Best Vacuum Sealer: Weston Products 65 0501 W Weston Brands

Weston Products 65-0501-W Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer Review

To many people, a good vacuum sealer is among the best kitchen appliances one can own. By vacuum sealing food items, one can greatly extend the lifespan of the foods up to 5 times much longer as compared to the conventional storage methods. As a matter of fact, vacuum sealers aren’t only common in the supermarkets, today, they are also common in many households. So long as you wish to keep your food in a perfect condition, this Weston Products 65-0501-W Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer will work miracles when it comes to storage capabilities.

Weston Products 65-0501-W Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer

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When shopping for the best vacuum sealer, effective vacuum sealing is 1 of the key things you need to look for in a product. It is rather crucial to make sure that your vacuum sealer provides you with an airtight seal for long term storage. When looking for such quality standards, you will definitely run into the Weston vacuum sealers. This prestigious manufacturer is well known for manufacturing products of very high quality. Apart from the Weston products’ effective sealing, most users also appreciate the many convenient features the products offer and their durability.

Weston Products 65-0501-W Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer

This magnificent Weston Products 65-0501-W vacuum sealer manufactured by Weston Products will help you marinate, compress, preserve and sous vide different types of foods. This ETL certified device comes with commercial quality vacuum pump along with a fan cooled motor which offers a consistent and reliable sealing that will never overheat. This professional unit is a great choice for homes that have large families and usually preserve lots of food. Its’ motor provides about 210 watts of power, and a 23′ HG strength. It looks absolutely stunning and will add decor to your kitchen; it’s black and elegant, and has a shiny stainless steel cover.

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Features and Advantages of the Weston Products 65-0501-W

Ease of Use Its’ control panel is easy to use. You don’t need any experience to use the settings and buttons. It’s simple to use control panel lets you select vacuum speeds and different food choices, including 2 marinate options. This 65-0501-W vacuum sealer also comes with the fully automatic, 1 touch operation, thus it’s user friendly. The panel has an on and off button, a seal button, start button, marinate button, pulse button, an accessory button along with the vacuum progress LED indicator lights. This appliance is an out of chamber sealer, meaning that bags which contain embossed or textured lining are much recommended. The sealer seal bags of up to 11″ in width and its’ angled chamber opening is basically designed to prevent any liquids from entering into the vacuum chamber.

Weston Products 65-0501-W Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer

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It has a powerful motor and has very strong vacuuming capabilities which makes tough tasks easy to carry out. This device offers a very impressive performance. The 210 watt motor powers the vacuum with the 23′ HG strength, meaning you will be able to always get a sturdy, quality and professional grade air tight seal whenever you are packaging. Moreover, its’ wide range of functions will let you work with nearly any type of food you wish to preserve. For vegetables and ordinary meats, you can simply fill your bag and use its’ automatic sealing process. As for the more delicate foods, one can use manual settings so as to control the amount of pressure applied and avoid/prevent damage. The 65-0501-W sealer is also compatible with vacuum canisters, which means you can use it to seal jars and containers.

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Its’ smart design features like the built in fan which cools the motor ensures that the Weston Products 65-0501-W sealer will never overheat thus you will always get reliable results each and every time. The device is also kept hygienic, and free of any moisture damage since the chamber is angled thus preventing liquids from getting in when sealing.

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Other Features

Includes a commercial quality vacuum pump -It has a fan cooled motor -It is ETL certified -It has an easy to use convenient control panel -It has a brushed stainless steel cover -It has an angled vacuum chamber opening -It has a 210 watt motor -It draws 23′ HG vacuum strength -It can seal bags of up to 11 inches wide -It has a separate accessory mode which can be used for sealing vacuum jars, canisters and containers -It has 2 marinate mode options.

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Final Thoughts

This brilliant device is not only great for preserving foods, but it can also be used to protect precious photographs, collectable coins, stamp collections among others. If you are shopping for the best vacuum sealers, the Weston Products 65-0501-W is one magnificent product which is worth a serious consideration especially if you love reliable and high quality results from your appliances. It is a robust, high quality, versatile and extremely well designed device which will let you preserve a wide variety of foods and various other items with much ease. Get yours today, and start enjoying the many amazing benefits this device offers.

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