VacMaster PRO380 Suction Vacuum Sealer
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VacMaster PRO 380 Suction Vacuum Sealer Review

In this festive season, especially when Christmas is approaching, every family is doing lots of cooking, baking and trying out new recipes. It’s a time when a lot of food is thrown away because it got stale due to lack of proper food storage methods. When this happens, it leaves you frustrated, and you can’t help but watch your money go to drain. So, if you have had such an experience, you wouldn’t want the same to happen again this holiday. The more reason why the VacMaster PRO 380 Suction Vacuum Sealer would come in handy.VacMaster PRO380 Suction Vacuum Sealer Review

The VacMaster 380 comes as a solution to your packaging problems. Unlike the traditional storage systems that only guarantee to store your food for not more than a few days, the PRO380 will extend its shelf life up to 5 times longer. It also prevents freezer burn and dehydration of your stored food items.

Featuring a 16 seal bar, this VacMaster Suction Vacuum Sealer lets you seal wider bags or even two bags simultaneously. This means that you can vacuum and seal large batches of your game, fish, meat, veggies, pre-made food, and leftovers.

This machine has a see-through lid that makes it easy for you to see where you are placing the bag on the seal bar. There is also an included accessory port that seals out moisture and air from containers and canisters.

The VacMaster PRO 380 weighs 23 pounds, making it easy for anyone to move it from one place to another in your kitchen. In the package, there is also a starter kit that gets you started immediately. It includes one 11’’x 50’ roll, six quart size bags and a straightforward user’s manual.

Key Feature of the VacMaster PRO 380 Suction Vacuum Sealer

  • There is a 6 Inch wide seal bar with 5mm wire for leak proof protection
  • Its exterior is built of high-quality stainless steel for durability
  • This machine integrates a roll cutter and a convenient roll storage that stores roll up to 50 feet
  • The control panel is user-friendly and intuitive
  • Includes a heavy-duty dual piston pump
  • The lid is transparent to easy viewing when placing your bags
  • The 16’’seal bar lets you vacuum seal wide bags or two bags at the same time
  • It guarantees of fresh food up to 5 times longer than the traditional methods of storage
  • In the package, there is an included accessory port and a starter kit


  • Easy to operate
  • Can seal large batches without overheating
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s leak proof


  • Doesn’t seal wet foods efficiently

Vacmaster Pro 380 Review At a glance – How to Operate

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 User opinion about the VacMaster PRO-380

The VacMaster PRO 380 has a rating of 4.1 out of stars. From the users’ comments, they are happy that with this machine they can store their leftovers and have them for dinner or lunch in the following days. They also love the fact that they can use the accessory tube to marinate their meats and poultry. A common comment was that their bags work great and are affordable.

There were a few complaints such as the lid not been well secured and that there is a small plastic tab that presses a button when the lid is closed. A few others got the “E02” error when trying to seal. A user reacted to that comment by saying that the error is caused by a broken plastic prong that is attached to the lid. You can use glue to fix it or take it back for warranty.

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Why VacMaster PRO 380 perfect for Commercial use or joint family?

The VacMaster PRO 380 comes equipped with an extra wide seal 5mm wire that gives a heavy-duty leak-proof protection with every seal. You will also find an integrated easy-to use, intuitive digital control panel with a variety of pre-programmed settings.

Its exterior is made of sleek stainless steel which not only makes it durable but gives it an incredible look. Another of its features is the dual piston vacuum pump that is powerful enough to handle heavy-duty sealing jobs.

With the convenient roll cutter and the inbuilt storage, you can customize your bags and store your 50 feet long rolls with much easy. Using custom made bags helps prevent bag wastage because you get to use different sized bags to package different amounts of foods.

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The VacMaster 380 has Pulse button for sealing your delicate foods without crushing them. The ‘Seal Now’ button gives you a faster and immediate sealing option. There is also the marinate function that lets you spice your meat and other foods before cooking, in a few seconds.

How worthy VacMaster PRO 380?

The VacMaster PRO 380 is one of the best mid-level machines that is worth your every penny. It costs less than 400 dollars and is a great vacuum sealing machine for a family that would like to survive on the other side of the high economy.

The PRO380 VacMaster integrates all the features of a basic food vacuum sealer and a few others of the high-end machines. It’s an ideal vacuum sealing machine for packaging large volumes every day without overheating.

If you are on a flexible budget and what you are looking for is a vacuum sealer to do your daily heavy-duty sealing jobs, the VacMaster vacuum sealer PRO 380 is your best choice. Otherwise, you would be better off with the low-priced entry-level machines.

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Final Verdicts

Have you ever thought about how much money you waste when you throw away? It might seem insignificant especially because we only dispose of small amounts of food at a time. But when all this food is collected in one bowl, you would be surprised to find out that the leftovers from a dinner party are enough to feed at least two adults. With this knowledge, no one deserves to throw food away unless it is for a good cause.

And that is why the VacMaster PRO 380 is here to solve your problems. With this machine, you get to preserve your food for days. Better yet, is that your stored food remains flavorful and full of nutrients. So, now is the time to end your year in style by adding the VacMaster PRO380 into your collection.

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