chance to change the world. So Ruth writes about how you can do it more efficiently without having to compromise on anything.

#39 Mom Spark (

Amy Bellgardt is one of the few mom bloggers who are truly passionate about what they do. And what she does is create fun and interesting content related to décor, parenting, fashion, food, and more. Amy is the quintessential writer who publishes authentic information based on her personal life experiences.

#40 Lazy Mom’s Blog (

Joanna is one lazy mom! Well, in the literal sense, that’s not true. When Joanna’s not parenting, she’s crafting, baking, or cooking. Her aim is to help moms lead a better life without stress and distractions. And if you think that’s impossible with kids in the house, then do visit her website right away!

#41 MamaBear Martin

MamaBear has the answers to all questions that arise inside a mother’s head. What she does best is share her struggles as well as triumphs as a mom. So the next time you’re striving to achieve a goal related to raising a kid, you know where to look, don’t you?

#42 Single Mothers By Choice (

When a psychotherapist writes about pregnancy and motherhood, you can tell the difference between right and wrong. Jane Mattes is a single mom that creates important content. Nobody understands what takes place inside the head of a single parent better than her.

#43 The Mogul Mom (

For educational tips and creative ideas, there’s nothing like The Mogul Mom blog. It inspires hundreds and thousands of mothers across the world to pursue their dreams. Because being a mom doesn’t mean having no life.

#44 Wenatchee Mom Blog (

The website is a supportive online community for parents from all over the world. It publishes articles that share both good and bad stories about parenthood. And to make the experience more enjoyable, it also provides recipes, tips, and a list of online events that parents might be interested in.

#45 Mom In The City (

A mom blogger from New York City and a web developer; that’s Kimberly! She’s the founder of Mom In The City. Kimberly works from home and is as passionate about her job as she is about motherhood.

The kind of articles she creates is what most mothers love to read online. The topics include being a working mom, easy and quick food recipes, fun and exciting family activities, etc. There’s a lot more, but you need to visit her blog to find out!

#46 Working Mother (

This is not a blog but an online magazine, and a nationally recognized one at that. The publication focuses on helping mothers balance their professional and personal lives. Advancement of women, both with and without kids, is the primary goal of Working Mother.

The Motherhood Corner: How Being Bilingual Can Benefit Your Toddler?

#47 MomsRising (

This is the place to be if you’re a mom who wants to change the life of not only your kid but the world too. Knowledge is power, isn’t it? When you know how to do something, accomplishing a goal, any goal, becomes easier. And that’s what this community is all about.

#48 Modern Day Moms (


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Being a parent doesn’t mean leading a boring life. Everybody tells you how life is short, right? But very few people embrace the truth that life is kind of funny too. And trust me; you will also start thinking along these lines if you read some of the most compelling real life stories on this blog.

#49 Being The Parent (

With 15 articles coming in every week, Being The Parent answers all parenting and pregnancy-related questions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother-to-be or a first timer, there’s a lot of information flowing your way. All you need to do is visit the website.

#50 Young Love Mommy (

Ellen Oliviera is the young loving mommy. When you write about a certain topic, you have to conduct thorough research, right? And by doing so, you expose your brain to a sea of information. So Ellen has become an expert at that.

Her work consists of posts that describe daily mom struggles along improvement tips, product recommendations, and giveaways.

So these are the top 50 mom bloggers. Did you like them all?

Done with the List!

Being a mom blogger myself, I know how important it is to come up with creative ideas to showcase your content. And the 50 options discussed above have somehow mastered the art of doing so.

I’ve been writing articles related to motherhood and pregnancy for several years now. So I know where to look if you want to find useful, entertaining content. And I always look up to these top 50 mom bloggers for inspiration. So you don’t need to worry about their credibility.

I hope you found the list helpful. Is there any other influential mom blog that you would like to share with us here? Please drop in your comments in the section right after the article.

Thank you for going through the list. I hope you visit again soon!

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