Types of Vacuum

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning can be a hard task sometimes, especially for people with huge houses. The kind of dirt to clean is also an issue. For this reason, a few companies have taken it upon themselves to create a good and easy to use alternative for cleaning. Vacuums are the most easy to use electrically powered machines that are used for dust cleaning. There are different types of vacuum cleaners depending on the size, material used in creating them, shapes and the ways they are used. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from this wide range.

Different Types of Vacuum

different types of vacuum cleaners

Upright Vacuums Cleaners

vacuum cleaners upright

This is the most common and most purchased type of vacuum cleaner in many households. It is easy to use. Once you plug it in to an electricity source, you hold it and switch it on. Once this is done, you move it back and forth on the surface you want to clean. Upright Vacuums Cleaners is very powerful. It therefore does a very good and clean job. It has a range of options that can be changed depending on the material and nature of the surface you are cleaning.


1. It is attached to a power chord.

2. It is huge in size and has very powerful suction.


1. There are new inventions that have eliminated the power chord so that the vacuum cleaner is not limited to a certain area. This helps especially if you have a large area to clean.

2. It has very powerful suction


1. It can be a bit tiring to use considering its size which makes it heavy to push around. The ones with a chord also limit the size of the area you clean.

2. The surfaces you can clean are also limited because unlike the nozzle ones, you cannot clean corners and edges of the floor properly with the upright vacuum cleaner.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

canister vacuum

Canister vacuum cleaners are almost alike the upright vacuum cleaner. However, unlike the upright cleaners, this one has a canister attached to it with a long hose. They are also very powerful and very efficient for cleaning almost any kind of surface available. Check out our article about comparison between Canister VS Upright vacuum cleaner


1. It is attached to a canister which improves the suction and amount of debris it can clean.

2. It has very powerful suction.


1. This type of vacuum cleaner has very powerful suction also aided by the canister attached to it.

2. Since the front part is not that heavy, this vacuum cleaner can be used on different surfaces. It can be used on carpets, furniture such as couches, walls and even stair cases.


1. We cannot ignore the fact that this type of vacuum cleaner has a canister attached to it. Even though this canister improves the performance, it is a bit of a nuisance to use.

2. It is heavy to pull around which means that you will probably be a bit tired once you use it especially on surfaces such as stair cases.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

stick vacuum cleaner

The stick vacuum cleaner is a very efficient type of vacuum cleaner. This is because in addition to its slim feature, it is very light which means you will not get tired from using it in comparison to the other types available. This vacuum cleaner has a rotating brush. It however does not have a powerful suction like the previous canister and upright cleaners. It is therefore good to use when the area you are cleaning is not so dirty and a light suction will be enough.


1. It is very light and slim which is efficient.

2. It can be disconnected to match a hand held cleaner.


1. Some of its parts can be disconnected to make it a small and efficient handheld vacuum cleaner.

2. There are also new inventions that get rid of the power chord.


1. This type of vacuum cleaner is not so powerful. Its light suction is therefore not enough to clean surfaces which have a lot of dirt.

2. Its power chord also limits the size of the surface you can clean at a time.

3. The inventions that do not have a chord do not have enough power on their batteries to clean for a long time.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

handheld vacuum cleaner

These are the small hand vacuum cleaners. These handheld dustbusters can either be attached to a power source or be purchased without a power chord.


1. It is small and light which is great since it is hand held.

2. It is connected to a power chord although new inventions do not have one.


1. From its name, you can tell that it is small since it is hand held which is very efficient.

2. These cleaners are very efficient since they can be used on different surfaces and can even access tight spaces such as under the couch.


1. They are however not so powerful and cannot clean large messes like the more powerful ones. Their cleaning ability is similar to a normal brush.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

robotic vacuum cleaner

These are the most efficient and easy to use vacuum cleaners. This is because the vacuum cleaner does not need your participation. Instead, it scans your room and uses that information to move around your house cleaning every area.


1. It contains a feature that allows it to scan the room before cleaning.

2. It is small and is not attached to a power chord.


1. They do not have a power chord which is great since it does not limit the area it can clean.

2. They basically do all the work by themselves.


1. The robotic vacuum cleaners are however small in size which means they do not have the suction of the upright or the canister cleaners.

2. It can also be hindered by any obstacles that may be in its path.

Final verdict

All these cleaners have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are all relevant even though they are relevant for different cases and uses.

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