Viotte Automatic Vacuum sealer review

Viotte Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review – Exactly Whats in the Box

We all love to do camp hiking or take picnics with our family and friends. Nonetheless, it is readily essential to bring food whenever we do these activities to prevent exhaustion and hunger as much as possible. At this point, vacuum sealers play an important role. These devices are used to prolong out food’s viability by fully air-tight, packing it out in a plastic bag. Likewise, this prevents food from being contaminated and spoiled around readily especially during outdoor activities. Without these vacuum sealers, these activities will be really impossible. Viotte Automatic Vacuum sealer System for Food Preservation brings out the convenience of food preservation.

Vacuum Sealer and Digital Kitchen Scale with Premium LED Screen,...


At a Glance Viotte Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

Aside from vacuum sealing, this device also provides food weight measurements by employing also an intuitive weighing scale attached to the device.

Interested in this device? Then, check this review to find out more about the features and specs of this vacuum sealing system.

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  • Integrated Weighing Platform

At the bottom of this appliance, lies a circular platform that could be easily installed on via rotating it clockwise and transfer it into a slot intended for it in the major interface of the device. Weigh on the container in the platform and press tare as situated in the interface. The LED indicator displays the numerical value of the weight of the device as needed.

  • Flexible Vacuum Sealing Capability

Empowering with an excellent vacuum sealing property, this product could be used for multiple types of food including dry, wet, or moist goods like meat, vegetables, and fruits. It could also be used to increase the preservation of a pre-opened wine and canister-based foods via a vacuum hose. Aside from that, this device could be used to marinate on foods.

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  • Complicated Interface

Incorporating a lot of functions, it is expected that more buttons will show over on the interface of the device. Likewise, this could be confusing especially for a first time user who doesn’t have any information as to the device itself. But nonetheless, as you get along the process and read the user manual guide, everything will be as easy as you needed it to be.


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Key Features of the Viotte Automatic Vacuum Sealer – exactly whats in the box

Key Features of the Viotte Automatic Vacuum Sealer - exactly whats in the box

Professional Grade Design and Built
Weighing about 5.12 pounds, this rectangle-shaped device with dimensions of 14.9 x 3.5 x 5.9 inches is mainly made from stainless steel coated with silver. The top interface of the device streamlined with black consists of an intuitive LED display and eight easily touched buttons to cater on multiple uses of the device. On its side displays an adjustable lever to protect the sealing foam gaskets.

Multiple Vacuum Sealing Modes
This vacuum sealer includes variability of functions in order to cater different type of foods including those who are moist or dry. There are also speed options for sealing and vacuum sealing respectively normal and gentle. Aside from that, it has a stop function that is easily identifiable red in color.

Secure Locking Mechanism
The device includes four electromagnet latch located on each of the sides to easily lock it out while sealing it. After sealing, these electromagnets are released when the sealing process is complete.

Built-in Bag Cutter and Dispenser
Attached below on a particular side of the device, lies a small chip that is readily drawn out as needed. This small device is used out to cut on the roll that is fastened on via a dispenser.

Extendable Power Utilization
If the device isn’t plugged in through its power cord, you could also use two double AA back up batteries to support the operation of the device. Aside from the battery, the device is also compatible with DC ports. Thus, you could power the device by car’s cigarette lighter. Nonetheless, the batteries and DC port are sold separately as necessary.

Aside from the vacuum sealer itself, the device includes a vacuum hose, AC external cord, five vacuum bags measuring 7.8”x11.8’’ inches and a vacuum roll bag measuring 7.8’’ x 80’’ inches.

Multiple Bag Sealing
Because the device is wide-range, you could actually seal on together as much as three bags altogether. This function makes things easier as it should be.

What users saying about Viotte Automatic Vacuum Sealer?

Currently, the product has quite a few reviews to follow up. But nonetheless, most of the incorporated reviews are positively drawn upon the excellent features of the device. Users find the weighing platform add-on smartly incorporated within the device. Its calibrations are specific and precise as required during weighing.

