How to Use Blade Iron

Why & How to Use Blade Iron

Blade golf irons, also called tour irons or muscle backs, are a set of golfing irons designed to address a particular playing style or player capability on the range. The name comes from the blade shape of the iron head.

Why Use Blade Golf Irons

With the emergence of game improvement clubs in the market, golfers, especially beginners, are faced with the dilemma of which set or kind of clubs to use. Some would say cavity backs are their best bet if they want to lower their score because of its large sweet spot and therefore high forgiveness, but still, others would recommend blade irons because they help in the real mastery of the game.

Well, the kind of clubs to use depends on the golfer and his reasons for playing golf as well as for his projected goals as a player. Listed below are some of the reasons why blade putters are a perfect choice.

Blade irons give you a better chance of eventually mastering your strokes.

Although it is true that the use of cavity backs tend to give you more consistency in your shots resulting to a lower score, its use may accustom you to some bad playing habits, which is not good for you if you are bent on mastering the game of golf. Because of their high “forgiveness”, cavity backs can “correct” slightly misaligned shots, therefore, making you unaware of any flaws or error you may have with your stroke. For a more realistic view of your actual swing, blade irons are the way to go. They are definitely more challenging to use because of the smaller sweet spot, but if you are determined to up your game, it wouldn’t be so bad to be aware of your mistakes now so you can correct them right away.

Blade irons are the clubs of choice in short games.

The more seasoned golfers now that it is in the short game where your true capabilities as a golfer are best seen. In this respect, cavity backs are not a wise choice because they tend to get in the way of your senses and the ball due to their being large and clunky. Blade irons, on the other hand, are best for these games because they increase your feel and control, important factors you need to have in order to own your shots and lower your scores.

How to Use Blade Irons

Use Blade Irons

The popularity of game improvement irons such as cavity back irons has relegated the use of blade irons to the background.

Most players would reason that cavity backs provide the same features as blade irons and are much easier to use, but all these things should be taken with a bit of perspective.

First of all, the main difference between the two lies in the design of the club faces. Blade irons are solid while cavity backs have a hollowed-out region at the back. This seemingly slight change makes all the difference on the outcomes of the shots made using each of the clubs. Because of its hollowed back, cavity back irons offer a larger sweet spot thus making it easier for you to make contact with the people on every shot. On the other hand, blade irons have a smaller sweet spot, and thus every mistake such as misalignment in your swing is sure to be reflected in the trajectory of your ball and the distance that it travels.

The difference in the forgiveness of each clubs is what draws more people to cavity backs, without realizing that as difficult as it is to play with blade irons, they offer more feel and increased shot making capabilities that you wouldn’t otherwise get from cavity backs.

The trick is to know how to play with blade irons and it is as simple as hitting dead on. That’s basically the only way because of the small sweet spot. It’s also important to know that backswings aren’t the only type of swing to use and you don’t have to whack with so much power because the design of the clubs actually give you extra power and feel.

People who switch from cavity backs to muscle backs or blade irons might feel a bit queasy at first because they will notice the mistakes their wings, but you must not let it get you down.

Learn your weak spots when it comes to your swings and makes the proper adjustments. With much practice and constant training with the blade irons, you are sure to get a better hang of using it and will begin to see how to work the ball in ways that cavity backs can’t.

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