Vacuum Sealer and Digital Kitchen Scale with Premium LED Screen,...
  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer :Different from other plastic vacuum machine the stainless steel construction makes Viotte...
  • Innovative design: This innovative vacuum sealer with a built in kitchen scale, without buying an extra kitchen...
  • Multiple patterns:Two vacuum modes (dry & wet), two seal modes (normal & gentle) and marinate mode.

Also, users really love the look of the device. It’s highly sophisticated contemporarily inspired catering on the durability of materials being used which includes mainly stainless steel. Despite the complications with a lot of functions, it is easy to operate on. Just a few clicks to seal or weigh the food is done.

The device also is very versatile among different food types and storages. You could preserve dry or moist foods readily through an intuitive button with indicator lights for detection. Also, it used out a vacuum hose for canister based and wine preservation. 

Generally, as far as concern, there’s really no disadvantage with the device except for its price. It is quite pricey as compared to other vacuum sealers. But nonetheless, with all its features, the price seems totally reasonable as it should be.

Compare with Mooka 4-in 1 vs Viotte Vacuum Sealer – which is the best and why?

Looking at both devices, you’ll eventually notice the differences with the design and built incorporated into it. Viotte Automatic Vacuum Sealer seems to be more durable and highly graded than the latter.

Though Mooka (TVS-2150) 4-in 1 has a simple interface, it has only limited functions with only vacuum sealing as the device mainly intends to do. Though it has a bag cutter, it does not match the weighing scale and backup power features that Viotte Automatic Vacuum Sealer possesses.


[mks_one_half]Compare with Mooka 4-in 1 vs Viotte Vacuum Sealer Check Price[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half]Compare with Mooka 4-in 1 vs Viotte Vacuum Sealer Check Price[/mks_one_half]


As for flexibility, both devices work really well on sealing different type of foods including dry and moist such as fruits and vegetables. Also, it stores over canister-based and even marinates food well. The only difference though is that Viotte Automatic Vacuum Sealer cater a bottle stopper to preserve pre-opened wine long.

Aside from that, both devices incorporate multiple packing features. Though Viotte Automatic Vacuum Sealer has more powerful vacuum pressured feature incorporating three packs consecutively.

As to its price, Mooka (TVS-2150) 4-in-1 definitely has an edge. It is cheaper than about twenty to thirty dollars than the latter. But despite its price, Viotte Automatic Sealer has a lot of features that are worth more than twenty dollar gap as it shows. Just only the weighing platform and backup power features make this product more worth for its price.

Does Viotte Vacuum Sealer worth the money you spend on it?


[mks_one_half]Does Viotte Vacuum Sealer worth the money you spend on it?[/mks_one_half]

[mks_one_half]Absolutely, yes. Despite its expensive price, the device incorporates powerful features that make the vacuum sealer more special than it should be. Additionally, the device is very durable made mainly from stainless steel with fingerprint resistant surface to ensure that it will last long and easily to be clean over. There’s really nothing to tease on with all the device’s quality and overall performance.[/mks_one_half]


How better than any top rated Foodsaver vacuum sealer?

Well, the different thing about this product is its add-ons particularly the weighing platform and the backup power sources for which most Foodsaver or any premium vacuum sealer possesses.

Nonetheless, Foodsaver products focus only on its vacuum sealing capabilities and the durability of its design as required to meet the quality standards by the user.

As to this product, it certainly still meets the Foodsaver vacuum sealer’s quality standards and could be lined up with these products. As to the price, Viotte Automatic Vacuum Sealer has it’s a definite advantage since premium Foodsaver vacuum sealers are most expensive to purchase on.

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Vacuum sealing plus intuitive weighing platform is something worth purchasing for. Nevertheless, the device also induces durability and sophistication that fits perfect for its price. Though a bit expensive, you could literally assure that the product will last longer and highly versatile as you want it to be utilized most especially during outdoor related activities like camping and hiking.

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